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VI Circus - Stage

VI Circus - Stage

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $8.50
Sale End Date: Anna's Secret Sale Ends 5/13/2013
Vendor: LittleFoxSecretheart
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A single step through the mirror of time can change so much of your perspective. Cast off the yoke of the 21st century and step back to a time that was and yet wasn't , a time when innocence could still be provocative. A time when sensuality was a subtle art of a look, a glance, a half imagined hint. Welcome to the time of Victorian Innocence.

The ringmaster is waiting, the performers are ready, all that is left is for the audience to take their seats.

Do you have your ticket? Hold onto your imagination, it's going to be a wild ride! Victorian Innocence's Circus starts off with a bang, the young ticket taker that meets you at the opening of the tent is presented with this first step into their world.

The curtains have risen and the ticket taker has become the ringmaster. Calling the performers to order, the show is about to begin!

Are you ready? The first act's props have been set for your eyes, wonder and mystery in the lighting, hoops to leap through, and hang from and a frame awaiting its clockwork doll. A show to remember to be sure.

Are you ready? The stage has been set, all wait in hushed silence for the performer to step forth.

Product Includes:

Included in this pack are:
  • VI Circus Stage (prop)
  • high resolution textures (including bump and reflection maps) for the stage
    • 6 different textures for the curtains and tiebacks (applied with partial MAT poses)
    • 6 different textures for the diamond gems (applied with partial MAT poses)
  • D|S optimized MAT poses
Additional Notes:
  • character used in promo images is Iori Chan by Sarsa and Thorne
  • hair used in promo images is Christine Hair by Littlefox (beehive 1 at .5 and beehive 2 at .25)
  • not all options are shown in the promotional renders
  • promo images are rendered in Poser 7 with no post work

Product Details:

Poser Version: 5+
Daz Studio: yes with D|S MATs
Date Added: Jul 9, 2010

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