VS Face Shop

VS Face Shop
Created by : Syyd
SKU: OSR-003
Released: 09-29-2010
Poser Version: 6, 7, 8, Pro, Pro 2010
Daz Studio: 2+
Zip Files 13 MB ZIP (Poser ONLY) 5MB ZIP (DS ONLY)
Requires: Vanilla Sky V4, Victoria 4, Base Morphs, ++ Morphs (Elite Morph Optional)
Price: $16.99

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Vanilla Skies Forever

The single most important thing a texture artist can do is develop unique add ons to to a texture/character pack that evolve the original product into other textures, and characters. Face Shop is exactly that.

How could I improve on the original Vanilla Sky? First I added the Sky Studio package, and then I began development of Face Shop - a unique product in and off itself. Instead of creating variants of the original head texture, I made two brand new, completely different head skin textures. These textures were built onto the original Vanilla Sky texture, to give you three separate and very distinctly different characters. We changed the entire face, blended it onto Vanilla Sky, and for a fraction of what it would cost to buy another full character/texture/shader package you essentially got yourself three new textures. A new "Aqua" eye texture was created, and then we built on 4 variants of that eye, in some beautiful colors like soft grey, Topaz, and Star Blue. We then employed a shader technique for Poser that would allow us to blend the two textures together so that you could also use Vanilla Sky but change her brows and lips to embue those of the two new head textures. Extra Material files were added, and both head textures were also swapped out for DAZ users to do exactly the same thing, using the HSS and UberShader options in the original package. So Vanilla Sky got ramped up. AND.....we did it the same way. 3000 x 3000, lots of detail, smaller file sizes for download, and yet, big on render.

You now have three characters, three different head textures, utilizing the original Vanilla Sky package.

In addition, I created 10 face files, what is a head texture if it doesn't have a morphed character to accompany the skin? By customer demand, I tweaked each face so that those customers that have the DAZ Elite morphs, would also be able to have 10 new faces as well. Why the Elite morphs? I like them. The take on a whole new dimension with just a few incremental changes. AND, those that only use the V4 Base and V4++ morphs, don't have to worry they're being left out.

There are a bonus 3 bodies too, and this time, created the same way. You get a standard body, and an elite body.

A texture artist should take the responsibility of making a dynamic package even more so, by building character after character. Why stop at one face, when you can have a dozen? So, with that in mind, the next product Im bringing to you is VS Body Shop.

Im committed to improving and broadening my own products, so that you benefit. You no longer have to shelve a texture because you're bored with it. You have two pretty unique and distinctive new heads. I chose something very different too. A very natural soft, brow and skin on head 1, and a soft, richly colored skin for head 2. The brows are interesting. The lips uniquely different with a glossy sharper lip, and a very natural, wet soft lip. The results in Poser are phenom. All of a sudden, it was as though many beautiful and unique women came to life. People you see on the street, people you see on television. Faces of real women, beautiful, funny, sad, happy, real women.


Two brand new head textures, distinctly different and beautiful

Five New Eyes

New Shaders

Brand new blends for the Original Vanilla Sky Texture

Bonus 3 new bodies

10 Faces utilizing regular morphs AND Elite morphs

  • 3000 x 3000 Face 1 Map
  • 3000 x 3000 Face 2 Map
  • Brand New Shaders
  • Blend Shaders to use texture variants on the ORIGINAL Vanilla Sky
  • 5 faces created for head texture 1, with an extra Elite Morph variant
  • 5 faces created for head texture 2, with an extra Elite Morph variant
  • Bonus: 3 new bodies with Elite Morph variant
  • DAZ Studio Compatible utilizing the original UberSurface and EliteHSS shaders
  • Five NEW eye textures: Aqua, Soft Grey, Piercing, Star Blue, and Brown (Topaz)
  • All bodies were rendered using IDL Noir Studio
    All head shots, pngs, promos of heads rendered in IDL Studio using the expansions
    Hair used in some promos is 3Dream Egypt Hair
    Boots used are ANKLE Boots by Idler68
    GET IDL STUDIO. Poser never looked this good. Its fun to render again, and the results, amazing.
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