Scripts Servant

Scripts Servant
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 09-03-2010
Poser Version: Poser 8 or higher
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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~

  Scripts Servant is an Scripts Organizing and Management application for Poser. It can be a useful addition to your Poser UI, whether you are a scripts user, programmer or just someone who LOVES python scripts. It features a dockable scripts “panel” that can be used to quickly run any script that you have installed. It initially shows only the scripts on the “Scripts” menu but can quickly switch to showing all scripts available to Poser (only scripts under “poserscripts” are supported).

  Scripts Servant also features its own “Favorites” system that you can use to create “shortcuts” to your scripts. You can quickly switch to a Favorites view on the panel and completely organize it the way that best suits your personal style. You can create new folders, rename or delete script shortcuts, move them to different folders or just simply open the Favorites in Windows Explorer (or Finder) and organize things there!

  Scripts Servant also includes “higher functions” to work directly with scripts. As with the Favorites, you can delete, rename or move any script (or scripts folder). You can quickly open any scripts folder in Windows Explorer or Finder. Programmers and dabblers can also edit scripts, copy paths to the clipboard or instantly compile any uncompiled script. You can also reveal some other file types that are commonly worked with, such as text, XML and ini files.

  Scripts Servant can completely replace the Scripts Palette or work alongside it. Via a “Palette Tools” menu, you can send any script to any current Palette Button. You can also start a New Palette from scratch, send scripts to buttons and save your custom menu as a new menu script!

  Scripts Servant can also be docked, becoming part of the Poser UI. Settings can be saved for each room individually, allowing you to have things set up differently between the different Poser “rooms”.

  If you like working with scripts and are looking for a flexible and customizable way to organize and use them, Scripts Servant is the essential tool for your Poser Runtime!

  Scripts Servant was inspired by Scriptsmenu by Dizzi.
  • Scripts Servant Python Script for Organizing and Managing the Poser Scripts Menu (or all of your installed Python Scripts) for Poser 8 or Poser Pro 2010.
    • Dockable Treeview Panel with collapsable folders, colorful-coded but also designed to integrate seamlessly into your Poser interface.
    • Shows Folders and Scripts (both py and pyc) by default.  Double-click quickly runs a script.
    • Right-click menu functions allow you to Browse folders in Windows Explorer (Finder in Mac), Create New Folders and perform file operations such as delete, rename and move.  Programmers can also edit (Windows only, Mac users can open the folder in Finder), compile the selected script, see important information like filesize and last modified date and view some other file types in the treeview (ini, xml, txt).
    • Copy the name of any script to the clipboard or copy it's relative poser path!
    • Favorites System gives you a third viewing option.  You can send any script to Script Servant's Favorites and use this to organize your scripts the way you want them, without affecting anything that has been installed to Poser.  Think of it as a highly extended Python Palette with unlimited "buttons".  You can rename, delete or move the favorites around either via Scripts Servant or using Windows Explorer/Mac Finder.
    • Though you can more or less replace the Python Palette, Scripts Servant can also work alongside it!  You can send any script to any palette button and save this collection to a new Python Palette file.
    • You can save the layout of Scripts Servant via the Save Layout function.  Your other view settings, such as file types and whether or not you see the Scripts or your Favorites are saved as you use them!
  • Fully Illustrated PDF Guide is included!

  • Scripts Servant Script
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
Windows: Windows XP or higher.  Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014.

MAC: Mac OSX 10.4 or higher.  Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014.

Not suitable for use in DAZ Studio.

wxScripts Launcher is now available for FREE that allows you to launch multiple wxpython scripts at once!  These are scripts, such as this, that integrate into the Poser 8/Pro 2010 UI.
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