What you need
- 1) DAZ3D Victoria 4.2
- 2) AlfaseeD's Alice bodyshape and Yly face from runtimeDNA

Premise: read this!
This 2012 version of Alice features a long list of bodyfixer morphs to help add realism to your images.

These morphs were created on Alice and are fine-tuned to work on her bodyshape. Some of them *may* work on standard V4 but always bear in mind that they are meant to be used on Alice, or, at least, on an Alice-based character.

All bodyfixer morphs must be set manually for two reasons: first, because they are meant to be used with a nude figure, to avoid any problem with clothing. Second, because depending on the pose you'll be using, you may want/need to set custom values, rather than use them at a value of 1.

The number of bodyfixer morphs included is very high and it is too high to be injected into Victoria 4 community channels, therefore we decided to use the EXP technology (thus leaving all the channels free for other characters or morphs).

What does this imply? Using EXP technology means the Alice morphs/channels will become an integral part of the V4 CR2 file, just like her muscle or Elite morphs, for example. Each time you load V4 she will feature the Alice folder and when you INJ her morphs, they will show up there.

Once you install the 2012 version of Alice, you will not be able to remove her, so follow carefully the steps shown below, to make a copy of your original V4 so that you can restore her, should you want to remove the Alice channels.

Copying your V4 folder

1- First of all, you should navigate to your Runtime/Libraries/!DAZ folder and duplicate your Victoria 4 folder, if you use Windows simply use ctrl+c and ctrl+v. This operation will generate a Victoria 4 - Copy, which I then renamed to Victoria 4 - Original.
Keep the folder open.
As mentioned above the EXP technology will create Alice morphs sub-folders into your Victoria 4 CR2 that won't be removed by simply deleting the installed Alice folders.
Therefore, in case you want to completely get rid of the Alice menu in your Victoria 4, you will have to restore the original folder you just copyed (simply duplicate the copy and rename it Victoria 4, always keep an original, just in case, it's not a big folder anyway).

IMPORTANT: only the Victoria 4 installed in the runtime where you install the Alice Bodymorphs will be affected. If you have multiple runtimes and multiple V4 installed, you need to repeat this procedure for all your runtimes!

Install the product

2- At this point you can install the product as you usually do, by running the zip or by copying and pasting the zipped files into your runtime folder by hand.

Running the V4.bat file

3- Go back to your Runtime/Libraries/!DAZ and run (double click on) the DazCreateExPFiles-V4.bat The below screen will appear for a few second and then "disappear" (when it's done running).

Check your Victoria 4

4- From now on your Victoria 4 will load into Poser with empty folders named "Alice Body Shape" under "Morphs | Shapes".
You MUST see them at this point, if you don't probably you have a modified V4 or some of the folders are misplaced (or you may have loaded a V4 from another runtime).
Try to re-install V4.2 base from DAZ3D and follow the instructions again.

Injecting the Alice bodyshape and Yly face morphs

5- So far, we actually just created empty channgels into V4, to make her able to host the Alice morphs.
To actually use the Alice bodyshape, all the bodyfixer morphs and the Yly face you have to inject them into your V4 (just as you do with of the other V4 morphs pack, Elite, Aiko, muscle etc.).

Load your V4 (you already checked she DOES have the Alice folder/channels) and browse your Poser library Poser section to Pose/AlfaseeD/Alice BodyShape and use the pose "INJ AliceBodyYlyFace"

Uninstalling the Alice bodyshape and Yly face morphs

6- To "unistall" the Alice Body Shape and Yly face morph and remove all instances from your V4 CR2 file, you should delete your "Victoria 4" folder under runtime/Libraries/!DAZ/ and rename the "Victoria 4 - Original" (or Victoria 4 - Copy) to "Victoria 4". This will restore your original V4 CR2 and get rid of the Alice channels.
The End, Enjoy Alice & Yly!