TS Santa

TS Santa
Created by : AinesRealm
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Released: 12-23-2010
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: DAZ Studio 2+
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Christmas Day was here at last, Ainsley had been placing all her toy soldiers around the tree at night to guard the tree and its gifts. After all, this is what soldiers do best, to guard and keep what they guard safe. The party from the night before had gone so long, she slept in a bit longer on this morning. I didn't surprise her at all that her parents would be up and in the room before she could be there.
The beauty of the tree, standing so tall and straight with its ornaments all around. All the wrappings from last night's party gone, and in their place the packages for the family gathering today. She couldn't help but notice a very large package standing near the back, with a tiny snowflake design on it. The snowflakes seemed to twinkle a bit where sunlight from the windows played across the tree's placement. It was the present from Great-Grandfather and she knew she wanted to open it. She looked back at Mum, who nodded it was okay. One and only one till dinner had been finished is what Ainsley had heard. She knew without a doubt that one had to be Great-Grandfather's.
Permission given she went tearing through the paper, revealing two very large tins and a note. The note read:
"Tap each tin once then read the following story. Once you have read the story, you must promise to finish the story before you can open them. I'll see you tonight, Great-Grandfather."
Ainsley, then tapped each tin one time and carefully opened the writing paper folded within the note and began reading.
Dandee and his crew made their way on foot after landing in the new land. Crossing many mountains as they went, the parrot still leading the way. The parrot was an odd little thing, it would be there, most of the time, other than a couple of hours in which it would not be seen. Dandee didn't give this much thought, after all, the parrot always returned in time to point a new direct in which they could travel.
A few days later they found themselves looking at a vast river with the parrot still pointing to the west. They had to cross the river!
Ainsley, whispered quietly, "I promise." She then refolded the page into the note, then opened the two large tins, one at a time. Inside of the first was a Toy Santa with a very large sack. Inside the second tin, several elves. She took out one of the elves and the Santa and brought them over to her mum to look at.
  • 2 Figures
  • 2 props (one in a Smart Prop configuration)

  • 2  Character files (each .cr2, .png)
  • 2  Mesh files      (each .obj, .mtl)
  • 9  Pose files      (each .pz2, .png)
  • 58 Mat Pose files  (each .pz2, .png
  • 1  Prop files      (each .pp2, .png)
  • 1  Smart Prop files(each .pp2, .png)
  • 72 Texture maps    (.jpg)
  • 15 Templates       (.bmp)
  • Promotional image 1 was rendered in PoserPro without touch-up postwork.
  • Promotional images 8 and 9, are two layer renders without touch-up postwork.
  • Other Promotional images are composite layer renders without touch-up postwork.
  • UVs in UVMapper
  • Modeled in Hexagon
  • Textured in PhotoShop by TLDesigns
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