Steampunk: Fantastic Armaments

Steampunk: Fantastic Armaments
Created by : Traveler
SKU: EV-097
Released: 10-14-2009
Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Will Load in D|S - Not all Materials will translate
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For your consideration, Dr. Travnorg presents his selection of Fantastic Armaments... Straight from the labs of the world renowned scientific mind - Dr. Lucious Travnorg comes an eclectic and powerful compendium of tools of martial malice.

Blunder Busster Boarding Etheric Blunderbuss: Built on a magnetic core of pure travnorgium, this Boarding Weapon will help you clear the decks of an enemy airship before you jump a line and swing aboard her.

Golt Special Magno Revolver: Commissioned by Her Magesty's Royal Air Corps, and available to you now! The Golt Arms Air Corps Special is a Mageto cored pulse revolver that will peel the decking off a steam tank at 20 feet. The perfect side-arm for any Captain or Sky Marshal.

Marconian Radiophonic Transduction Pistol: using new Radio waveform technology, this unique weapon will "cook" your target with a condensed ray of radiophonic energy.

Gruvungar Combat Wrench: Every grease monkey in the pits of an Airship needs a "BAW" - Big A**ed Wrench - for the occassional "Attitude adjustment" - be it on the ship.. or the crew. The Mechanics of the U.S.S. Airship Jinx swear by the Gruvungar combat wrench!

Magopticon Battle Glass: This multi task device can be used for detective work, or if need be, the heavy armored frame can be used as a melee weapon in a pinch, and if a crack on the noggin doesn't dissuade an enemy, you can use the focused beam of light to burn them down.

Sky Sabre Collapsible Sword: And Finally, the Sidearm of choice of the Royal Balloon Air Calvary! When space is tight, the ship is a big balloon of explosive gas, and you just NEED a sword, this is the one for you. Collapsed until you need it - to avoid those sword related mishaps!

+ Ready to use right out of the box - Smart props and hand poses make for quick arming of your Steam Punk Folk!
+ Advanced Shader Technology worked in for special effects and added realism
+ Hi-Rez Textures (3000 x 3000) and Meshes
+ Morphs included in Gruvungar and Sword for Actions

+ 6 Steampunk Weapon Props for Poser 6+
+ Blunder Busster Boarding Etheric Blunderbuss
+ Golt Special Magno Revolver
+ Marconian Radiophonic Transduction Pistol
+ Gruvungar Combat Wrench
+ Magopticon Battle Glass
+ Sky Sabre Collapsible Sword

+ Right and Left Smart Prop Versions of all Props for V4 and M4
+ Hand Poses for Each Weapon for V4 and M4.
Many thanks to Littlefox for the Idea and Name of the Gruvungar Combat Wrench!
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