Zero-Gravity for Victoria 4

Zero-Gravity for Victoria 4
Created by : Midnight_stories
SKU: SST-006
Released: 12-16-2013
Poser Version: Poser 9+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4.5
Zip Files 4 Zip Files (24.9Mb, 34.1Mb, 31.1Mb and 27.9 Mb)
Requires: Victoria 4.2
Price: $17.95

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Zero-Gravity for Victoria 4: is a look into the future of what the Astronaut’s suits could be, when we reach Mars. It comes with separate Gloves, Boots, Helmet, Badges, Front-Pack, Back-Pack, Pouches, Pickaxe, Hood with Mic and the Suit. The suit is fuller and larger to give a more realistic look. Gloves fingers can be thickened. It comes in 3 basic colors white orange and dark gray with trim variations. Each material set comes in a preloaded sub-set so it’s easy loading. I have also provided blank texture templates for the badges so you can create your own logos. I have normal map presests for the suit to get a more wrinkled look. And there’s a smart prop pickaxes for the right hand, and grip poses to match. This is for Victoria 4 and has full material presets for Daz Studio 4.6. There is also a full set of Preloaded scenes for Daz Studio with Sub-D and smooth modifiers, making it real easy to load a one click process. This is a great set for all your space and Si-Fi scenes and a great companion to the Michael 4 set Zero-Gravity.
  • 1 Conforming Suit & Boots for Victoria 4
  • 1 Pair of Conforming Gloves for Victoria 4
  • 1 Conforming Front-Pack for Victoria 4
  • 1 Conforming Back-Pack for Victoria 4
  • 1 Conforming Helmet for Victoria 4
  • 1 Conforming Hood & Mic for Victoria 4
  • 1 Conforming set of Pouches for Victoria 4
  • 1 Conforming set of Badges for Victoria 4
  • 1 Smart Prop Pickaxe right hand Victoria 4
  • 7 Material presets MC6
  • 4 Visibility Poses PZ2

DAZ Studio

  • 7 Material presets DUF
  • 7 Sub-Scene presets DUF

Material List mc6/duf
  • White
  • White-Orange
  • Gray
  • Gray-Black
  • Gray-Orange
  • Orange
  • Orange-Black

Visibility Poses

  • !Hide-All
  • !Show-All
  • !Show-Hands
  • !Show-Neck

Grip Pose

  • Grip-Pickaxe

DAZ Studio Preloaded Scenes

  • White
  • White-Orange
  • Gray
  • Gray-Black
  • Gray-Orange
  • Orange
  • Orange-Black
Please Note DAZ Studio testing only done in DS 4.6
I have provided 7 preloaded sub-scenes of DAZ Studio, this will make it a one click process so take advantage of them.
Please make sure Michael 4 is in the same runtime or they won't load. Also turning on Sud-D and the smoothing modifier
is a good idea to, as it will give you super smooth renders.
I have provided Visibility Pose !Hide-All to hide the Body parts underneath, This will eliminate all possibilities
of poke through so please use them or the skin will be expose in certain poses. Also !Show-All will turn them back on.
I've also done a !Show-Hands to use if you intend to show hands.
Same with the !Show-Neck.
The Helmet back-pack and front-pack all move with the chest bone and do not bend so please keep that in mind when
applying poses, the neck and head will need to be zeroed out to stop head going through helmet.
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