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'The Snow Queen' by JustMel


Runtimedna.com is a privately held business entity that provides quality products for use with SmithMicro's Poser, Poser Pro Pack, Poser 5, Poser 6, Poser 7, Poser 8, Poser 9, Poser 2012, Poser 2012, Poser Pro, Poser Pro 2010, Poser Pro 2014, DAZ STUDIO and other compatible applications from third party vendors.

In order to foster creative communication between clients, staff, and interested parties, RuntimeDNA.com provides free membership in an online community without prequalification. Members may participate in the community by posting messages in open forums, working through interactive tutorial exercises, uploading graphic files, uploading free geometry, settings files, and/or texture files, and/or participating in live chat. Members agree to abide by this site policy, and other rules and regulations, which may be announced or posted conspicuously or amended to the site policy.

To ensure that all members of the community have the opportunity to exercise free expression in a non-critical, non-threatening, member friendly environment, Runtime DNA INC reserves the right to review all posts and reject or delete any that may be considered inappropriate for general public viewing. These include, but are not limited to, depictions of pornography; extreme violence; racial or cultural hatred or intolerance; sexual solicitation; slanderous or libelous statements; statements soliciting, suggesting or detailing methods of committing illegal acts, including software piracy and related crimes, and "hacking", "cracking" and other internet crimes; and/or gratuitous profanity. Members who feel that their post, image, or file was unfairly rejected or deleted may appeal privately to the staff and management of RuntimeDNA.com via e-mail or the instant messaging system. Determination regarding the appropriateness of a particular post, image, or file will be made by the management and staff of RuntimeDNA.com, whose collective decision shall be final.

The Runtime DNA galleries are monitored by staff and/or site administrators, and are regularly reviewed to insure that posted content is in compliance with the Terms of Service, Image Submission Guidelines, and where appropriate, applicable laws and regulations. Submissions determined by the staff and/or site administrators to be in violation will be removed, and may be removed without the notification of the submitting artist.

RuntimeDNA also reserves the right to remove images that receive complaints from members at the sole discretion of the staff and/or site administrators-in compliance with the above stated monitoring


Ongoing Availability of Downloaded Products: Once a product has been purchased and downloaded, the order is considered filled and the transaction completed.

Runtime DNA INC makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, that a product, once purchased and downloaded, will be available for download again at any time in the future.

Customers are encouraged to make appropriate archival copies of downloaded products/installers, and/or other content as applicable in order to insure that purchased items will be available to them in perpetuity.

While Runtime DNA INC makes reasonable efforts to have purchases available for future downloads, we reserve the right to remove products from availability if they have been discontinued, and/or their brokers are no longer selling through the Runtime DNA INC store, and/or when necessary to meet storage and bandwidth requirements and/or other operational considerations.

Some products provided through the Runtime DNA INC website store are created by independent brokers, who retain the right to change the availability or remove their products and stores at any time. Runtime DNA assumes no responsibility for any infringement of Copyright of ANY product sold by ANY independent brokers through the Runtime DNA Store. The broker takes sole responsibility and bears full burden of proof that their content creations are 100% original. Third Party Content Providers are SOLELY responsible for possible Copyright infringement of products here and in other marketplaces. Any monetary compensation for ANY infringement is the SOLE responsibility of the broker or third party content provider in violation of ANY possible copyright infringement. This includes ANY and ALL LEGAL FEES, COURT COSTS, ATTORNEY COSTS or any COSTS and COMPENSATION associated with the above.

Removal of products may be made without warning or notice, and solely at the discretion of Runtime DNA INC administrators and staff, or by the respective brokers, where applicable.

Runtime DNA INC is also not responsible for the lack of availability of a downloaded product due to system failures, database errors, faulty backups, security breaches, force majeure, or other events or circumstances which may result in the loss of the original data files maintained on the website or the server systems that support it.

