Spawn 2.0

Spawn 2.0
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 09-11-2013
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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~ Works in Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014 ~

Spawn is a full-featured Poser utility for easily Spawning Morphs, Creating Parameter Dials and Wiring-Up Existing Dials to affect one another.

In addition to Spawning Morphs and creating Master Dials for those Morphs, Spawn is skilled at creating Movement Dials, Joint-Controlled Morphs (with support for Conforming Clothing) and Scaling Controllers.

It is the perfect tool for Spawning Morphs from Magnets.  With the press of a button, Spawn can determine which Body Parts are influenced by a set of Magnets and automatically select them in its interface. It can also read those sets provided in Netherworks' Clothing MorphKits and even Batch-Process an entire folder at once!

Spawn also features an Includes system that allows Extra Body Parts and Smart Props to be affected by Magnets that don't normally support them.

Spawn creates ERC that is Backwards Compatible with earlier versions of Poser and DAZ Studio.  Spawn does not use Poser's Dependent Parameters system but can compliment it.

This all works inside of Poser 8 and higher without needing to resort to text-editing or external utilities!  Spawn can be used with Figures, Clothing and Smart Props.  There

works with Figures and any Props attached to them (smart props). Note that standaloneProps can be utilized if they are attached to a Figure temporarily.

For users of the original Spawn, this new version contains over Four-Dozen New Features, Improvements and Enhancements.

  • Flexible, Full-Featured Script for Poser 8 and higher.
    • Spawn Updates Automatically as Figures or Props are selected in the Scene.
    • Figures, Clothing and Props can also be Selected from a Convenient Drop-Down.*
    • Spawn can be Docked into Poser's Interface and Fit into a Strip of Space (*), if necessary.  It can be Launched when Poser loads (instructions are included).
    • You have Complete Control over Internal Name, External Name, Sensitivity, Min and Max values when Spawning Morphs or Creating Controllers.
      • Drop-Down menus allow you to quickly Copy Names or Enter Commonly Used Values.
      • Double-Click can Clear Internal and External Name and Reset other fields.*
    • You can Spawn Morphs (via Existing Dials or Magnets)
      • Morphs can be Spawned with or without Controllers (Master Dials often known as FBM or PBM Dials).
      • You can determine exactly where the Master Dial is placed (usually the Body. but can be ANY Body Part).
      • Limits can be Forced on the Master Dial.
      • Master Dial can be created with a Friendly Name, where appropriate.
      • Spawn can Automatically Select Body Parts based on Existing Magnets or Active Morph/Parameter Dials.*
    • You are Able to Create Joint-Controlled Morphs (JCM) if the script detects that Body Parts or Smart Props are Rotated.  Spawn can optionally ignore "Blowout Fixes" in the Hip or Body of a Figure.
      • JCM can be Created in Conforming Clothing by Detecting the Rotations of its Parent Figure.*
      • JCM can be Created for Smart Props (self-detection only).*
    • You can Create New Controllers (Master Dials) for existing Morphs and other Parameter Dials.
      • One or more Dials are selectable from a Checkbox List.  This List can be sorted by Morph/Dial then Body Part OR Body Part then Morph/Dial.*
      • Active Dials provide a smaller list to choose from (same sorting options as above*).  Current Values are used for the Created Master Dial.
    • You are Able to Create Movement Dials if Spawn detects that body parts are Rotated (also known as Easy Posing, not available for Props).  Spawn can optionally ignore "Blowout Fixes" in the Hip or Body of a Figure.
    • You may Create Scaling Master Dials that can control one or more Body Parts (or Smart Prop) Scaling,*
    • Spawn is able to Wire Existing Dials to Each Other.
      • A singular Master Dial is selectable from a List.  This List can be sorted by Morph/Dial then Body Part OR Body Part then Morph/Dial.*
      • One or more (Slave) Dials is selectable from a Checkbox List (same sorting options as above*).
      • Active Dials provide a smaller list to choose from when determining Slave Dials (same sorting options as above*).  Current Values are used for the CreatedMaster Dial.
      • ERC and Scales can also be Wired-Up in this way.*
    • Support of Extra Body Parts and Smart Props when using Magnets by using a new feature called Includes.*
      • Includes allow Extra Body Parts to be keyed to Standard Body Parts.  For example, a skirt having flaps body parts can be keyed to the hip, causing Spawn to include them with magnets that affect the hip.
      • Also works on Smart Props, including Dynamic Cloth, if you wish.
      • Includes are applied when pressing Auto-Select or Processing Sets in Batch Mode.
    • Spawn can Batch Process an Entire Folder of Magnet Sets.
      • Only appropriate when using Netherworks' Clothing MorphKit products (Old or New.  Product must be able to pass Morph Names).
      • Dial Settings are Filled-Out, Morphs and Master Dials are Created and Magnet Sets are removed - All Automatically!
    • All Features work with Figures.  Most features can also be applied to Smart Props or Prop Hair.
    • Morphs, Controllers and Their Relationships use Common ERC Code that is suitable for use with earlier versions of Poser (all the way back to Poser 4) and DAZ Studio.
    • Spawn can Compliment Poser's Dependent Parameters System and other utilities, such as Easy Pose Underground.
    • This utility is Fast, Easy and Creates Morphs, Controllers and Relationships in a way that is Visual and Feels Natural.
    • Room for Growth!  Spawn is Expandable via Future Plugins.
    • Many Visual Aspects of Spawn can be Controlled from Menu Selections:
      • Set the Colors for Most Elements of the Interface.
      • Control the Appearance of Tooltips.
      • Change the Size of the Interface Font.
    • Utilities are included on the Main Interface for easily working with Figures, Clothing and Smart Props.
      • Delete Magnets, Zero All, Zero Morphs/Parameters, Zero Rotations, Reset Scales, Turn Off IK, Load NULL Figure, Set Morph/Parameter Values, Plugins (if they are installed), Add Selections as Includes.
    • Ability to Fine-Tune Spawn, such as entering New Dial Prefixes and many tweakable options.*
  • Includes Full Documentation as an easy-to-read PDF Guide with 5 Mini-Tutorials to get you started!

  • Full-Featured Morphs/Parameters Utility for Poser
  • PDF Documentation Included with 5 Mini-Tutorials
  • Products used in Promos: Dawn by HiveWire 3D, Detroit Outfit for Dawn by PoserWorld.
  • Though this Utility is Poser 8 and higher only, the end results (Morphs, Parameters and ERC Relationships) can be used in Poser 4 and higher and DAZ Studio.
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