Steam Gear: Epiproctor - Cargo Set

Steam Gear: Epiproctor - Cargo Set
Created by : Jean-Luc_Ajrarn
SKU: JLA-026
Released: 01-13-2011
Poser Version: 5 and above
Daz Studio: YES (2.3 or above)
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Requires: Poser or DAZ|Studio, and Epiproctor figure
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***** updated November 16, 2009: now includes D|S MATs (courtesy of Belladragon) *****

Expand your Epiproctor's abilities and look with the Epiproctor Cargo Set expansion pack!

The smart Handles, Steps, Back Rack, Baggage Rack, Tail Clamp and Baggage props, as well as everything from the original Epiproctor are conveniently loading from a new CR2, with corresponding master dials in the BODY for the new morphs. You can also load each individual prop, and the Baggage can either be loaded on the Rack, or as standalone (on the ground).

With wonderfully, detailed textures in two flavors, matching the original Epiproctor textures, the Epiproctor Cargo Set will make your Epiproctor rider/explorer even more eager to travel!

  • New CR2 to load the Epiproctor plus all new props at once,
  • Rack's LocksRetract, Tail Clamp's CloseClamp and RetractClamp, and Steps' ExtendSteps morphs, also controlled from the Epiproctor's BODY master dials (when using the new Epiproctor CR2),
  • Individual smart props, loading placed on the Epiproctor, plus a standalone version of the Baggage, loading placed on the ground.
  • Unique design with great details
  • Beautiful metal texture sets, easily applied via MAT poses, Material Collections, or Materials,
  • Suited for Steam Punk, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Faerie, Dwarves (and more) themes, both on land and in the air
  • Use the Tail Clamp prop to grab things (for example, the Baggage prop to move it to the Epiproctor's rack)!

  • 1 new Figure file (CR2) for the Epiproctor figure, which loads the original Epiproctor figure plus the Cargo Set props (BackRack, Baggage, Handles, Rack, Steps, TailClamp), and adds 4 new master dials (in the Epiproctor BODY body part) for ease of use and posing:
    CargoSet group (LocksRetract, ExtendSteps, CloseClamp, RetractClamp):
  • 7 new Props for the Epiproctor figure:
    + EpiCS_BackRack (small rack placed behind the saddle - smart prop)
    + EpiCS_Baggage_S (standalone baggage, placed on ground - smart double prop: Baggage + BaggageLid)
    + EpiCS_Handles (handles placed on the Epiproctor's head - smart prop)
    + EpiCS_Rack (main rack, with retractable locks for the baggage - smart prop)
    + EpiCS_Steps (retractable steps, useful to get to the baggage rack - smart prop)
    + EpiCS_TailClamp (tail clamp, placed at the end of the Epiproctor's tail, able to close and retract - smart prop)
  • 14 MAT poses:
    EpiCS_AllProps1, EpiCS_AllProps2, EpiCS_BackRack1, EpiCS_BackRack2, EpiCS_Baggage1, EpiCS_Baggage2, EpiCS_Handles1, EpiCS_Handles2, EpiCS_Rack1, EpiCS_Rack2, EpiCS_Steps1, EpiCS_Steps2, EpiCS_TailClamp1, EpiCS_TailClamp2.

  • 2 Material Collections (mc6):
    EpiCS_AllProps1, EpiCS_AllProps2 (apply to all of the Cargo Set props at once).

  • 2 Materials (mt5):
    EpiCS_version1,EpiCS_version2 (can apply to any of the Cargo Set props).

  • 8 textures (2048 by 2048 pixels):
    2 Bump: 2 Color, 2 Diffusion, 2 Specular.
  • 1 texture template,
  • D|S MATs (courtesy of Belladragon).
  • D|S users: D|S MATs are now included, for use in DAZ|Studio.

    Production credits/info:
    Steam Punk outfit and Jillian hair, Steampunk: Fantastic Armaments, "Machin ville" Rue du Dr.Debile, SteamGear: Epiproctor, SteamGear: Raygulator, and TerraDome sold separately. Victoria 4 not included.
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