TerraDome Base Pack BUNDLE

TerraDome Base Pack BUNDLE
Created by : Colm , Traveler, Syyd
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Released: 03-27-2012
Poser Version: Poser7, Pro 2010, Poser 8, 9 and Pro 2012
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Runtime DNA's TerraDome
A Revolutionary Atmospheric Landscape Generator and Daylight Rendering System for Poser 7, PPro and 8

TerraDome is a revolutionary new atmospheric landscape generator for Poser. It features a 360° skydome with sunlight and shadows that actually track through the sky. With fast rendering atmospheres, realistic hills, and mountains, creating realistic outside environments and daylight rendering has never been easier.


All terrains are created from the highest resolution digital photography. An expertly implemented shader system easily mimics the ruggedness and detail of real world terrain. These enhanced materials blend perfectly with TerraDome's outdoor lighting offering a wide variety of terrain styles from lush green grass to rugged, detailed rocks and technology that realistically blends two different texture maps into one material to add extra realism.

There are three zones that form the foreground, mid ground, and background of the environment. Each zone has its own separate geometry and accompanying morph targets. Each zone is completely rotating to a full 360° . Extra zones can be added to create bigger environments up to a full 360° world. The zone system is constructed to use "only" the amount of terrain you actually need in your scene. This does not just apply to the zones themselves but the injectable morph targets, and terrain shader system.

Morph targets for each zone dramatically enhance each scene with distant mountain ranges, low lying soft hills, and rough foreground Terrain.

Fast rendering atmospheres have been created to mimic naturally occurring real world distance haze. More than just that effect alone, there are several different atmospheres like sandstorm, thin haze, thick ground cover, and several more.

Using texture maps at 8000 pixels wide, the skydome renders at the highest realistic quality, using photographic real world skies. The Skydome texture sets come equipped with an innovative lighting system, that allows sunlight to move automatically around the sky through 360° , casting natural looking daylight shadows. The light sets and skydome texture sets load at the same time from one lighting file for each TerraDome environment system. There is no need to load lights and sky separately.

Each light set comes with its own custom IBL light probe to enhance the scene with natural diffuse light. Global specular effects are also available with each lighting system.

TerraDome comes complete with six different skydome environments. These include skies with beautiful cumulous clouds, dramatic sunsets, overcast and stormy weather.

The TerraDome System has been built so that it will encompass most popular large architectural sets. It is large and expansive enough to render a believable simulation of a large landscape, but it is not so large that poser gets lost in the scene. Other touches include technological tricks, like making the Skydome unable to receive shadows from and figures or props in the scene.

Lighting Systems Montage

The TerraDome Package Includes:

  • TerraDome Base Figure (Includes Zones 1,2,3, & Skydome)
  • Individual TerraDome Zone 1,2,3, & SkyDome Figures
  • AtmoSphere Basic Figure
  • Individual AtmoSphere Basic Zone 1,2, & 3 Figures
  • AtmoSphere Advanced Figure
  • Zone 1: Half Ring, Ring, Rough Terrain 1, Rough Terrain 2, Soft Hills
  • Zone 2: Rough Hills, Rough Terrain, Soft Hills
  • Zone 3: Distant Peaks, Distant Slopes, Mountain Big 1, Mountain Big 2, Mountain Big 3, Mountain Peaks, Rough Terrain
  • All Morphs have INJ/REM Poses for easy application & expandability
  • 360° Lighting Motion Preview Animation
  • 6 Complete Lighting Environments - Big Storm, Blue Clouded, Overcast, Overcast Blue, Polarized Blue, & Stormy Sunset
  • 6 SkyDome Light Sets
    (Auto Loads Materials & Parents Sun to Dome!)
  • 6 SkyDome HI Light Sets
  • 6 SkyDome Materials (Mt5s)
  • 6 IBL Probe Maps tailored to the lighting environment.
  • 18 Terrain Texture Tiles - Photo Based!
  • 18 Mat Files (Mt5) for Each Zone of the TerraDome (1,2, & 3)
  • Materials: Earthen 1-3, Foliage 1-2, Granite, Grass 1-3, Lush, Mossy, Rocky 1,1A, 2, Sandy 1-2, Scrub, & Shattered.
  • Displacement Damper Versions of all Materials
  • 5 Special "Blended" Materials for Each Zone that change with the shape of the land!
  • Displacement Damper Versions of all Blends
  • 10 AtmoSphere Advanced Preset Poses + Default
  • Hide/Show Poses for all Aspects of the TerraDome and AtmoSphere
  • Special Thanks to Semideu (ShaderWorks) For the script magic that made this possible!

"One or more textures on this 3D model have been created with images from CGTextures.com. These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit www.cgtextures.com for more information."

"So there we were, British ships off the port side readyin' their cannons, French galleons off the starboard side preparing to board us, and what does Captain Orange Beard do but order us to drop the sails and weigh the anchor... we thought he was bloomin mad as a hatter. But that wily old sea dog knew them waters better then them other two captains... cause lurkin under them waves were some sand bars and the old ocean was a high tide so ya couldn't see them like... well we heards a tremendous crash and the Brits ran right into one of them bar, knockin the bottom right out of er. The French took a hit themselves and ran a dry right on a rocky ledge. That ship is still there to this day laddie, beached on that bar, with a hole the size of Neptune's maw." - First Mate "Scubber" Bamber Brownbottom

"Don't love the ocean... because it won't love you back" - Line from MegaShark Vs Giant Octopus


Four new AquaZone figures that span the entire TerraDome world space producing the most realistic ocean and lake water available for Poser.

23 easy to apply and fast rendering water materials will give you the ability to create stunning water-scape scenes.

Coupled with 6 dramatic Multi-Zone landmass morphs you can create incredible coastlines featuring volcanos and pirate coves, lagoons and mythical fantasy spires.

LandMass is a powerful new landscape generator add-on for TerraDome. Just one complete mesh encompasses the entire scene. Coupled with five breath taking landscape morphs, ten ultra realistic texture and material shader sets and five all new SkyDome light sets and sky environments. This will bring your terraforming capabilities to a whole new level.

LandMass is a major Expansion for the TerraDome system that adds a new geometry spanning the entire LandMass formation as well as a new Zone Mapping system.

The figure spans the area between Zones 1 - 3 in completely solid form. This allows for Larger terrains than are possible with the three zone terrains in the original base set. The LandMass is completely usable with the existing TerraDome options, and you can easily use Zone 2 materials and Blends on the LandMass with good effect.

Included in this package are 5 spectacular Morph targets for the LandMass geometry. The biggest difference is that you will only be loading one morph target in your scene with the corresponding material set that goes with it, as these materials use maps that have been hand painted to tailor themselves to the morph target.

Included in this package are 5 new Sky/Light sets for the TerraDome SkyDome. You will only need to use the skydome itself when using the LandMass geometry. Apply them as you would any TerraDome sky. A hidden python script will automatically apply your sky material and load the correct lighting for that sky.

Includes all files from the original products.




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