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Technophilia Retro - Gynoids V2 - Cyber Chic

Technophilia Retro - Gynoids V2 - Cyber Chic

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $17.99
Vendor: Traveler
Requires: Victoria 4
Gift To:


Created not only as a weapon of the frightfull war that the government scientists were helping to wage, the Cyber-Chic division also stood as a symbol for Justice, Strength, and for the entire nation. These metallic skinned goddesses of the air helped to keep the threat of the enemy's chemically enhanced super soldiers on their own soil. Beaming skin of metal, jets of orange, and the strength of 100 men turned out to be a force that no enemy could destroy" - Diary of Doctor Albert VonEinstine (No Relation) - U.S. Cyber Chic Division Development (C.C.D.D.) July 4th, 1959

Welcome to the world of Technophilia Retro... The Realm of Vintage Twisted Technology. Within this dark world, mad scientists wield their awesome and tainted knowledge to pervert the laws of nature. Creatures and creations, built by their own hands are brought to life through the forces of electricity and reason... Love the Electricity, Love the Metal


Supports the following V4 Morphs ++ Morphs: Body Builder, Amazon, Fitness, Definition, Young, Thin, Voluptous.
Supports the following V4 Elite Morphs: Utopian Body, Sylph Body
Includes Movement, Style, and Adjustment morphs where needed.
Chrome material includes raytraced reflections mixed with spherical ones, for the perfect chrome look!

Product Includes:

12 Mix and Match V4 Clothing Items - Hair/Helmet, Bra, Shoulders, Rocket Mount, Rocket, Rocket Flame, Elbows, Knees, Undies, Skirt, Waist, and Boots.
3 Complete Texture/Material Options: Blue Chrome, Medium Chrome, and Dark Chrome
9 Bonus V4 Chrome Body Materials
Bonus Generic Mats matching the three Texture options.

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: No
Date Added: Jan 30, 2009
SKU: EV-095

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