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VYK_Josie and Jocelyn for V4/A4

VYK_Josie and Jocelyn for V4/A4

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $14.95
Vendor: Vyktohria
Requires: Victoria 4.2, V4 morphs++, Aiko 4
Gift To:


Everyone knows when you first meet a set of identical twins you can never tell them apart. After time, you begin to notice subtle differences between them in appearance, personality and behavior. Eventually you come to know them so well as individuals you can't believe you ever got them mixed up in the first place. Meet Josie and Jocelyn, a set of identical twins whose subtle differences mean loads of options for your renders. Mix and match morphs, make-ups and eye colors to create twins with as much or as little difference between them as you see fit.

Josie & Jocelyn's textures were designed using DS 4.6 (or higher) HSS shaders, standard Poser 6 or higher shaders and P9 (or higher) Subsurface Scattering shaders which are guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use!


Included in this set:
01 INJ/REM Josie Face file
01 INJ/REM Josie Body file
01 INJ/REM Jocelyn Face file
01 INJ/REM Jocelyn Body file
02 Default Mat files
12 Eye Color files (06 Eye Colors for Josie, 06 Eye Colors for Jocelyn)
12 Lip Color files (06 Lip Colors for Josie, 06 Lip Colors for Jocelyn + 01 Plain Lip File)
12 Make-Up files (06 Make-Ups for Josie, 06 Make-Ups for Jocelyn + 1 Make-Up OFF file)

*Poser 6 or higher, DS 4.6 or higher, and Poser 9 SSS Shaders are all included

Product Includes:

Included in the Zip Files:
1 Eye Bump Map (1024x1024)
1 Cornea Transparency Map (4000x4000)
1 Eye Surface Transparency Map (4000x4000)
12 Eye Texture Maps (1024x1024)
2 Each Head Bump and Specular Maps (3000x3000)
14 Head Texture Maps (3000x3000)
12 Lip Texture Maps (3000x3000)
1 Lip Transparency Map (3000x3000)
1 Each Limbs Bump and Specular Maps (3000x3000)
1 Limbs Texture Map (3000x3000)
1 Each Mouth Texture and Bump Maps (2048x2048)
2 Eye Lashes Transparency Maps (2000x2000)
2 Each Torso Bump and Texture Maps (3000x3000)
1 Torso Specular Map (3000x3000)

P6 Standard Material Presets (.PZ2)
DS 4.6 HSS Material Presets (.DSA)
Poser 9 SSS Material Presets (.PZ2)
Material Poses to Apply All Presets

Additional Notes:

Please see product ReadMe for additional Tips and Limitations.

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: DS 4.6+
Zip Files: 2 ZIP files (15.8 MB, 20.8 MB)
Date Added: Jan 13, 2014
SKU: VYK-026

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