ShaderWorks Library Manager 2.6

ShaderWorks Library Manager 2.6
Created by : Semidieu
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Released: 03-29-2013
Poser Version: Poser 9 or Poser Pro 2012
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ShaderWorks Library Manager 2.6 is a library replacement for the Poser's default library, allowing to handles Poser files much easier. Designed to increase the workflow, ShaderWorks Library Manager 2 introduce a new design and a major improvement: Smart interface. Why is it better than the original Poser's Library ? It's fast, it's easy to use and allows to automate lots of common tasks with less clicks!

The Poser interface is the most used place and has been specially designed to be easy to use. Designed to load multiple figures at once, it can also automatically assigned multiple materials to their corresponding (conformed) figures. Made to increase the workflow, it is easy to navigate through your runtimes and folders using the Back  and Forward buttons, switch between one or more runtimes, ... It even introduces a light and customized version of an undo function.

Ever wanted to load a pose only for part of the figure ? It's now possible using the new Partial Pose loading feature. Just select the pose, open the menu and load the pose only on the part(s) you want! No more destroying your carefully posed hands when loading a new pose!

A brief introduction Loading Partial Pose


The Smart interface displays the files compatible with the currently selected figure or prop. It's easy, it's fast and you won't need to browse through your folders to find the MAT pose working for one figure. The database fills itself automatically while you're loading or installing the files! Or you can build the database using the wizard to make nearlly all your existing files working with Smart interface.

Smart Interface

The Zip file interface get a big rework, to include the Smart interface compatibility and automatic metadata settings. It is now even compatible with .exe or .app installers. Within this interface, you can reorder all your files and folder to match an existing runtime, without having to install directly! You choose exactly what is installed and where!

Install content as zip files (Basic) Install content as zip files (Advanced)

The Search interface allows to search for folder matching a name. Greatly improved compared to the first Library Manager, it is now faster and more precise, using the multiple options!


The Favourite interface is like your own favourite runtime, with you preferred products. It can naturally display your favourites Poser files... but also your favourite folders. They are dynamic favourite folders, meaning that every files found in this folder are displayed!

But using Poser shouldn't be limited to load files from the connected runtimes. ShaderWorks Library Manager 2 also comes with a Files interface, allowing to browse throughout your harddrives. It can load figures even if they are not in a runtime, browse for pictures, import one or multiple Wavefront OBJ at once, install zip files, ...

Finally, ShaderWorks Library Manager 2 also includes analyzing tools and a history of all loaded files with only a few clicks! You can even export the history as a nice looking html page to keep tracks! And what would be an application without a lots of options to customize the look, the menus ?

Bring Poser to a new level !

Nearly everything Poser can do
Smart Interface: Displays the MAT for the currently selected figure.
Partial Pose: load only part of the pose.
Many many more!

Main script
5 plugins
Detailed documentation
Important note:
Actually, Poser do not allow to add runtime directly.
You still have to use the default library to load new runtimes.

Download full documentation UPDATE 2.6

- New features: Top folders, plugins compatibility, DSON UV changing (requires DSON), hidden menu and more...
- Optimization: Smart and metadata has been improved and use now a custom file system (instead of the Poser's metadata system). It's much more stable. This new system also solves most of the Poser 9/Pro2012 Sr3 crashes...
- Optimization: Update system in Poser 9/Pro 2012 uses the latest SR3 addon features. It also increase the stability of Poser.

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Dec 28, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This is an amazing product. I love the partial poses. e.g. I can just pose the hand or some other body part. I don't need to buy partial poses ever again. Also I just have to say something else. You can add MULTIPLE RUNTIMES ie a whole folder full of external runtimes, all in one click. That means you don't have to add them one at a time using the poser way. The only thing is it does involve shutting poser down and restarting but that is better than manually loading 1000s of external runtimes one by one.
This means you can keep all your stuff in separate runtimes. No more sorting things manually at installation. Really quick and easy to install stuff now. And to find it again from the advanced library manager search. e.g. every car I buy has the word car in the enclosing folder around the runtime, and when I want to look at all my cars I just type the word car into ALM2 search window and it is INSTANT!! Finds all the runtimes with the word car in the name of the enclosing folder. Then I can view a couple of them merged into one virtual runtime, or just pick the one car. And because all the mats are together with the car, no searching for the right mat. everything for that car is just there ready to use.
This script does so many different and useful things. so intuitive and handy. speeds up my workflow by many many hours. I could not work without it.
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