Steam Gear: Raygulator

Steam Gear: Raygulator
Created by : Jean-Luc_Ajrarn
Released: 09-14-2009
Poser Version: 5 and above
Daz Studio: 2.3 and above
Zip Files 2 (5.03 Mb, 3.55 Mb)
Requires: Poser or DAZ|Studio
Price: $5.00

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With "Steam Gear: Raygulator", add an extra SteamPunk technology to your scenes!
The Raygulator can be a weapon, a measuring device, a scanner, whatever your imagination will want its function(s) to be.

It comes in three figures: standalone, right, and left, to cover every situation.
As the Raygulator is figure independent (though placed for Victoria 4 by default in its right and left versions), you can use it with all human and monster figures you want!

With its detailed, wonderful textures, it will look great in any scene.

- Intricate modeling
- Striking detail
- First of the "Steam Gear" series.
- The Raygulator (standalone, right, or left) is figure independent, so that you can use it with any human figure!
- The RaygulatorMain body part has 9 morphs.
- The PowerHand, RangeHand, IntensityHand, RangeDial, and IntensityDial can rotate, using the dial on each body part.
- The Ray can be easily extended to any distance, using one or both of the two Ray dials.
- Beautiful textures, Silver and Gold versions.

  • 4 MAT poses:
    (located in the Poses: SteamGear_JLA library)
  • 2 Material Collections (mc6)
    (located in the Materials: SteamGear_JLA library)
  • 2 Material Collections (mt5)
    (located in the Materials: SteamGear_JLA library)
  • 2 textures 2048 by 2048 pixels (bump),
  • 2 textures 2048 by 2048 pixels (color),
  • 2 textures 2048 by 2048 pixels (specular)
  • 1 texture template (located in Runtime:Textures:JLA_SteamGear)
  • D|S mats, courtesy of BellaDragon (separate zip)
- the Raygulator_Right (or Raygulator_Left) figure needs to be PARENTED (not conformed) to Victoria 4's right (or left) hand.
To do so, ZERO Victoria 4's pose, then select the Raygulator_Left (or Right) figure's BODY, go to the Figure menu: "Set Figure Parent..." and choose V4's matching hand.
Then the Raygulator will be set in place, and you will be able to pose your V4. :)

- the Raygulator_Right (or Raygulator_Left) figure can also be used on other human (or monster) figures, with some adjustment. :)

- the Raygulator (standalone) can be hand held (scaled up, if you want it bigger, or as is):
in that case, parent it to the hand holding it, and pose the other hand so that it can activate the button or the Raygulator dials.

- the Raygulator Ray may render differently when "RaygulatorMain" body part is set with "smooth polys" checked or unchecked. It is checked by default, but if the Raygulator is small in the scene and you want a straighter Ray, then unchecking "smooth polys" on "RaygulatorMain" could be a good idea.

Notes for D|S users:

Please make sure that nothing is selected in the scene before loading the Raygulator figure(s).
Then parent it/them to what you want it/them parented to.

For smoother Raybeam please convert to SubD (to do this, select Raygulator in scenes tab, go Edit, then select Convert to SubD), and use the following settings (accessed through parameters tab):

For D|S2- viewport level - 2
- render level - 3

For D|S3A- viewport level 2
- edge interpolation - edges & corners.

After converting to SubD, D|S mats can be applied from the SteamGear_JLA folder in the pose folder.
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