Render Studio For Poser 8

Render Studio For Poser 8
Created by : Colm , Syyd
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Released: 10-22-2009
Poser Version: Poser 8 - Pro 2010
Daz Studio: No
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Requires: Poser 8+
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Just like it's predecessor 'Render Studio For Poser 8' is a revolution in Poser lighting. Using the new lighting attributes of Poser 8 'RSP8' will take your renders to a whole new level.

'RSP8' includes 58 new light presets, 10 IBL light presets, 5 base light sets and 5 IBL/Standard light sets, A new Paper Roll Backdrop prop, 10 background textures and 3 amazing projector presets.

One of the most amazing parts of 'RSP8' is the inclusion of a 'Global Illumination Dome'. With the advent of 'Indirect Lighting' in Poser 8, the 'GI Dome' gives a splendidly simple and effective solution to Global Illumination. This is the ability to have fantastic even illumination without any lights being used in your scene, Not only are no lights needed but no 'Ambient Occlusion' is needed either...!!!

Render Studio - Poser 8

Render Studio - Poser 8

Render Studio - Poser 8

Render Studio - Poser 8

Render Studio - Poser 8

Render Studio - Poser 8

Here are some hints as to what to expect.

Fill Lights – Used to lighten areas of shadow, Work well with Key Lights and Edge, Rim and Detail lights..

Key Lights – Used to create modeling of features. Soft or hard shadows on one side of a figure.

Edge Lights – Used to create dramatic edge lighting.

Detail Lights – Similar to edge lights but softer.

Snoots – Used to light or highlight a small area.

Point Lights – Similar to a light bulb or the sun.

Diffuse Lights – Overall lighting. Suitable for many types of scenes.

Projectors – Used to project images onto the scene.

Edge Blended Spot – Creates dark edges around figures and props while lighting the non-edge parts. This light can cause render artifacts when casting shadows.

Metal FX – renders skin like gold metal.

Hair Lights – Used for adding highlights to hair and shoulders of figures.

Rim Lights – Similar to edge lights. Creates a rim of light around a subject.

Specular Lights – Creates catchlights in eyes and general highlights using specular nodes.

58 Standard lights (Including)

Fill Light
Key L Hard
Key L Soft
Key R Hard
Key R Soft
Point L Linear
Point L Square
Point Mid Linear
Point Mid Square
Background Bottom L
Background Bottom R
Background Top L
Background Top R
Background Halo
Background Top
Detail Light L
Detail Light R
Detail Light Mid
Diffuse Hard L
Diffuse Hard R
Diffuse Hard Mid
Diffuse Soft L
Diffuse Soft R
Diffuse soft Mid
Edge Blended Spot
Edge Light Center
Edge Light Center Soft
Edge Light L
Edge Light R
Edge Light Soft L
Edge Light Soft R
Floor Center
Floor L
Floor R
Hair Center
Hair L
hair R
Metal FX
Overhead Spot
Projector Front
Projector Top
Rim L
Rim R
Side L
Side R
Soft Snoot
Soft Snoot L
Soft Snoot R
Soft Spot
Soft Spot L
Soft Spot R
Specular L
Specular R

Light Sets, Props And Textures

10 Single IBL Lights with Custom Image Probes

5 IBL Sets Mixed with Standard Lights

5 Standard Light Base Sets

3 Projector Base sets

1 Paper Roll Background Prop

10 Background Textures

1 Global Illumination Dome Prop

1 Scaled White Poser Floor Replacement

1 Delete All Lights Python Script

1 PDF User Guide Getting Started Tutorial

Other Features Of Render Studio For Poser 8.

There are ten IBL lights in your light library. Use these on their own or mix them with other lights. Turn down their intensity when mixing with other lights.

There are five preset IBLs in your light library that are mixed with other lights. All these were used in the RSP8 promos.

There are five additional preset base light sets included in your light library. These were also use in the RSP8 promo images.

There are three preset projectors included in your light library. You can use these as they are or add your own images to the projector light in the Material Room.

RSP8 like it's predecessor 'Render Studio For Poser' has infinite possibilities and it is impossible to list them. Experiment with mixing lights, mix lights with Global Illumination and projectors. Don't be afraid to change the intensity of the lights if they are too bright or too dark for what you are working on and turn shadows on and off. 



Bokeh Projection Gels By ChelseaGirl
Skin Textures And Clothing By RebelMommy, Mirandus Arts And Phoenix1966
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