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Secret Rendezvous

Secret Rendezvous

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $12.50
Vendor: 3D-GHDesign
Gift To:


If you meet someone who you really get along with, and you want to spend some time together, talk, go and take a stroll in this romantic park, where you can get to know each other
while walking along the winding pathway.

Don't forget to take a picture of your first date's scene,
so you can show it to your grandchildren in front of the fireplace.


. preload scenes (colored and textured versions either)
- easy pose fence
- ground with more material zones for more path options
- materials
- MAT poses for textures and color options
- background sky to render a full scene easy

Product Includes:

  • 3 preload scenes
    • color
    • textured
  • Bench
  • Easy Pose Fence
  • Ground with 6 material zones
  • Ground with 3 material zones (as additional ground)


  • Flower
  • 3 Grass
  • Ground Flowers (group)
  • Tree with leaves
  • Tree
  • Tree leaves
  • 3 background sky (for Poser background)
  • flower inside
  • 2 leaves
  • 6 flower petals
  • 4 grass
  • 2 ground flowers
  • 3 verdures (tree leaves)
  • 3 tree
  • 5 grass for full ground
  • 3 curve path
  • 3 large path
  • 3 straight path
  • 5 single grass materials
  • 3 path for background ground

MAT poses

  • 3 bench MAT poses
  • 3 fence MAT poses
  • 4 grass MAT poses
  • 2 ground flowers
  • 3 verdure MAT poses
  • 3 tree MAT poses
  • 5 full grass ground MAT poses
  • 3 curve path MAT poses
  • 3 large path MAT poses
  • 3 straight path MAT poses
  • 3 path MAT poses for background

Additional Notes:

Please read the included readme file for detailed instruction how to apply sky backgrounds. You also find 'how to apply' images in ReadMe's/3d-ghd folder.

Daz Studio users!
The set does NOT include DS materials, however you may use in DAZ Studio. Some MAT poses (mainly the grass materials) use displacement. You have to load them manually. Usually displacement maps' names are ended with letter B so you can identify which map is needed. You'll find textures in ghd/toon/SecretR folder.
Some grass materials use a different displacement map. This map is placed in
ghd/maps/ folder and named as ghd-sparkle01hardD.jpg.
For grass displacement you should set maximum displacement value larger., around 0.3

Products used on promo images:
Cookie and Chip by Littlefox and Redspark
Suzette (character and clothes) by 3D-GHDesign
Suzette Hair by 3D-GHDesign
GHD-Singles: Chip Pants by 3D-GHDesign
Chip Mix & Match: Wind Swept Hair by Redspark, LLF
Chip Mix & Match: Hiking Boots by Redspark, LLF

Product Details:

Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: 3 or above - see notes for exceptions
Zip Files: 1. (30Mb)
Date Added: Jun 14, 2013
SKU: GHD-064

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