The Qabbalah - Aerandiel InterSkeleton

The Qabbalah - Aerandiel InterSkeleton
Created by : SilverArk , Arki, Spiritfoxy
Released: 11-19-2012
Poser Version: 8+
Requires: Victoria 4.2; Morphs++; The Qabbalah Outfit & Addon for V4; The Qabbalah - Aerandiel
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The Qabbalah - Ancient enemies of the Malaik, living in the UnderWorld stratosphere of their planet.  A fierce and evil race with advanced tech, they hunt and feed upon their enemies as well as each other. Beautiful and deadly are the Qabbalah, beware!

Meet Aerandiel, a breathtakingly beautiful and fierce Qabbalah of the Warrior Class ~

"The Qabbalah - Aerandiel InterSkeleton" is the addon set for "The Qabbalah - Aerandiel" and is comprised of additional transparent glassine MAT poses that enhance the look of the addon internal skeleton for The Qabbalah, as well as 3 complete matching texture sets for the add-on internal skeleton - "The Qabbalah Addon for V4" by SilverArk.

The Aerandiel Interskeleton comes with additional MAT Pose files for the Aerandiel Character for both regular & sub-surface skin (SSS) to work with the Qabbalah Addon package including ~ 2 full body MATs as well as partial MATs for regular brow, white brow, and no brow of the following: 5 faces each for rb/wb/nb (15 total).  Full Tattoo, Arm Tattoo, Ankle/Leg Tattoo, Torso Tattoo, Back Tattoo, with additional REM MAT Pose files for the Tattoos.  Also included are 3 complete texture sets for the matching Qabbalah Addon for V4  by SilverArk.  Aerandiel is made specifically to match the Qabbalah Collection by SilverArk.

The SSS files are advanced skin MATs for Poser 9|Poser Pro 2012 only for all skin materials that utilize the advanced sub-surface scattering abilities of both program versions. The Regular files are designed to be used in Poser 6+. These files can be used in Daz Studio but are not supported.

This set has a number of individual maps with specific settings for each piece specifically designed for bump; displacement; specular; highlight & ambient. These are designed to boost the realism and more utilize the functions of Poser 6+. Advanced SSS shader settings are also included for Poser 9|Poser Pro 2012 only.

PLEASE NOTE: This Interskeleton Addon Package for Aerandiel utilizes the original texture maps of The Qabbalah - Aerandiel character - the only additional textures for the Aerandiel character that are included in this addon are transparency, specular, and reflection mapping to enhance the new internal skeleton figures of The Qabbalah Addon package. The only new actual textures that are included in this addon package are for the Addon itself, the Internal Skeleton and Internal Chords with all of its supporting trans, spec, reflect, and bump mapping. Please note the required sets you will need in order for this add-on package to work in your Poser Runtime.
additional Aerandiel MAT poses set to match "The Qabbalah (Interskeleton/Interchords) Addon by SilverArk" specifically for "The Qabbalah - Aerandiel for V4 by SilverArk"

3 complete texture sets for "The Qabbalah (Interskeleton/Interchords) Addon for V4 by SilverArk"
  • 03 InterChord MAT Poses
  • 03 InterSkeleton MAT Poses
  • 02 Aerandiel Full Body MAT Poses
  • 15 Aerandiel Face MAT Poses
  • 05 Aerandiel Tattoo MAT Poses
  • 03 Aerandiel Tattoo Remove MAT Poses
  • 02 Aerandiel Full Body SSS MAT Poses
  • 15 Aerandiel Face SSS MAT Poses
  • 05 Aerandiel Tattoo SSS MAT Poses
  • 03 Aerandiel Tattoo Remove SSS MAT Poses
  • 27 Texture maps
  • 03 TRANSmaps
  • 17 Reflect Maps
  • 12 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
  • 25 Character Poser MAT Pose files
  • 25 Character Poser MAT SSS files
  • 06 Outfit Poser MAT Pose files

The Qabbalah - Aerandiel InterSkeleton is optimized for Poser. Although the regular MAT pose files should work in Daz Studio, it is not supported.

Victoria 4.2
V4 Morphs ++
The Qabbalah Outfit for V4 by SilverArk
The Qabbalah Addon for V4 by SilverArk
    [ Interchords; Interskeleton ]
The Qabbalah - Aerandiel by SilverArk

Poser 8+
   [ Poser MAT Pose Files should function in Daz Studio but are not supported ]
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