Ravenchild - Morgan

Ravenchild - Morgan
Created by : Arki
SKU: ARK-004
Released: 08-26-2006
Poser Version: Poser 4+
Daz Studio: Not Tested in Daz Studio
Requires: Victoria 3
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Morgan, spirit child of the ancient Celtic Deity of battle, strife, and fertility...symbolized by the raven...becomes the embodiment of the raven on the field of battle.
A contradictory figure, she is both the lovely, feminine, "Giver of Life", and a terrifying, pale, "Harbinger of Death".
Two highly-detailed texture maps, one with plain freckled skin; one with a pale tribal bodypaint for Victoria 3 and Aiko 3 (the textures will work as well for Stephanie Petite, Laura and Maddie), detailed and high resolution enough to render well in close-ups.
INJ and REM files for both Victoria 3 and Aiko 3 - head and body seperately + one INJ pose to reset Aiko's head to default shape and size plain MATs for both V3 and A3
tribal MATs for both V3 and A3
5 normal Makeup styles, 5 glitter Makeup styles for both V3 and A3
2 tribal Makeup styles for both V3 and A3
7 seperately interchangeable lip textures for both V3 and A3
8 eyecolors for both V3 and A3
7 mascara options for both V3 and A3
6 natural textures and transmaps for lashes, brows and pubic hair for both V3 and A3
7 mascara textures and transmaps for lashes for both V3 and A3
2 eye reflections for both V3 and A3
5 additional nailcolors for both V3 and A3
seperate MATposes for P5/6, ProPack and P4 to apply all these options

2 plain head textures, 2 tribal head textures - 3500 x 2378 pixels
5 Makeup textures for normal Makeups, 5 for glitter Makeups - 3500 x 2378 pixels
2 head bumpmaps, for glitter Makeup and plain - 3000 x 2038 pixels
1 head specularity map for the glitter Makeups - 2000 x 1359 pixels
1 head reflection mask for the glitter Makeups - 2000 x 1359 pixels
1 reflection map for the glitter Makeups - 300 x 300 pixels
2 body textures, tribal and plain - 3750 x 5000 pixels
1 body bumpmap - 3500 x 4667 pixels
1 body specularity map - 2500 x 3333 pixels
5 nail textures for additional nail colors - 2625 x 3500 pixels
8 pairs of eye textures (seperated for left and right eye) - 500 x 500 pixels
2 eye reflection and transmaps (seperated for left and right eye) - 500 x 500 pixels
2 eye bumpmaps - 500 x 500 pixels
1 teeth texture - 750 x 750 pixels
2 transmaps (for normal trans and for mascara lashes), 6 normal transtextures and 7 mascara
transtextures - 1000 x 1000 pixels
There is no postwork to the figures in the promotional ads except for composition. An important note in using the morphs on Aiko
Due to the way Aiko 3's morphs are built you will end up with a 'realistic' head when you apply '++ INJ A3 Body' alone � this can be corrected by applying the '++ Aiko Head Default' Morph which will reset the head to its normal shape and size.
The partial morphs for head and body will only work by themselves. Do NOT try to combine the seperate body morph with the head morph or vice versa!
If you want to apply the full head and body morph combination, please do so by using the complete '++ INJ A3 Complete' morph option.
You might as well get some undesirable results when using realistic head morphs from other packages with the body morph only. I suggest you first use the mentioned '**Aiko Head Default' morph before applying any other head morphs.
To work around this problem manually, locate the 'pRealistic' morph in the head an set it from -1 to 0. An important note for Poser 5 and 6 users
Morgan's shaders are sensitive to very bright light, so please take this into account when rendering scenes with her.
IBL and global sets will tend to overexpose the shaders.
Through experimenting I noticed that cranking down the diffuse color from white to a light grey will help to kill most of the overexposure of IBL lighting. This solution might help; however, I strongly recommend you to use the PP-MATs of this package if you wish to use extreme light settings.

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