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PoserFile Save
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 12-19-2011
Poser Version: Poser 7+
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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~

PoserFile Save is a Poser file correction utility... with a novel approach.

It allows Poser files to be saved correctly the first time, without requiring them to be manually corrected or run through batch utilities.

PoserFile Save works as an alternate save dialog from within Poser. It can be accessed via the Scripts menu, the python palette or via a docking utility panel (Poser 8 and higher).

It is rather intuitive and knows what to save and where to save it, based on what is selected in the scene. It remembers folders that you have used prior, such as figure, hair, prop, light, camera and geometry locations. When options are available, it asks the user what to do using familiar Poser-styled dialogs.

PoserFile Save also has several tricks up its sleeve, allowing you to save Super-Conforming clothing, save figures as clothing, and convert head props to prop hair.

This utility handles:

  • Standalone Figures (.cr2)

  • Conforming Clothing (.cr2)

  • Standalone Props (.pp2)

  • Smart Props (.pp2)

  • Prop Hair (.hr2)

  • Lights (.lt2)

  • Cameras (.cm2)

Under Windows, it is recommended that you run Poser or Poser Pro with administrative privledges if you use this product, particularly if you've installed under Program Files.

  • General Correction Features:

    • Version Number is set to 6.

    • Figure References are set to 1 (Figure 1, :1, etc.).

    • Removes Control Prop object.

    • Removes Preview Material if not found a viable material zone in the Figure or Prop’s Geometry.

    • Conforming Clothing can be saved as Super-Conforming.

    • Repairs 180 blowout on Conforming Clothing.

    • Conforming Clothing has IK (Inverse Kinematics) removed.

    • Cleans up Binary Morph leftovers in Figure and Props, particularly when going from one style of saving morphs to the other.

    • Changes compressed .obz references to .obj.

    • Rounding of morph deltas in figures and props to produce slimmer files. Defaults to 6 decimal places. This option is off by default.

    • Can remove dial limits when saving clothing. This option is off by default.

  • Detects and saves Poser library files based on what is selected and how it is presented in the scene. For example:

    • Figures can be saved as a Conforming Clothing item or Standalone Figure.

    • Clothing conformed to a figure is understood to be Conforming Clothing and can be saved along with certain features, like Super-Conforming, removing IK and fixing blowout issues.

    • Props (and Prop Hair) are saved with Embedded Geometry removed and saved to a folder of your choosing.

    • Lights can be saved as single lights or light sets.

    • Cameras can be individually saved, with or without Poser's undo system affecting the saved camera.

  • Binary Morphs are supported.

  • Deformers attached to or embedded in Figures and Props are supported and saved along with the Poser library file.

  • Initially attempts to use the folders in your currently selected Library Runtime (Poser 8 and higher). After using the utility, it remembers the last Figure, Prop, Hair, Light, Camera and Geometry you used when saving.

  • PoserFile Save can be accessed in many ways:

    • Launched from Poser’s Scripts menu.

    • Sent to and launched from the Python Palette.

    • Launched via a docking Panel (PoserFile Save Panel) in the Poser UI (Poser 8 and higher).

  • PoserFile Save Panel can be used to launch PoserFile Save and has the following features:

    • Click and launch.

    • Right click to Edit the Configuration for PoserFile Save.

    • Supports other PoserFile Assistant utilities via a right-click Plugin menu.

    • Cross-supports Shaderworks Library Manager (any version, Poser 8 and higher), allowing you to launch it from the Plugin menu.

    • Graphic style similar to Poser’s Library buttons.

    • Can be docked into the UI.

    • Can be aligned to top, bottom, right or left.

    • Highlights on mouseover in Windows.

    • Once docked, can be quickly floated by control-clicking the button (command key on Mac).

  • The behavior and features of PoserFile Save can be altered or tailored to how you work via a configuration text file. The file can be hand-edited and is presented in a way that is user readable and easy to understand. An additional script is provided to quickly open this in your text editor of choice. The following features can be changed (all using “true” or “false” statements):

    • General

      • Warning Dialog prior to detaching Props or Figures

      • File Overwrite Confirmation

      • File Version Number (requires a number entry)

      • Don’t Suggest Filename

      • Remove Preview Material

      • Protect PNG

      • Allow Cameras and Lights (general support)

      • Enable Morph Delta Rounding

      • Set Morph Delta Rounding Depth (number of decimal places)

    • Figures

      • Ask If Clothing, If Not Already Conformed

      • Allow SuperConform

      • Allow Multi-Grouped Figures

      • Remove Control Prop

      • Fix 180 Blowout

      • Remove IK from Clothing

    • Props

      • Export Embedded Geometry

      • Allow Props To Be Saved With Figures

      • Offer to Save Head Props as Hair

  • Includes a comprehensive, Illustrated PDF guide with multiple tutorials.

  • PoserFile Save Script for Poser 7 and higher
  • PoserFile Save Panel for Poser 8 and higher
  • Comprehensive documentation with tutorials


  • PoserFile Save cannot save multiple Props at one time unless they are attached to a Figure, in which case they can be saved with the figure. It’s also an all or nothing scenario.

  • When saving Grouped Figures (clothing along with a Figure), the following features are not available:

    • Figure Reference correction

    • Correcting 180 Blowout

  • Super-Conforming will not be offered as an option if Props or other Figures are attached to a Clothing (or a Figure designated as Clothing).

  • When saving Single Figures with Props or other Figures attached (conformed or parented), PoserFile Save will detach them prior to saving them reattach them afterward. This may have the effect of zeroing morphs and other dials on the attached Props or Figures.

  • Writing Poses, Expressions and Material Files are not supported. These types of things are already handled by more robust utilities Netherworks Studios offers.

  • File Compression should be turned off in Poser when using this utility.

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