Scene Toy 2014 - FULL

Scene Toy 2014 - FULL
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 04-24-2014
Poser Version: Poser 9+ (PC), Poser 10+ (Mac)
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PC: Poser 9, Poser 10, Poser Pro 2012 or Poser Pro 2014
Mac: Poser 10 or Poser Pro 2014

This is the FULL Version of the Product.  An Upgrade Version is Available HERE if you purchased the original PoserFile Scene Toy.

Scene Toy 2014 is a Compact and Easy-to-Use Utility that gives you Quick Access to Items in the Scene and the Ability to Perform Functions on One or More Selected Items, at Lightning-Fast Speed.

Think of it as a Mini-Hierarchy Editor that is Easy on the Eyes, Simple and Logical without having to Worry about Nested Items and Can Bring Common Operations Right to the Foreground.

Scene Toy can do the Following Natively on Scene Items: Delete, Rename, Conform To, Parent To, Group, Magnetize, Set Visibility, Set Properties*, Set Display Style and even has room for multiple new Plugins**, all of which can be Categorized.

This Utility also has Loads of Other Features, Tucked Away but Quickly Accessible, such as Setting IK on Figures, Showing Statistics and Relationships, Quick and Organized Body Part Selection, Selectable Inventory of Children and Grouped Items, and much MORE!

Scene Toy Supports Figures, Props, Grouping Objects (which it gives a Layer-like feel to), Lights and Cameras.  Compared to the Earlier Version, Items are Color-Coded and Accented with Meaningful Icons.

It can be Customized to your liking - Choose your own Colors, Font Size and Toolbar Theme (4 are included).  It can show in Multiple Poser Rooms.  It can be Loaded as you need to and closed when you don't.  It can also be set to Automatically Launch with Poser via Netherworks' Scripts Auto Launch Freebie.

So Don't Delay, Pick it up Today!  The Time it Saves and the Usefulness it Brings is Priceless!

* - Set Properties Includes: Casts Shadows, Light Emitter, Visible In Camera, Visible in Reflections, Visible in Renders, Displacement Bounds, Shading Rate, Smooth Polygons and Crease Angle.  Figure support also Includes: Include Morphs, Include Scales, Match End Points, Follow Origins.  In Poser 10 and higher you also can Access: Subdivision Levels (sliders or number entry) and Figures are converted to Unimesh automatically!
** - Scene Toy Includes a very cool Zero Parameters plugin.  This is included to give you an idea of how the new Plugins work and it is very useful, being able to Zero Rotations, Translations, Scales and/or Morphs across multiple Figures and Props.

This product was designed to work with content created specifically for Poser.  There are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that it will work with non-native content, including DSON or Genesis loaded assets.

  • Compact and Powerful "Toy" for performing Common Operations in the Poser scene, such as Conforming, Deleting, Parenting, Grouping and More, based on a simple and elegant list.

