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SHOWroom : Catwalk!

SHOWroom : Catwalk!

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $12.95
Vendor: AS3Design
Gift To:


Grab a front row seat and watch the models strutting the catwalk wearing the latest fashion trends...

Enter the Hall, the perfect setting made of concrete and steel.
For best access you can turn all walls and the ceiling invisible.

Attached to the roof of the hall is a set of hanging lights illuminating the catwalk at it's default location.
The Catwalk consists of the entrance area including a set of stairs from where your models enter the catwalk, a backwall, and a set of curtains on the left and right side.
All the body parts can be made invisible if not needed.

3 sets of VIP chairs are positioned in a halfcircle around the round stages at the front, left and right of the Catwalk.

1 set of decorative columns are positioned at the entrance right before the back curtain.

Two spot lights are positioned at the front of the entrance.

Ten spot lights are positioned along the catwalk.

Product Includes:

- CW_FullSet (cr2 and obj)
- CW_Hall (cr2 and obj)
- CW_Walk (cr2 and obj)
- CW_Chair (pp2 and obj)
- CW_ChairFr (pp2 and obj)
- CW_ChairHi (pp2 and obj)
- CW_ChairLft (pp2 and obj)
- CW_ChairRght (pp2 and obj)
- CW_Column (pp2 and obj)
- CW_ColumnSet (pp2 and obj)
- CW_Divide (pp2 and obj)
- CW_DivideSet (pp2 and obj)
- CW_Spot (pp2 and obj)
- CW_StageSpots (pp2 and obj)
- CW_Table (pp2 and obj)
- CW_WalkwSpots (pp2 and obj)

- 5 camera sets
- 6 light sets (two for Poser 5, four for Poser 6 and up)

- 25 poses for V4:
- 7 poses for a group shot
- 11 fashion poses
- 7 poses to move your figure to different locations on the catwalk

Additional Notes:

- Optimized material settings for Poser 5 and up and DAZ Studio 2.3

Product Details:

Poser Version: Poser 5 +
Daz Studio: Yes
Zip Files: 2 (8.9 mb, 232 kb)
Date Added: Jul 1, 2009
SKU: AS-023

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