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Shades of Horizon

Shades of Horizon

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $14.99
Vendor: Traveler
Requires: Horizon by Syyd Raven
Gift To:


Soar to the Horizon with this package of 14 new looks for Horizon by Syyd Raven! From the Gritty reality of Noir to the beach readiness of Tanned and Wet you will find just the look for your renders in this package. Every shader in this package is built from scratch - no re-purposing shaders from other sets.


  • The Highest Technology Shaders on the Market for Skin.
  • Superior Effects with every attention paid to the details.
  • Set up from an Artistic AND Technical standpoint.
  • Good for Close ups and Far-Aways
  • All Renders done in IDL Studio by Colm Jackson.


  • Product Includes:

  • 14 Shader Systems for Horizon.

    Contrast Dark - This is a high contrast shader that brings out the age and details in the skin. Useful for darker skinned older women.

    Contrast - Lighter version of above.

    Cool Pale - Pale Shader with added blue undertones. A cool yet pinky toned skin. Has contrast elements, but not as contrasted as above.

    Dark Brown - A new version of the Afro-American skin shader. Added detail and contrast for a fantastic look, old or young!

    Dark Olive - Added sheen and a nice olive/green undertone

    Light Tan - Standard Advanced shader with some added tan skin tones added in.

    Medium Brown - A red-brown overall effect, a lighter version of Dark Brown above.

    Medium Olive - Slight added sheen with a yellow-green skin undertones.

    Medium Tan - Standard Advanced shader with some added medium tan skin tones added in.

    Pale Noir - A Grittier, worn look, with added pale undertones.

    Pale - A lighter skin tone then the normal Horizon.

    Tan Pink - A natural all over tan with darker nipples, for that outdoor natural look.

    Wet Look - A nice looking sheen for that wet, out on the beach look. Doubles for oiled skin as well.

    Wet Look Tan - A soft all over tan with an added layer of "Wet Look"

  • Bonus Shader Systems with alternate Nipples and Genital Area.
  • All Required Additonal Maps
  • User Guide PDF
  • Product Details:

    Poser Version: Poser 8+
    Zip Files: 1 Zip File (3.1 Mb)
    Date Added: Jul 8, 2011
    SKU: EV-108

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