RenderStudio 2014 Modular 2 - Light

RenderStudio 2014 Modular 2 - Light
Created by : Colm
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Released: 11-14-2013
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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Light is the most essential part of the art. Without the light there is no visual art. All great painters and photographers know this. It is equally true and important in Poser, in any CGI project and in any visual art.

This light set will not automatically give you great Poser art but it will give you a big head start. Working with this product will not only help you to achieve the light that you desire and see in your minds eye but it will also teach you about the quality of light and how to produce it in you renders and your animations.

There are many innovations in this all new modular version of RenderStudio plus many old favorites that have been meticulously improved through experience and user feedback..

There is now a 'Rotating light' system. An all new 'Photographic Filter System' that is based on real world photographic standards, a fabulous new softbox light, a rotating sunlight system and a brand new 'Morphing Infinity Cove'....


In the short video above you can see the all new rotating light system. Many of the lights, including almost all spotlights that point at the central figure are automatically parented to a 'control prop' ball. Selecting the control prop and turning the 'Y Rotate' dial will rotate all the lights that are parented to the prop around the figure allowing you to precisely position all your lights at once.

You can also see some of the morph targets that are in use on the new Morphing Infinity Cove...


In the image below you can see the effect of the new photographic filter system. These filters are supplied as (MC5) Material files that are easily loaded onto the main light in the material room.

These are based on industry standards and are extremely effective in producing the correct color mood in your renders.

And there is more!!! You can use these filters on ANY Poser light from any source...


In the following video you can see the basic principle of the 'Rotating Sunlight'. This is also achieved by parenting the 'Sun' (Point Light) to the control prop (Automatic) . By adjusting the 'Y Rotate' dial on the control prop the virtual sun will spin around the scene in 360 degrees. Using the 'X Rotate' dial you can position the sun at the time of day that you desire. For example you could position the sun on the horizon to simulate a sunrise or sunset effect. You can then rotate the sun on the 'Y' axis to position it on the part of the horizon that you want it.


The new morphing backdrop will give you you much more variety in it's use. You can make it convex and concave curve in multiple ways...


The IDL Softbox light is an essential part of any studio or cinematic setup. This light is huge and soft and creates a wonderful atmosphere.

  • 72 Lights - Including Left and Right, AO and No AO versions.
  • 18 Photographic Filters
  • Morphing Background Prop
  • Lighting Control Prop
  • Rotating IDL Softbox Light
  • Rotating Sun Light
  • Extensive PDF User Manual
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