Toy Soldiers2

Toy Soldiers2
Created by : AinesRealm
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Released: 12-21-2010
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Again so soon, a visit from her Great-Grandfather had left all a bit confused and dazed to say the least. All except for little Ainsley who waited in the same music room, this time with her shoes neatly placed on the Piano. Placed there after she knew her mother would not be checking on her again. Shoes were such a bother most of the time. Seems you always had to adjust them, or patch places on your foot where the shoe wore it off. Next to her on the sofa was the Pirate and French Private Toy Soldiers from Great-Grandfather's first visit.
She could hear the noises about the house as her parents rushed about to be ready, then the knock at the door. The sound of the door opening, the thin and stretched voice of Grandfather's servant. At last was great-Grandfather's voice as he bid them both a Thank you for allowing him to again be received by Ainsley so soon and without much warning.
As he entered the door she was glowing with excitement first to see him again, and then further because she noticed he yet again held a plainly wrapped package.
He made his way over to the sofa motioning her not to get up and said, "Ainsley, I notice you have the toys with you today. Were you able to further the story which I gave you on our visit last?" His smiley broadened as she recited her tale grinning as she did so. "Very well done indeed," he said and tapped once each on the now unwrapped tins in his hands. "The same contract will be with these as was before. A promise of to finish the story, and to continue to follow them on adventures. Are you sure you wish to continue?" He watched her nod her head in eagerness, then began his story.

Now it was true the French captured the two Pirates, but the British Queen had want of them more. For they were in the employ of one Dandee, whom had given the British a right go of it over the years with his consistent slaps of their life style. Dandee was quite fond of taking the most private items of the nobles and running them up on pikes throughout London.
The French, had not a problem with turning over the pair to the British. Once all the items stolen were returned, and a promise which meant these two would not see the light of day again. Well, if the British wanted to carry that payment why not?
Accommodations for the night would be provided by the French and the British would be allowed to post guards in hopes of spotting Dandee before the trip back to England.
Great-Grandpa, looked down at the tins, then back up at little Ainsley. "Do you think you can finish the story. Her little face aglow with delight, told him before he heard her words. The story continues with the introduction of Captain Dandee and the British Marine.
A breeze to load and pose figures for either a child's playtime scene, or storyboarding
  • 3 Figures (including the Jail house with moving doors and lights)
  • 10 props (several with mutiple smartprop configurations)

  • 3  Character files (each .cr2, .png)
  • 13 Mesh files      (each .obj, .mtl)
  • 10 Pose files      (each .pz2, .png)
  • 17  Mat Pose files  (each .pz2, .png
  • 2  Prop files      (each .pp2, .png)
  • 10 Smart Prop files(each .pp2, .png)
  • 1 light file       (each .lt2, .png)
  • 40 Texture maps    (.jpg)
  • 1  Reflection map  (.jpg)
  • 22 Templates       (.bmp)
Promotional images 1, 9, and 10 were rendered in PoserPro without touch-up postwork. Other Promotional images are composite layer renders without touch-up postwork. UVs in UVMapper Modeled in Hexagon Textured in PhotoShop by TLDesigns
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