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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~

Togglez is a flexible, dockable Tool Button for Poser 8 and higher that allows you to easily and quickly access (and toggle between) various native Poser Panels, Controls and Menu Commands as well as load nearly any 3rd Party Python Script contained in your Poser PythonScripts folder. It is your compact, one-stop Magic Button for accessing the tools and scripts available to Poser!

If accessing a Poser Panel or Control or an External Python Script which can be embedded into the Poser UI (in other words, a dockable panel), Togglez works like it's namesake: it will toggle those panels, turning them on and off with the click of button.

Togglez can also handle launching non-embedded panels (Modal Scripts), even those based on Tkinter or XML Dialogs. Though it cannot toggle those, it can still provide quick, compact access to the scripts you value the most.

Toggles Initially starts with a blank button titled Togglez. Right-clicking this button allows you selectable access to collection of Poser Windows, Poser Controls and 3rd Party Scripts, Categorized by Author. If an item is selected from these categories, it is sent directly to the Togglez Button, which allows you to load or toggle it in the Poser workspace.

It includes both a Recent and Favorites system, allowing you to quickly access the last 5 toggled windows (this can be configured for up to 15 entries each) via a pop-up list (available through Shift-clicking the Togglez Button). Recent and Favorite Togglez can be disabled (and re-enabled), if you prefer one or the other, or neither.

If you have a mouse with a wheel, you can quickly access either the recent or favorites system by scrolling these items directly on the Togglez Button. Even if you don't have a wheel (or wxPython doesn't support it) Togglez has an optional Scroll Button that cycles through entries.

The appearance of the Togglez Button can be visually tweaked to reflect your sense of style and integration needs. The colors of the overall background, the button background, the button text and button highlight text can be customized through a color-picker dialog. The way that Button Text is displayed can also be changed: You can set it to simply show the named of the currently accessible Poser Window, Control or 3rd Party Script or follow these with the word Togglez in parenthesis. Furthermore, you can change how the Togglez Button is aligned when docked to the Poser workspace, choosing from Centered, Top, Bottom, Left or Right.

Togglez is more than an alternate launcher; it is a one-stop button with almost endless possibilities!

Under Windows, it is recommended that you run Poser or Poser Pro with administrative privledges if you use this product, particularly if you've installed under Program Files.

  • Compact, Minimal Single-Button Bar that can be Docked into the Poser Interface or left in a Floating state. Save space in your poser UI and load scripts and windows as you need them!

  • Left-clicking on the Togglez Button allows you to choose a window, control or script from categorized menus. The item chosen launches when the button is pressed.

    • Many Native Poser Windows and Controls can be Toggled by pressing the button more than once.

    • Any 3rd Party Script created as a (dockable) Python Panel can also be Toggled. Normally, toggled scripts are hidden, retaining their current layout and position in the Poser workspace. You can also opt to close scripts instead of hiding them.

    • Other Python Scripts can be launched via Togglez, however they cannot be toggled. Some example entries are included and those that cannot be toggled are followed by an asterisk.

    • Togglez can also access and apply Poser Menu Commands. The Render Settings and Render Dimensions windows are included as examples of this. However, they can be activated but not toggled.

  • You can set Togglez to either launch an item only when pressing the Togglez Button or also immediately when selecting an item from the categories.

  • Togglez includes a Recent System. The last 5 items selected are remembered and can be accessed via a pop-up menu when the Togglez Button is Shift-clicked. You can increase the amount of favorites by up to 15 entries.

  • Togglez includes a Favorite System. You can store the currently Displayed Toggle by Alt-clicking the Togglez Button. Initially 5 Favorites are allowed. You can increase the amount of favorites by up to 15 entries.

  • The Recent and Favorites Systems can be turned off if you’d rather not use one (or neither) of them.

  • Togglez has Mousewheel Support. If you hover over the Togglez Button and turn the wheel, the button will cycle through available Recent or Favorite items.

  • It also supports an optional Scroll Button, which can be turned on or off, that is useful for those without a Mousewheel or would like an alternative mechanism.

  • Togglez intelligently checks to see which 3rd Party Scripts you have installed. When you first load Togglez, it will take approximately 8-10 seconds to search through your script folders and build a “database” of which Scripts can be accessed. On subsequent launches, it will use this database and load almost instantaneously.

  • If you install new scripts later, you can right-click the Togglez Button and select “Rebuild Togglez List” to attempt to add new entries.

  • Togglez uses a Master List of Scripts, which provides details on: the script’s display name, internal name or caption available to Poser (if the script can be toggled), base filename (for searching for the script) and category.

  • The Lists can be hand-edited. Up to 5 native and 10 unique 3rd Party categories are supported. You can change an existing script’s display name or category or even enter new scripts for Togglez to support. Editing the Master List is easy and covered in the PDF Guide.

  • If you are adding a Panel-based script to the Master List, a utility is provided to list all captions and names of running wxPython scripts so that you can set your own or purchased/downloaded scripts to work with Togglez. Togglez supports a virtually unlimited number of individual 3rd Party Scripts.

  • In the event of erroneous entries, an additional script is provided to reset the dictionaries (lists) to their default.

  • Netherworks Studios will be keeping an updated Master List which you can be freely downloaded at

  • Script Authors are welcome to contact Netherworks via Runtime DNA’s messaging system to have their scripts supported. I would need the following information: Script Name, wxPython Caption or Name if the script is a wxPython Panel and base python filename that is used to launch the script.

  • You are fully in control of how the Togglez Button appears.

    • The Alignment of Togglez can be changed to display how the script anchors when it is docked. You may choose from Centered, Top, Bottom, Left and Right.

    • The Colours of Togglez can be customized including Overall Background, Button Background, Button Text and Button Highlight Text.

    • The Button Label of Togglez can show simply the name of the Window, Control or Script that it is ready to launch or its name plus Togglez in parenthesis.

    • Tooltips can be left on or turned off.

  • You can reset Togglez to its default state at any time with an additional script, Reset Preferences.

  • You can send Togglez to the Poser Python Palette via a Scripts Menu entry.

  • Togglez is compatible with Scripts Auto Launch.

  • A Comprehensive PDF Guide is included!

  • Awesome Togglez Script
  • Support Scripts for Resetting Preferences and Dictionaries
  • Concise PDF Guide
- Suitable for use in Poser 8 and higher, including Poser Pro 2014.
- Not compatible with DAZ Studio or Poser Debut.

- Tested on the PC platform (Windows Vista and 7). Should work fine on Mac.
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