The OceanQueen

The OceanQueen
Created by : Arki
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Released: 06-27-2014
Poser Version: 10+
Daz Studio: 4.6
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"Shorasca - pronounced sho RAH ska - are a species of mountain dwelling dragons. Often they carry the byname of "rockeaters" or "snowhoarders" which is a mock description of their harsh living environment and habits. As a little known fact, this species has close ties to the sea, recognizing their ancestral line and beginning deep in the ocean.
They are said to be the only dragon species with intimate knowledge of all dragonkind, their beginnings and purpose. Often they are allied with humans or humanoid species, but their ratio of bonded dragons (as in a dragon-rider partnership) to unbonded individuals is far lower than in other dragon species found. Some even claim there can be no Shorasca rider, for these dragon are far too independent and headstrong to commit to the bonding bridge of such a relationship ..."

Taken from "A History of the World's origins" by Efrexar of the Nashak

Presenting first of the dragon species of Kinthara: the OceanQueen, proud member of the Shorasca!
This fully weight mapped dragon figures works in Poser version 10 and above, and is compatible with the newest version of DAZ Studio.

The OceanQueen comes with two color schemes, each with four variations: plain, with gems, plain patterned and patterned with gems.
Numerous conforming part make this dragon a fun and versatile companion for your renders. You can equip the OceanQueen with a big head crest, horns, antennae, three types of manes, spurs for her legs, a backfin, a necksail and a conforming frontmembrane to go with the dynamic wing and tail membranes.
Handling the dynamic props is easy and can be done out of the box - for details please consult the embedded video below.
The OceanQueen loads with several shaping, style and adjustment morphs for the head region in particular. These morphs are also present in the conforming figures where needed.

The OceanQueen is not only at home in classical fantasy settings, but can be easily used in modern environments, sci fi scenes or whatever your imagination can cook up.
She can be a huge fearsome best, or she can be a shy and loyal companion of travelers.
She can claim handsome boys (or the obligatory virgin) before returning home to her hoard of gold.
Or she can be nothing of the above. It's your choice!
The only fact that is sure is this: OceanQueen is the first dragon with eyelashes (for your fun fact collection)!

Please make sure to take a look at the other OceanQueen related releases!

Take to the sky with the OceanQueen!




Clicking on the "play" button will load the model.
It is ready for viewing when all the textures have appeared.
Please note that you are viewing a reduced polygon version with scaled down textures!

The dragon is shown with the headcrest, hair neckmane, strand neckmane, antennae, headtips, legspurs and backfin.
Dynamic presimulated wing and tail membrane props are added as well.

  • Base dragon figure
  • Conforming headcrest figure
  • Conforming headtips figure
  • Conforming backspikes figure
  • Conforming frontmembranes figure
  • Conforming horns figure
  • Conforming headmane figure
  • Conforming antennae figure
  • Conforming legspurs figure
  • Conforming necksail figure
  • Conforming hair neckmane figure
  • Conforming strand neckmane figure
  • Smart propped dynamic wing membranes
  • Smart propped dynamic tailfin membranes
  • Four full color schemes for the base dragon figure and all conforming figures/dynamic props, with or without SSS options; two displacement strengths are included as MAT presets
  • Numerous partial material presets for separate material groups
  • Poser MATs for all options

  • All textures are between 500 x 500 and 4096 x 4096 pixels

Please consult the included readme file before use or view the readme file here. This product does not contain DS materials. You will have to manually adjust the surface settings when using this product in DAZ|Studio.


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