The policy regarding future availability also applies to products purchased from Runtime DNA INC and its affiliated broker relationship through Content Paradise, regardless of the validity of the transaction. Runtime DNA INC can not guarantee that products purchased through the Content Paradise store will be available for future download though the Runtime DNA store, FTP or any other online or offline medium, even if these products remain available to persons who purchased them directly through the Runtime DNA INC store. Runtime DNA INC only acted as broker inside the Content Paradise business structure and does not have access to necessary information that would make it possible to provide automated customer downloads of purchases made through Content Paradise. PLEASE CONTACT CONTENT PARADISE FOR FULFILLMENT OF CONTENT PARADISE ORDERS.


RDNA Image / Gallery Posting Guidelines All images submitted to the gallery must be in .jpg format.
Images must be under 500 KB in file size - images over this will be automatically rejected by the system.
The Max Dimension for images in the gallery is 3000 pixels. The longest side must be 3000 pixels or less.

The staff at Runtime DNA reserve the right to delete any images they deem as not meeting the guidelines in our TOS, the community standards that we hold to, or any image that may be inflammatory in nature. We reserve the right to delete what images we deem necessary without prior written contact to the uploader.

The Runtime DNA galleries are monitored by staff and/or site administrators, and are regularly reviewed to insure that posted content is in compliance with the Terms of Service, Image Submission Guidelines, and where appropriate, applicable laws and regulations. Submissions determined by the staff and/or site administrators to be in violation will be removed, and may be removed without the notification of the submitting artist.

Runtime DNA also reserves the right to remove images that receive complaints from members at the sole discretion of the staff and/or site administrators-in compliance with the above stated monitoring.

Unacceptable Images in the Runtime DNA Gallery: Any image depicting a Sexual Act, Including (But not limited to) erect penis (Clothed or nude), or inner portions of the female genitalia.
Any image depicting child nudity (child referring to any figure that looks under the age of 18 to any member of the admin team. This includes children, teens, pre adolescent, child like fairies etc. No child nudity of any form will be allowed.
Any Image depicting Rape - either graphically or implied
Any Image depicting Torture [Definition of: (From Webster's Dictionary) the infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding) to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure] No explicit sexual content - Bondage, S&M, etc
No genital contact with any object, other then natural contact with clothing or sitting positions. Any Image containing advertising banners, links to other sites or stores.

ANY IMAGE Depicting pornography, extreme graphic violence, torture, rape, sexual contact, physical arousal depicting erect male genitalia, or exposing female genitalia, any image depicting children in any way that is not wholesome, will be automatically deleted by the staff.

Additional Note:

It has come to our attention recently that some images posted in the RDNA galleries have contained material that was protected by copyright or other applicable laws. These images have been removed, and such will continue to be removed in the future should this come to the attention of admin and staff.

This message is to remind everyone that "finding it on the internet" does not make it "royalty free" or otherwise acceptable for personal use.

Secondarily, including such an image in your own work, as a background, or as part of the image, or as a texture map, is still a violation of copyright and other applicable laws, and will get the image deleted from the galleries.

Since the new gallery format does not require persons posting to have their work checked, we ask that all persons be certain that the work they post is completely their own and free from copyright encumbrances. If you have any questions regarding what you can, and CANNOT, do in terms of copyright, please feel free to e-mail help@rdnaland.com for clarification.

We trust the the aforementioned images were the result of a misunderstanding of what is acceptable and not an intentional attempt to infringe on someone's copyright.

The intention, however, does not protect the posting party, or RDNA and its host provider from legal action should that become the case. For this reason we will err on the side of caution and remove works that appear to contain protected material as we become aware of it.

Member Rules of Conduct:

In order to maintain a civil and safe environment for all members, the following rules of conduct apply forum posts, gallery posts, or other means of interacting with the RuntimeDNA Website

1) Members will refrain from making derogatory statements regarding other websites, other companies, and/or their products and/or management and/or staff and/or members in any forum and the live chat. It is the policy of Runtime DNA.com that such derogatory statements should be communicated in a privately, and/or that such complaints be addressed to the other websites and respective parties or companies.

2) Members will refrain from making statements regarding illegal activities and/or solicitation or methods employed in same, including but not limited to: software piracy and/or internet "hacking" "cracking" etc.; threats of violence, direct or implied; sexual solicitation; racial or cultural hatred or intolerance, and slanderous or libelous statements.

