Sisterhood Skin

Sisterhood Skin
Created by : Aeon Soul
SKU: ASA-008
Released: 08-10-2011
Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: 3+
Zip Files 2 Zip Files (39.4Mg and 42.3Mg)
Requires: Victoria 4, Poser 6+ or DAZ Studio
Price: $13.95

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In a world where living means fighting you need to have a thick skin to survive.
And your skin will show the battles and fighting you've endured, survived and won!

Sisterhood skin is focused on showing the ugly and painful side of battle. The skin comes in 8 variants.
There's dirt, there's cuts and bruises and there's an original tattoo that will fit fantasy, modern and futuristic settings alike.
You can have it all together or just us any of the other options. See in the Features for detailed description!

Sisterhood Skin is a V4 skin and is compatible with any V4 character. You will see, in the promo, that we used a variety of characters and morphs, however, note that NO CHARACTER is included in the package.

The skin we used as our base is a completely original skin of AlfaseeD, created without the use of any texture resources and includes all necessary maps to achieve the best outcomes in all rendering engines.

Moreover the package includes .psd files of the cuts and bruises (for Photoshop CS4+) so that you can add these details to any of your favourite textures and you can also use the provided masks to "customize" the level of cuts you want (a graphic tutorial is included).

So, no more "clean" heroes and fighters, life can be a dirt work and it should show!

The SKIN in ACTION: Give your heroes some thick skin!


8 Full body MATs
There are 8 different and complete styles that correspond to the textures included in the package:
- 01_Sister-Complete: includes dirt, bruises and cuts and the tattoo.
- 02_Sister-Bruise: bruise and cuts only, clean skin
- 03_Sister-Bruise_Dirt: dirt skin with bruises and cuts
- 04_Sister-Bruise_DirtLow: slightly dirt skin with cuts and bruises
- 05_Sister-BruiseTattoo: clean skin with cuts and bruises and tattooes
- 06_Sister-Dirt: dirt skin
- 07_Sister-Tattoo: clean skin with tattooes
- 08_Sister-TattooDirt: dirt skin with tattooes.

Includes diffuse, bump, displacement and specular maps for an optimal outcome in any 3D rendering software

6 eyes colors: blue, icy, red, purple-black, brown, grey.

Cuts and Bruises .psd files for head, body and limbs so that you can add them to any of your textures, additionally instructions and masks will allow you to customize the amount of cuts and bruises to add to your textures.

- 8 independent texture styles / files (see Features)

- Poser SSS skin shader (P9-PP2012)

- Poser pre-P9 skin shader (P5-P8)

- DAZ Studio simple MATs (follow the link in the read me for HSS instructions for D|S3 adv. and D|S4)

- cuts and bruises .PSD files (head, body, limbs) with graphic tutorial to add the cuts and bruises to your favourite textures!

8 Diffuse Body Maps @4096x4096
4 Bump Body Maps @4096x4096
1 Displacement Body Map @4096x4096
1 Specular Body Map @4096x4096
1 .psd for Body cuts ans bruises @4096x4096

8 Diffuse Limbs Maps @4096x4096
4 Bump Limbs Maps @4096x4096
1 Displacement Limbs Map @4096x4096
1 Specular Limbs Map @4096x4096
1 .psd for Limbs cuts ans bruises @4096x4096

5 Diffuse Head Maps @2500x2500
2 Bump Head Maps @2500x2500
1 Displacement Head Map @2500x2500
1 Specular Head Map @4096x4096
1 .psd for Head cuts ans bruises @4096x4096

6 Eyes Maps @800x800
1 Eye Reflection Map
1 Lash Map @1024x1024
1 Mouth Map @1024x1024

This package does NOT include any V4 character / bodyshape / morph! "Only" body textures, materials preset and cuts and bruises .psd files.

With the included .psd (Photoshop CS4 +) you will be able to:
- add bruises and / or cuts to any of your favourite textures
- "customize" the cuts through masks to hide some etc. to your liking
the included tutorial shows you how!

- The Sisterhood Skin package includes a fairly advanced Poser 7/Poser Pro skin shader you can get excellent results with, however always take into consideration that the final result will heavily depend on your lights.
Alternatively (also used in some of the promo images) you can use face_off's V4 skin shader.

- DAZ Studio basic material settings are included so that DAZ Studio users do not need to make any manual adjustment however, for more advanced materials, please refer to the Human Surface Shader for DAZ Studio (included in DAZ Studio 3advanced and DAZ Studio 4, which will give you more realistic results used together with UberEnvironment.

IMPORTANT: the bump and displacement settings were done with a full body shot in mind. If your image is more up close (like our promo detail shots of hands and feet) you should lower both the values of the bump and displacement (halving them should be enough)

- shaved hair shown in the promo is the free M4 shaved hair by soto adapted for V4.

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