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Polly Clothes

Polly Clothes

Additional Images: Notice - Some images may contain material not suitable for all audiences.

Regular Price: $12.95
Vendor: 3D-GHDesign
Requires: Mavka by smay
Gift To:


Polly (for Mavka) needs some clothes. This set was created for her to wear in school, at the playground or on the street. It is a comfortable set to wear on every occasion.


  • MAT poses for every textures
  • Hide options for stockings (short/middle)
  • Shape morphs
  • Helpful movement morphs
  • Support for Mavka original morphs
  • DS materials 

Lots of included morphs for all items (besides Mavka original morphs) :


Product Includes:

Clothing items
  • Necklace
  • Panty
  • Tank Top
  • Sweater with Shape and movement morphs
  • Skirt with shape and movement morphs
  • Stockings with shape morphs
  • Shoes with helpful morphs for

MAT poses

  • 3 MATs for necklace
  • 3 MATs for Panty
  • 5 MATs for Shoes
  • 3 MATs for Skirt
  • 4 MATs for Stockings (+2 hide poses)
  • 3 MATs for Sweater
  • 4 MATs for Tank Top

Additional Notes:

- DS materials are included (you can see the small icon on top left of thumbnails) however some textures may not look the same in DS as in Poser, like Stockings and Sweater Striped materials  and the 3 necklace materials.  But I tried to create them as similar as I could.
- Mavka's Plum_Figure FBM is not working in DS.
- Tank and sweater DO NOT follow Mavka's Breasts morphs. However there is a separate morph group in BODY actor both Tank ans Sweater with DS Breasts Morphs for set needed values.
- Poser automatically set "Fix Strap" morphs in tank top with arm movement. In DAZ Studio you have to set it manually.
- Clothes work in DS3 too, but manual adjustments needed using included morph dials.
- Skirt not conforming to thighs. If you pose legs, use included morphs to set skirt.
- Longer skirt morph is a little tighter - if you use, hide panty under it.
- Necklace may pose in necklace actor
- If you want to use short or middle size stockings, at first apply selected MAT pose after use short or middle hide pose. And don't forget to set corresponding morph in stockings itself.
- All shape or movement morphs in each clothes are included in BODY actor.
- Necklace: Is adjustable using “necklace” actor.
- Please readme file for more usage informations.

- All items mapped with UVLayout from Headus.

Product Details:

Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 4 Compatible except Mavka morphs - see notes
Zip Files: 1. (12,8Mb)
Date Added: May 25, 2012
SKU: GHD-054

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