The Scrying Set

The Scrying Set
Created by : Arki
SKU: ARK-026
Released: 08-26-2010
Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: yes
Zip Files 1 (40 MB)
Requires: Victoria 4.2, Morphs++, A4, Stephanie Petite morphs
Price: $7.50

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Give your digital ladies a little bit of magic with this Scrying Set!

The necklace comes in two versions: one is conforming with Morphs++, Elite, Aiko 4 and Stephanie Petite morphs; the other is a simple collapsed necklace version with easy posed links to fit into V4's hand. Both versions work with the smart propped crystal pendant.

Included are two complete color schemes with a bronze chain and amethyst crystals and an aged silver chain with quartz crystals.
  • conforming figures (.CR2 and .OBJ) for the chain
  • easy pose version for the chain
  • smart propped crystal for conforming chain
  • smart propped crystal for easy pose chain
  • chain morphs include:
    • Amazon
    • Definition
    • Fitness
    • Thin
    • Voluptuous
    • Young
    • A4AikoBody
    • A4AikoPetite
    • A4Realistic
    • A4Stylized
    • S4Caitlyn
    • S4Ella
    • S4Isabelle
    • S4Lily
    • S4Natalie
    • S4Paige
    • S4Stephanie
    • SylphBody
    • UtopianBody
    • BreastsCleavage
    • BreastsCleavageWidth
    • BreastsDiameter
    • BreastsImplant
    • BreastsLarge
    • BreastVolume
    • ChestDepth
    • ClaviclesDefine
    • Inhale
    • NeckThickness
    • TrapsSize
    • Fix chest bottom
    • Fix chest top
    • Fix neck
  • crystal morphs include:
    • Crystal longer
    • Crystal stubby
    • Eye back
    • Eye front
    • Eye left
    • Eye right
    • Eye size
    • Eye twist L
    • Eye twist R
    • Spirals long
    • Spirals short

  • numerous translation, rotation and other movement controls
  • 2 full MATs (chain & crystal)
  • P6+ MATs for all texture options
  • DS 2+ materials for all texture options
  • Textures are between 3000 x 3000 pixels and 400 x 400 pixels big
  • Usage Tips and Limitations
    This set supports most of the Stephanie Petite Morphs but NOT the proportion scales of the SP4 package!
    Additional morphs support Morphs++ and Elite morphs plus Aiko 4.
    Within Poser 8, PoserPro and DAZ Studio you can use the proportion scales and the chain will automatically adapt itself to the new scaling. You will, however, get some undesirable distortions and pokes.
    Also, the fit morph for Stephanie Petite morph will only fit the injected Stephanie Petite 4 bodyshape, and not the Stephanie Petite figure. To fix pokethrough, you will have to use the provided fix morphs for the chest region.

    The Scryingchain with crystal prop is a complex figure, modeled and rigged with flexibility in mind.
    You will find several bones inside the chain bodypart to be posed separately. This will allow you to let the chain 'hang' down in front for added realism.
    The smartpropped crystals were set up to allow rotations and translations while hanging on the chain.

    The chains
    The chain comes in two variants: one conforming version to fit V4 with Morphs++ and Elite morphs, A4 and SP4 and one easyposed version to be used as a single figure.
    I have provided hand and arm poses as well as poses for the chain to allow you to use this version together with V4 in a scene.

    The conforming chains are separated as one version with included morphs and one blank version. The preloaded morph version will fit through crosstalking morphs, the blank version needs to be injected with morphs (see in the Poses folder under AK Scrying).
    When using some full body morphs together with their head setting (for example for the Aiko 4 morphs), you might have to manually adjust the chain fit on the back of the neck. I have provided a fix morph to do so.
    You can also use the trapezius and neck width morphs to adjust the chain further. Best use the morphs in the body part 'chest', and not the 'BODY' group for best results.

    Getting started
    1. Load your V4 and select the 'BODY' group if you want the crosstalking chain morphs to work correctly
    2. Load the Scryingchain (chose between MORPH and BLANK version - only the MORPH version contains all morphs, the BLANK version will
    3. need to be injected with morphs with the added utility poses in the Pose/AK Scrying folder) 3. Conform chain
    4. Pose V4
    5. Use the control dials in chain located in the 'chest' part to adjust shoulder parts and chain part in the front
    6. Apply MATs to your liking (chose between raytraced refraction or none - to use the refractions, chose the 'RAY' poses)
    7. Pose and adjust the crystal prop on the chain
    8. Apply MATs for the crystal (chose between raytraced refraction or none - to use the refractions, chose the 'RAY' poses)
    9. Render...

    The easy pose chain version
    You will find separate poses in the /Poses/AK Scrying folder ad attach this chain to V4. Please note that the posing utilities come in different versions for Poser and DAZ Studio. Please use the appropriate utilities for each application!
    The easy pose chain will pose to fit V4's right or left hand, and you can adjust her forearm and hand positions with appropriate poses found in the folder.

    You will have to parent the chain (bodypart 'chain 1') to V4's hand before posing her as well. After posing, you might have to re-apply the forearm and hand poses provided and finetune them for best results.
    Use the movement dials of the chain to let it 'hang' down properly or pose it to your satisfaction.
    The MATs for both chain and crystals are designed to work on both the concofming chain version and the easy pose version plus both smartpropped crystal versions.

    The crystal props
    The props were set up as simple smartpropped items, so you will have to manually adjust their position (translate and rotate dials)to fit them to the chain. Especially when using FBM and PBM morphs the crystal will deattach itself and will need some tweaking.

    Also keep in mind, though, that the crystals have to be smart propped to the chains to accept the MATs.
    Normally, they will smartprop themselves to the chains when loading.
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