SQ2 Doll

SQ2 Doll
Created by : Tate
Released: 03-07-2014
Poser Version: 9+
Requires: Poser 9 and up - SuzyQ 2 figure
Price: FREE
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 This is for all the fans of SQ2. Let me introduce to you "SQ2 Doll" free of charge. This package includes morphs, textures and, scaling to create an alternate version of SuzyQ 2. The morphs have been sculpted with a little more realistic twist but, she is still all toon. Also included are new eye textures, transparent eye lashes and, an extra "Lash Shape" morph to the head. My way of saying thank you to all who have supported SuzyQ 2. I hope you enjoy this release!


-Unzip SQ2Doll.zip to your poser directory
-Open Poser
-Load SuzyQ 2 figure
-Go to SuzyQ 2's Pose folder and open the SQ2 Doll directory
-Apply "SQ2 Doll INJ Morphs" to SuzyQ 2 figure
-Apply "SQ2 Doll Scale" to SuzyQ 2 figure
-Apply "SQ2 Doll Textures" to SuzyQ 2 Figure



  After running "SQ2 Doll INJ morphs" you will notice that it injected an extra morph to the head "PBMLashShape". This morph is intended to let you add the lash shape from the SQ2 Doll to the basic SuzyQ 2 figure. In addition to that you
will find a material for adding transparency and texture to the lashes in SuzyQ 2's Material folder.


File List:

..\Runtime\Libraries\Materials\SuzyQ 2\
   SQ2 Doll Full.mc6
   SQ2 Doll Full.png
   SQ2 Doll Lash Eyes.mc6
   SQ2 Doll Lash Eyes.png

..\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\SuzyQ 2\SQ2 Doll\
   SQ2 Doll INJ Morphs.png
   SQ2 Doll INJ Morphs.pz2
   SQ2 Doll Scale.png
   SQ2 Doll Scale.pz2
   SQ2 Doll Textures.png
   SQ2 Doll Textures.pz2
   SQ2 Doll.pmd

..\Runtime\Textures\SuzyQ 2\
RDNA License.txt
SQ2 Doll-readme.txt

-I highly recommend that you have FUN using this figure and upload your renders to RDNA's Awesome Gallery! -Professionally designed and ready to take advantage of advanced Poser 9+ features. In Poser 10+, Subdivision is recommended to be set at 1 (at Render only is sufficient). -I also recommend HCS-2014-Add-On-Toony-Twos-Bundle by Netherworks found here at RDNA! http://www.runtimedna.com/HCS-2014-Add-On-Toony-Twos-Bundle.html I used this to make a covert hair in my promos. It works like a charm! :D
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