Zbrush To Poser: Redux

Zbrush To Poser: Redux
Created by : DarkEdgeDesign
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Released: 11-01-2012
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Requires: Poser 9 or PoserPro 2012 and Zbrush
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Well we are going to take another look at the pipeline between Poser and Zbrush, but this time we are going to be using PoserPro 2012 and Poser 9. There are a lot of advancements with these two latest releases and Smith Micro has really pushed the envelope and made character creation simpler and easier, but as with any pipeline between 3D programs there are some pit falls that need to be navigated and solved...that's where this tutorial comes in. I will be concentrating specifically on my pipeline between the two apps.

This is not a tutorial in how to sculpt in Zbrush or how to paint in Zbrush. However what this tutorial focuses on, is about my pipeline between the two apps, and in discussing that pipeline we will be using some work arounds that I use on a regular basis to get the two apps to work cooperatively with each other. We will be touching upon several tools inside of Zbrush that I use on a regular basis in morph and character creation while using Poser.

So we will be learning and using the tools in Zbrush and seeing how they can help us in creating Poser content. We will also be learning what Poser needs from Zbrush in order to accept and use what we create. As with anything involved with 3D creation we will be problem solving, using our artistic side, and being technical; all at the same time...talk about multi-tasking!


Letters from some of my customers...

"Thank you for sending the links. I've downloaded them and have viewed all of the videos and I wanted to let you know that they are excellent. You made them enjoyable as well as informative. There's soooo much in them that I didn't know how to do and I learned a lot just viewing them. Your instructions are the best and the way you present them is easy to follow and understand.
I always view video tutorials before even opening a program to begin what is instructed in them so that I can have a better understanding what to do once I do begin in the program.
I look forward to more of your video tutorials. They are excellent, just excellent."

RDNA Vendor


"You oughta put a warning label on this: If you want boring, technical, fall asleep and wake up with your nose in your coffee instructional videos, DO NOT BUY THIS SET!
Lor-dy, Ray, you are hilarious. I spent 15 minutes laughing at the second video, but somehow managed to make the most magnificent morphing ball the world has ever seen...in Zbrush even. And it looked so cool in Poser, with a blue agate texture. Whoop, there it was!
Seriously, you have a cool instructional style. Make 'em laugh like crazy, so they learn without realizing they're learning.
Thanks...these are awesome. The only drawback is, now I'll want your other video sets and I just HATE it when that happens.
Great product. Zbrush to Poser Redux. Thumbs WAY up!"

RDNA Member


As with all of the Dark Edge Design tutorials the video pacing will be relaxed and concise with some of my odd humor thrown in to make it all the more entertaining (you have to be able to laugh at yourself, right?). The video will be in 1280x800 high definition mp4 format and is over 3 hours in length. We will be using real time examples on the screen to make the learning experience more understandable and for the thoughts and ideas to firmly take hold. This is highly trained personalized instruction geared just for you.

Step up your game with Dark Edge Design!

Topis discussed include:

  • Morphs
    • What are morphs?
    • Vertices and Polygons
    • Sub-Division Levels in Zbrush
    • Morph Importing In Poser
  • Groupings
    • What are groups?
    • Poser Body Part Names
    • Importing A Full Body Morph
    • Incorrect Grouping
    • How To Regroup In Zbrush
  • Normal and Displacement Map Creation
    • Prepping For Maps In Zbrush
    • Overlapping UV's
    • Creating Zbrush Maps
    • How To Restore Morph Target After Sculpting
    • How To Hook Up Zbrush Maps In Poser
    • Poser Figures And Overlapping UV's
  • Zbrush Layers
    • How To Use Layers Tool
    • Using Layers For Morph Targets Or Expressions
    • Combining Layers
    • Resculpting On Layers
    • Separating Left and Right From A Layer
    • Creating An Expression (sculpting)
    • How To Append Multiple Sub-Tools
  • GoZ
    • How To Use GoZ In Poser
    • GoZ On A Posed Figure As A Morph Target
    • (includes sculpting in Zbrush)
  • Dependent Parameters
    • How Dependent Parameters Work
    • Setting Up A Slave Dial
    • Setting Up A Master Joint Controlled Morph Dial
  • Injection Morphs
    • GoZ On An Unposed Figure For A Full Body Morph
    • (includes sculpting in Zbrush)
    • Creating A PMD Injection Morph Pose
    • Creating A Injection Morph Pose With Poser File Editor

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Michael Rhodes
Nov 27, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Very nicely done tutorial. The presenter has a relaxed style that made learning easier (and a bit more fun than most).

The best thing about this Tutorial is the focus on getting things done. Sometimes the process of what is being done in tutorials gets lost in the details. Not here. Everything's clear.

I don't regret buying this at all.
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