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She was getting close.  She could feel it, she could hear it; just the tense stillness that clung to the air with a bitter taste was giving it away.  Silently she crept up the decades old cement stairs, cold, chipped and marred by centuries of use...cold, chipped and marred by centuries of prisoners being forced or dragged up them to unforeseen tortures that would await them.

She crested the stairs and paused before a wrought iron door.  A large open room lay before her with bars enclosing it on either end and worn cements walls to the left and right, cut out in the ceiling was a large metal grate that allowed some of the moonlight to filter in.  Multiple heavy chains hung from the ceiling, with a pair still slightly swaying as if minutes before they were disturbed; beneath these chains the cement floor was damp with fresh blood.  Yes, she could still smell the odor of sweat and fear that clung to the air.  She knew once she passed through this room her objective would be near, but first she must make it through this damn room; which was nothing more than a kill zone for anyone entering into it.

Raven slowly lowered her night vision goggles.  Her M4 weapon felt good in her hands, its weight provided her the steadiness of knowing hell would rain down on anyone foolish enough to screw with her at this point.  Entering the room she slowly passed through the open gate and switched her weapon to a three round burst.  Moonlight danced on the dust that was slowly wafting through the air.  She loved times like this and in a strange way kind of got off on it.  "Come out, come out where ever you are," she whispered. "Mama's got a full clip of whup-ass for you!"

The Prison Tunnel is a scene prop. The cell door opens and closes and the back wall morphs position from up close to far away. The chains can be moved, scaled and repositioned. The scene prop comes with a light set.

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