The LotusDream for V4 and A4

The LotusDream for V4 and A4
Created by : Arki
SKU: ARK-025
Released: 04-07-2010
Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: yes
Zip Files 3 (21, 35, 36MB)
Requires: Victoria 4.2, A4 (optionally)
Price: $14.95

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Finally, complete your Lotus set with this elegant and unique hair and veil figure!

The LotusDream comes with several options in textures and material, as well as with a special bone setups similar to those of the
gowns of the LotusGown set. Allowing for flexibility in posing, the hair and veil offer a wide range of possible configurations.
Combine the posable parts with the included morphs for even more possibilities.

Both figures come with four texture presets and a range of ten natural and ten mixed colors each.
Materials for Poser 6+ and DS 2+ were included as well.

Please consult the included readme file for instructions on how to use this product!

The LotusDream hair comes with the following options:
  • conforming figures (.CR2 and .OBJ) for hair and veil
  • hair morphs include:
    • Aiko4
    • Fit LotusGown
    • Shoulder back
    • Shoulders back L
    • Shoulders back R
    • Shoulders down
    • Shoulders down L
    • Shoulders down R
    • Shoulders up
    • Shoulders up L
    • Shoulders up R
    • Bend L
    • Bend R
    • Hairline up
    • Hair long
    • Hair spread
    • Hair volume
    • Front down
    • Wind front
    • Wind back
    • Fix forehead out
    • Fix back out
    • Head bend forward
    • Head bend back
    • Head side L
    • Head side R
    • Braid short
    • Braid thick
    • Braidend big
    • Braid wind
    • Curve L
    • Curve R
  • veil morphs include:
    • Aiko4
    • Fit LotusGown
    • Adjust braid
    • Adjust braid top
    • Ornament small
    • Hairline up
    • Veil long
    • Veil spread
    • Veil volume
    • Wind
    • Fix forehead out
    • Fix back out
  • numerous translation, rotation and other movement controls
  • 4 full MATs (hair & veil)
  • 4 partial MATs for ribbons
  • 5 partial MATs for braidhull
  • 10 partial MATs forĀ  natural hair colors
  • 10 partial MATs for mixed hair colors
  • P6+ MATs for all texture options
  • DS 2+ materials for all texture options

  • cap textures, trans and specularity maps (1500 x 1500 pixels)
  • hair and ribbon textures, trans and specularity maps (2000 x 2000 pixels)
  • veil textures, trans and specularity maps (3000 x 3000 and 1024 x 1024 pixels)

  • Additional Notes:

    Usage Tips and Limitations

    The LotusDream hair is a complex and versatile hair, modeled and rigged with flexibility in mind.
    You will find several bones inside the hair and veil to allow the back part and braid to be poses separately from the main hair.

    Getting started
    1. Load your V4
    2. Load the LotusDream hair (and perhaps the veil if you want to use it)
    3. Conform hair (and veil)
    4. Pose V4
    5. Use the control dials in hair (and veil) located in the 'neck' part of both figures to adjust shoulder parts, back parts and perhaps braid part
    6. Use morphs in hair (and veil), but be careful with control/ morph combinations - see notice below!
    7. Apply MATs to your liking
    8. Render...

    The hair and braid
    The braid is set up as a separate body part of the hair. Therefore it will NOT follow posing and movement of V4 after the hair is conformed. You will have to translate/ rotate it into position manually. Several controls in the 'neck' part of the hair were created to help you with this, alongside with a few adjustment morphs.
    Use the translation/ rotation of the body part 'braid' itself first, then use the 'braid top' controls and morph for finer adjustments. The other parts like 'braid 1' etc are for movement and posing.
    When using the bones of braid and hair together with the existing morphs like 'Wind', you might find some distortions or even breakage in the mesh. This is a technical problem and I suggest you use morph/ control combinations sparingly and carefully.

    Generally, the additional bones of the shoulders in hair and veil are meant for fine tuning and adjustment. Smaller values, combined with the 'shoulder up' etc morphs, will give you best results.

    The veil
    The same things which apply to the hair are valid for the veil as well.
    In addition to the mentioned morphs and controls, the veil also comes with two adjustment morphs for the veil top to fit the upper end of the braid when posing.
    'Adjust braid' and 'Adjust braid top' will expand and/ or enlarge the bulge of the veil to fit the top end under it. If you still find pokethrough, try bend the top of the braid forward or sideward.

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