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Tole Painting: Winter

Tole Painting:  Winter

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $9.98
Sale Price: $2.50  (You save 75%)
Sale End Date: SPRING THAW SALE ENDS 3/31/2014
Vendor: LittleFox
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" Back for more Scrapbooking fun? Well this time even Wolfie has gotten into the act. A massive number of Material Settings are included using the winter blues, purples, greys and silvers, as well as a new pattern added. To top all these off, in addition to a starter mat collection/mat pose set for Sakari and Winter Haven, a full set of husky materials for Wolfie are also included for rendering him with the flat tole-painted effect. These are perfect for your holiday gift cards, stationary, or even just doodling. "


Each material setting has been hand created to match the Tole-Painting Style in a Winter Color Theme.
The colors included on individual material settings allows you infinite possibilities for mixing and matching the exact color scheme you would like.
The patterned materials are scaled to fit the Gumdrops figure mapping comfortably.
Only one light needed to render and it renders as shown under any lighting! So delete your extra lights, turn up the quality, drop the number of raytrace bounces and donít worry about it! Blazing fast renders are yours!

Product Includes:

33 Individual Material Settings
4 of the 33 are Flesh Tones
7 of the 33 are Diamond Checks patterns
5 of the 33 are Dark Colors perfect for Sakariís Hair or Plushy noses.
16 of the 33 are Winter specific colors ranging from Snow, to Silver, Violet and Blue, with one Brown for any wood you need.
Austin Materials Set for Wolfie
5 Eye and Nose Materials for Wolfie.
15 Fur colors in Husky patterns for Wolfie!
5 Material Library settings for P6 users for use on Sakari, Sakariís Hair, Winter Haven, Sakariís Snowshoes and the Snow Sled.
5 Mat Poses for P5 users for use on the same

Additional Notes:

This Product WILL NOT WORK in Poser 4, Poser Pro or Daz Studio! The effect relies heavily on Nodes and the Firefly Render Engine.

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 5 +
Daz Studio: No
Date Added: Dec 8, 2006

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