3) Members will refrain from personal insults or other such attacks on other members.

4) Members will refrain from Deleting their own posts in the RuntimeDNA Forums unless absolutely necessary. A Member found to be deleting their posts with intent of disrupting the flow of the site / forum communications will be found in violation of these terms of service.

Failure to observe these rules of conduct is subject to sanctions, up to and including permanent ban from Site membership. The management and staff of RuntimeDNA.com, whose collective decision shall be final, will determine sanctions. Members who feel that they have been treated unfairly with regard to this issue may appeal privately to the staff and management of RuntimeDNA.com via e-mail

This policy provides for the protection of all members, as well as a means of appeal for those who feel that an action taken or sanctions imposed was done so unfairly. This being the case, the public forums are not to be used for campaigning on behalf of a sanctioned member, or for "flame wars" or other disruptive actions, as a result of an action taken or sanction imposed by Runtime DNA. If a member believes that it is necessary to add their voice to an appeal, then they should do so in a private manner using e-mail or instant messaging, and not disrupt the other activities of the community as a whole.

Runtime DNA maintains a Three Strike Rule. If any member is found in violation of site policy that member will receive an email warning and an Instant Message via the Site's system. After three warnings the member will be banned or restricted for a period of time set by the administration team.

Grounds for TOS warnings include: Violation of the Policies above, disruptive multiple logins, and warez requests.

Reserved Rights of Runtime DNA:

The opinions expressed by members in the public forums do not necessarily represent the opinions of the management, staff, sponsors, or other affiliates of Runtime DNA.

Runtime DNA reserves the right to ask for the removal and/or remove posts, graphics, and or files, which receive complaints, or are determined to contain illegal materials, and/or have been obtained through illegal means.

Runtime DNA strongly supports the United States Copyright, Trademark, and Patent laws as well as those of other nations, and conducts business in accordance with those laws. Members or other interested parties who believe that an item offered for sale in the "Store", or for download in the "Free Section" are in violation of these laws should immediately inform the management and staff, via e-mail, online messaging, or the "Contact Forum". Runtime DNA will diligently investigate all such claims and take action as appropriate.

Items offered for sale in the "Store" and/or offered for download in the "Free Section" are held to be works of original authorship subject to these same laws. The use, storage, distribution, and replication of such items are governed by the license agreement attached or distributed with the original item file(s) and may vary for each item. The End User is responsible for compliance with the license agreement, as well as other applicable laws, and is responsible to the original author and/or owner of rights accordingly.

Additionally, the information posted in the interactive tutorial forums, and other forums, may be subject to Copyright or other protection, accruing to the original author and/or rights owner and/or Runtime DNA. All such items, information, and other materiel made available to members of Runtime DNA, may be made available pursuant to license agreements and/or other rights management agreements with third parties who have no other affiliation with RuntimeDNA.com, its management and/or staff, and/or its members. In this context, members are allowed to make use of the site name, promotional images, and other indicia, under existing doctrines of Fair Use, for promotional and/or review purposes, without obtaining prior permission. RUNTIME DNA does not assume legal or financial responsibility for copyright infringement of any third party content sold in this marketplace by any broker.

They may not, however, post links on other sites which link to a specific item in the "Free Section" such that the download of the item incurs a usage of bandwidth and/or other resources on the RuntimeDNA.com site, nor may they represent an affiliation with RuntimeDNA.com beyond that of a member in good standing.


Refunds for any product purchased will only be made within two weeks after the original sale. Any refunds -AFTER- this time period, will ONLY BE DONE AS STORE CREDIT, on a case by case basis. This does not apply to software that is sold by Runtime DNA Inc on behalf of other companies. Refunds for software will be subject to the individual refund policies of any independent company selling software within the Runtime DNA Store structure.

Policies regarding sales, technical support, licensing, advertising, brokering, and customer complaints are subject to specific policies which are not part of this document and do not relate to general membership policy. Questions and concerns regarding these issues should be addressed directly to management and staff via e-mail, instant messaging, and/or the "Contact Forum".

Runtime DNA reserves the right to amend, adjust, or otherwise modify this policy without prior warning or announcement.


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