Wickersyn and PaddiePaws

Wickersyn and PaddiePaws
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Released: 07-11-2014
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Wickersyn and PaddiePawsMerlin was tired, but there was one more of the seven applicant to test. It had been a incredible event all this week. Seven young and eager little wizards to whom nothing was too grand. Except for the youngest of them. She often times feared what she was about to do, and took caution where ever she could.
He could at best take on only 1 from the hopeful sorcerers as an apprentice for the upcoming years. The others may have be able to apprentice under other wizards, but he only ever took on one to train at a time.

A tap at the door, and then it opened slightly. Little Cory gathered up the extra robe hem in order to in walk in without tripping. She had made it almost all the way around the large table stacked with books when she heard Merlin's voice.

Come, come, don't just stand there, come in the door so we can start, said the Wizard with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

Cory, "Here sir!", she bowed slightly, her face disappearing under the robe's hood as it fell forward. She nodded over to the door. There was a whoosh, then the door was shut.

"Ready to start?", Merlin ask.

Yes sir, she said and worked the bottle she held onto to the table. Then pushed back the hood to see if she did manage to set it flat on the table. Reached forward and UN-stoppered it, she look back at the Wizard.

He revealed his hand and in it a raggedy bear. Nothing more than a child's toy. Leaning forward, he placed it on the table alongside of the bottle, and nodded for her to proceed.

She lifted the bottle and allowed one drop to form and fall onto the bear's head. Waited for a moment, then applied one more drop. Waiting a few minutes more she let out a sigh, set the bottle back on the table gently. She turned and bowed to the great master, then turned and pulled off the over robe and placed it on a stack of books. Giving one more glance at the still motionless bear before silently heading out the door, closing it behind her.

Merlin, frowned a bit then raised up from his chair. Took the potion bottle and moved it over to the book stack with her robe. "Tomorrow will be a long day, analyzing each potion to see just who was closest to getting it right." Lit a smaller candle and blew out the larger, then exited the room for a well earned sleep.

In the morning, he noticed light streaming out of the closed door as he approached it. Opening found the room ablaze with light from everywhere. "Enough!" He commanded and pushed his arm forward in a grand gesture. The room was now dark except for one weak light. The elder made his way amidst the many items now on the floor, and peered over the book stacks to see seated in the corner of a clear spot on the table, one very animated candle reading to one very animated bear.

"Oh dear", he said and shook his head. "Cory quite reminds me of someone else many, many years ago!"

Wickersyn and PaddiePaws is a 5 part Figure to allow the greatest control to you the artist. You can use PaddiePaws ( Candle stand ) alone or with super conforming Wickersyn, and Dish Pool. Wickersyn has two versions, lit and unlit for a greater control in scenes. Also two wax puddle pools (Dish Pool, and Flat Pool, for flat surfaces or dish bottom use.

Wickersyn (lit and unlit) Comes with:
176 facial morphs
Super conforming base
--(to follow PaddiePaw's Pan lift)
Flame height adjustment morphs
--(Head, flame base)
3 SSS Skins
6 Hair skins
1 Hair Gone
Lit version has a candle light in the .cr2

PaddiePaws comes with:
Pan height adjustment morph
Knee cap following shin bend morph
Ball cap following thigh Side-Side morph
23 poses
Dish and Flat Pools comes with:
Movable front and back alternate wax color arms
3 SSS Skin colors
6 Alternet Wax Colors

Poser 2012, Poser 10, and Poser 2014 Only
Requires use of Gamma Correct Render settings 2.20

Mesh Files:
4 base mesh file (obj and mtl)
Character Files:
1 PaddiePaws (png, and pp2)
1 Wickersyn - lit (png, and pp2)
1 Wickersyn - Unlit (png, and pp2)
1 Dish Pool (png, and pp2)
1 Flat Pool (png, and pp2)
Material Files:
1 candle stand (png, and mc6)
6 Candle Hair (png, and mc6)
3 Candle Skin (png, and mc6)
2 Smoke (png, and mt5)
13 Wax Pool colors (png, and mt5)
2 Wick colors (png, and mt5)


Texture Files:
Pose Files:
15 Candle stand pose files (pz2)
8 Walk pose files (pz2)
8 Wax Puddle Template files (bmp)
4 Candle stand Template files (bmp)
9 Candle Template files (bmp)


Additional Notes:
Mesh work Hexagon
Rigging Poser 2014
UV Mapped in UVLayOut and UVMapper
Textures done in Corel Photo Paint,
Renders produced in Poser 2014

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Images Rendered in Poser 2014

Poser 2012, Poser 10, and Poser 2014 Only
Requires use of Gamma Correct Render settings 2.20

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