Pose Dots Revisited 2014

Pose Dots Revisited 2014
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 06-17-2013
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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~ Compatible with Poser 8, 9 and 10 as well as Poser Pro 2010, 2012 and 2014! ~*

Pose Dots Revisited 2014
is a re-imagining of the Pose Memory Dots Feature in Poser.  It works identically to the Memory Dots with more than a few twists!

Only rotation information is saved in a stored Dot, along with the translation settings for the Hip and Body of the figure.  You can store and use Dots without it changing the scale, morphs or other dials of your figure.  You also don't have to worry about forgetting what the pose looks like for a Dot you made a week ago (or last month) - at any time you can see a preview thumbnail of the dot you created!

Pose Dots Revisited 2014 can save Partial Dots upon creation and Partial Poses when exporting a Pose!  "Partial" means that you can create poses or dots that only affect specific body parts.

It also provides a way for you to store and load full Collections of Pose Dots, turning the Memory Dots from a temporary feature to a permanent one.  You also can instantly convert any stored Dot into an actual Pose file.

Pose Dots Revisited 2014 includes additional tools for working with figures, such as Zeroing IK, Zero Rotations, Zero Translations, Zero Scales and Zero ALL.

Pose Dots Revisited is fully customizable!  Don't settle for a 3x3 grid of dots... Go with a horizontal or vertical configuration.  Change the alignment of the the dots from centered to left, right, top or bottom.  Finally, make the Light Dots panel more distinct by choosing your own background and text color.  Also choose from several provided Dot Themes - if you are tired of "Dots", how about Skulls or X's?

Furthermore, a convenient "Dot Menu" allows you to access all the shortcut functions and see extra information such as creation and modification time.

Pick up Pose Dots Revisited today and work with Poser's Memory Dots in a clever new way!

Under Windows, it is recommended that you run Poser or Poser Pro with administrative privledges if you use this product, particularly if you've installed under Program Files.

- Standard Memory Dot Features (Replicated):

  • 3x3 Grid of Memory Dots for Poses
  • Click on any empty Dot to save your current figure's pose.
  • Alt Left-Click deletes a Pose Dot
  • Clicking on a Stored Dot, loads that Pose for the current figure.
  • Stores and applies Universal Pose features.

- Benefits Over Native Pose Dots:
  •   Standard Poser Dots can have a several "issues" that Pose Dots Revisited 2014 avoids:
    • A figure's BODY part information is not stored.
    • Translation and other extraneous (and often problem-causing) information is stored for each body part (including Morph Dial settings).
    • Smart-Prop (parented object) and Conforming Item (such as clothing) information is also stored, causing hair, eyeglasses, hats, shirts, pants and other objects to do peculiar things.
  • Can create Partial Dots when storing a dot - dots can be created to affect only certain body parts.
    • Partial Dots, when created, have access to a Templates feature that allows you to store and load pre-selected body parts.
  • Properly stores BODY rotation and translate information for the currently selected figure.
  • Stores rotation and translate information for the currently selected figure's Hip.
  • Stores only rotation information for additional body parts of the currently selected figure.
  • Stored Dots display Tooltip information including the name of the pose dot and the figure it was created for.
  • Access a Dot Thumbnail (Preview) at any time with a Shift-Right Click.
  • Any stored Dot can be Renamed by Control-Left Clicking on it.  (Cmd-click on Mac).
  • Any stored Dot can be quickly Saved as a Pose File by Shift-Left Clicking on it.
    • Always remembers the last folder you used.
    • Dots stored as actual Pose Files can contain Universal Pose information, or not, the choice is yours.
    • As with Dots, you can Export Partial Poses and have access to the same Templates system!
  • Convenient Dots Menu is evoked when Right-Clicking any Dot.  Shows most shortcut functions as menu items and gives you the creation and modification date of the stored dot.  You can also move any dot to another position on the dots grid.
- Even MORE Features:
  • Save the Stored Dots to a Dots Collection.  Collections can be loaded at any time via a Sub-Menu, switching out the currently Stored Dots.  You can save as many Collections as you'd like!
  • Switch to any other "2014 version" Dots products, just like they were all integrated!  You can still run them all separately and side-by-side if you wish!
  • Clear all the currently Stored Dots.
  • Built-In Tools for Working with Figure Posing:
    • Toggle On/Off IK
    • Zero Figure Rotations
    • Zero Figure Translations
    • Zero Figure Scaling
    • Zero ALL (rotation, trans, scale)
- Configure the Dots Your Way:
  • Switch between 5 Dots Layouts: standard 3x3 Grid, Horizontal (1 row), Horizontal (2 rows), Vertical (1 row), and Vertical (2 rows).
  • Switch between 5 Dots Alignments: Centered, Left, Right, Top and Bottom.
  • Customize (or Restore) the Background Colour of the Dots Panel and the Label Text Colour.
  • Access to Brand-New Graphical Themes so that you can make the Dots look like Skulls, Squares and other widgets.
    • Purple Dots, Skulls, Squares, X and Standard Dots are included.
    • It is possible to make you own and include them or share them as themes!
  • Switch to a Mini-Label, going from "Pose Dots" to "PD".
  • Standard Panel Layout Options are Present: Docked, Floating and Drag-Dock Enabling.
  • Save all these Settings, including position and state, via "Save Settings".
  • Fully Illustrated PDF Guide is included!

  • Pose Dots Revisited 2014 Utility
  • Illustrated PDF Guide
Windows: Windows XP or higher. Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014.
MAC: Mac OSX 10.4 or higher. Poser 8 through Poser Pro 2014.

Not suitable for use in DAZ Studio.
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