PS-Ynneva FacePlay for V4

PS-Ynneva FacePlay for V4
Created by : Pixeluna , Shadownet
Released: 09-19-2013
Poser Version: Poser 7 and Higher
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
Zip Files 4 Zip Files (26.6 Mb, 24.6 Mb, 27 Mb, 31.6 Mb)
Requires: Victoria 4, V4 morphs ++
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Product Description:
The second in our popular Face Play series.  The Ynneva character (morphs and textures) and these great face play options for her:

Floralia- A shy, little faery with wings painted on each side of her face. She hides between bushes and pansy flowers. Floralia loves music and dancing and would dance all night when the moon is bright. If you befriend her, she will teach you some of her magic tricks-- and maybe a few of her faery dance steps.

Nightmare Jane- Many years ago, when my grandmother was a young girl the story of a beautiful town lass was told. She was once a lovely girl about to be married. The day of the wedding, the groom eloped with another lady and she was left in the altar feeling ridiculed, angry and saddened. She stayed in her room and avoided being around others. Her parents died of old age and no one had seen her for years. Now, whenever a young woman is about to be married, Nightmare Jane shows up in their sleep and they never wake up again.

Lace-Up- Some people say it is fashion, paired with lovely collars and couture hats, your girl will look so smashing!

Cuculikatoo- A fantasy character who originated from an extinct bird and with a curved bill like a cuckatoo. Perfect to use with Lashes Delight by lilflame & NemesisT (Renderosity).

Showgirl- She dances, does acrobatics and prances on the stage wearing heavily decorated costumes and headdresses. A total entertainer, the showgirl.

Mecha- Composed of organic and synthetic parts, the line between human and machine is blurred as too are the issues of morality, free will, and empathy.

Ashenika- She is a figure of darkness who may be more than 500 years old, but like Elizabeth Bathory, she drinks the blood of virgins to retain her youth.

The Wild Thing- She makes your heart beat like a tribal drum on a full moon night, running through the jungle like a hungry panther, and you know there is no escape.

This set includes:

Character Morphs (++ morphs for V4 required)
~ Ynneva HEAD INJ/REM Pose
~ Ynneva BODY1 INJ/REM Pose
~ Nipple On/Off Pose
~ V4 Gen On/Off Pose
~ Elf Ears INJ/REM Pose

Skin Textures & Mats (Regular & SSS)
~ 1 Default Skin (full Human character) MAT (4000x4000)
~ 11 eye colors, including default, plus Tear Off/On (1000x1000, 2000x2000)
~ 3 Eyeshadow (Face Make Up) MAT options, plus default Face MAT (4000x4000)
~ 3 Lip color MAT options, including default lips (4000x4000)
~ 5 Eyelash color MAT options (Default, Invisible, LightBlue, Pink, White)- 1024x1024
~ 8 FacePlay (Face & Lip Make Up) MAT options, plus default Face-n-Lips MAT (4000x4000)
~ 1 Teeth_Invisible MAT option (use to hide teeth, such as with NightMare Jane), plus Teeth_Default MAT (2048x2048)

* DS MATs are included (as needed) for Daz Studio users, for when regular Poser MATs provided are not compatible
* SSS MATs require Poser 9 or higher

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Needed Files:

Victoria (V4)
V4 Morphs ++, Elite Morphs

Supported Software:

Poser 8 to 2014, Daz Studio 3.1 to 4.5

Note:  The SSS MATs require Poser 9 or higher

Promo Credits:

Hair: Carribean Queen, Moonsong Hair by Valea, Deeta Hair by AprilYSH (DAZ), SAV 1984 Hair, SAV Alpha Scalp by StudioArtVartanian (Renderosity), Desir Hair by Alfaseed (RuntimeDNA)

Clothing/Shoes: Heart swimsuit by 4blueyes, Lady of the Lake by Lady Littlefox & Sarsa (DAZ), Raven Collar by Lilflame (RuntimeDNA), Masquerades Eve, Ars Magica by Aery_Soul (no longer available), 110.1 by Alfaseed (RuntimeDNA), Cave Dweller Outfit by ghostman, shadownet & pixeluna (Renderosity), Catalina High Heels Shoes by Arrin (Renderosity)

Props/Jewelries: Artissane Jewels by fabiana, Finishing Touches: Headpieces by ryverthorn (Renderosity), Masque: Feathered Mask by Nightsong, Tribes by inception8 (RuntimeDNA), Lashes Delight by lilflame & NemesisT (Renderosity), Free Beaded Necklace by parrotdolphin, Meipe's Crows by Meipe (Renderosity)

Lighting: IDL STUDIO BUNDLE - STUDIO NOIR - EXP 1 and 2 by Colm (RuntimeDNA)

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