    • Scene Toy can be docked into the Poser interface or left as a floating window.
    • Scene Toy can be Open in Multiple RoomsYou can choose which. *
    • Position and State can be Saved per Room. *
    • Supported by Scripts Auto Launch (FREE utility) if you wish to have it start when Poser starts.
  • Colorful and Meaningful Object List for Selection of Scene Items.
    • Supports Figures, Props, Grouping Objects*, Cameras and Lights.
    • Each Item Type has Color-Coded Text and Professional Icons. *
      • Icons change visibility for different Item States, such as being Parented, Conformed or Hidden. *
    • Items can be given Descriptive Text, if you prefer.  This shows specific status (parented prop, smart prop, type of light, etc.).
    • You can Filter Out Items in the list to show any combination of Figures, Props, Lights and Cameras.
      • Done via a check-box selection. *
      • You can opt to have only the current Camera visible in the list. *
    • By default, selected Items are also selected in Poser.  Items you select in Poser are selected in Scene Toy.
    • You can Quick-Select any Body Part of a Figure via a Double-Click.
      • When going from Figure to Figure or even from a Figure to a Prop and back to a Figure, the Body Part selected is remembered and re-selected! (optional)
    • Sort the Object List in various ways. *
      • Sort by Category (Figure, Prop, Light, etc.) then Alphabetically (default).
      •  Sort Alphabetically only.
      • Category then Scene Load Order.
      • Scene Load Order only.
    • When Figure Body Parts are displayed in menus, you can Choose How They are Presented. *
      • Compact is the default and only shows frequently-used body parts.
      • All Parts shows all body parts of a figure.
      • You can also define Custom Lists for any parts that you'd like.  This is helpful if your Figure has tails, multiple limbs and other non-standard parts.
  • Useful Operations can be Performed via the Toolbar or Right-Click.  Most of these can be done on Multiple Items at once.  If an Item is included in your selection that is not appropriate for it, it will be skipped.  All of these functions have been tweaked, compared to the earlier version of Scene Toy. *
    • Delete - Remove one or more items from the Scene.  Very quick but ignores Poser's Undo function.
    • Rename - Change the friendly name of any Item in the list.
    • Conform To - Conform any number of Figures (clothing and accessories) to the selected Figure.
    • Parent To - Parent nearly any number of Items to any other Item.
    • Grouping - Useful implementation of Poser's Grouping Object that makes it feel more like Layers in graphic programs.  Includes the ability to add to a new Group (which you can name), an existing Group, or Remove from Groups.  Can affect any number of selected Items. *
    • Magnetize - Use Victoria 4, Roxie or Miki?  Magnetize any number of conformed Items across one or more Figures at one time.  No Pose files needed!
    • Set Visibility - Set any number of selected Items to visible or invisible.
    • Set Properties - As described in the introduction, you can set many properties across multiple Figures and Props using a single, unified control panel! *
    • Set Display Style - Set the Display Style across one or more selected Items.  You can also change the Display Style for the entire Scene. *
  • Useful Information and Tweaks can be gained by Right-Clicking any Item.
    • Type of Item it is and its current relationship status (parented, conformed and to what).
    • Geometry File Name and option to browse to the folder it is in. *
    • Number of Material Zones, Groups, Body Parts and Lists of those. *
    • Polygon and Vertex count.
    • Ability to Set IK on Figures via check-box selection. *
    • Selectable List of Body Parts for Figures. *
    • Selectable List of Children for Parents. *
    • Selectable List of Grouped objects for Grouping Objects. *
  • Useful Title that doubles as a Status Area that reminds you of events in real time.
  • Unparallelled Customization!
    • Set the Colors of the entire interface to your liking (per Room).  You can even colorize the selection background! *
    • Set the Font Size (per Room). *
    • Choose from 4 Toolbar Themes, from Brown to Grey to Colorful to Dark and Moody. *
    • Set the Color-Coding of Items. *
    • Toolbar can be shown in 1 or 2 columns/rows and show at the top, left, right or bottom of Scene Toy. *
  • Supports Plugins for Future expansion (a personal goal is to provide free and pay-for plugin packs).
    • Plugins can be Categorized and feel Integrated right into the utility. *
    • Includes a Zero Parameters plugin, which can Zero Rotation, Scale, Translation and Morphs across multiple Figures and Props. *
  • Includes a comprehensive, easy-to-read PDF guide.

(*) - Denotes NEW Features, compared to the original.

  • Scene Toy 2014 script
  • Zero Parameters plugin
  • PDF Guide
  • Tested with SuzyQ 2, The Dude 2, Cookies, Chip, Peaches, Pickles, Victoria 4, Genesis 2 Female, Samedi, Laveau, Jo-Jo, The Grey Alien, Roxie, several Mechs, Robots and many dozens more.  Tested with a variety of Props, Lights, Breast Rigs and other miscellanea.  Oh, did I mention SuzyQ 2?  Scene Toy does not reveal or highlight any Deformers (waves, magnets, wind objects, etc).
  • Scene Toy has been re-built from the ground-up.  Though it looks similar, it is very enhanced and 95% brand new.
  • Scene Toy is not an addon but has been written and tweaked, at all times, with other addons running in Poser.  Notably: Reality, DSON and Library Manager 2.  However, there are no warranties that it will expressly work with any of the addons mentioned.
  • SuzyQ 2 used in Promotions.
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