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Released: 01-27-2014
Poser Version: Poser 7+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 3.1+
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Requires: Victoria (V4), Morphs ++ for V4, Elite Morphs for V4
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Kara is a hard working, serious-minded business professional who always knows how to dress to impress. The WGO includes our classy Working Girl Outfit along with a set of earrings and a handpurse.  The blouse is a conforming clothing (cr2) while the skirt is a special morph-enhanced prop skirt suitable for manual posing via the leg morphs included or may be used as dynamic cloth. 

The clothing includes the ++ Body shapes for V4, except for Heavy and Emaciated, as well as the 3 Elite body shapes.  In addition the ++ Breasts and Glute Morphs along with most commonly used upper and lower torso morphs are included in the clothing.  The set also comes with 9 poses for Kara, plus reverse (mirrored) poses along with special V4 leg poses too that work with the skirt.  The skirt also includes general movement poses to manually fit to other leg poses (within limits of what is realistic for leg movement range for a skirt of this nature), making it so simple and easy to use, just apply one of the poses we included, or do a quick fiddle of the dials to pose it yourself, or even run it through the cloth room if you like for a custom fit of your own. You will find that even sitting and kneeling poses are possible, and that the hard work is done for you, just apply the correct morph or pose and tah-dah! you are ready to render! 

We know you will find both Kara and the outfit to be a perfect joy to work with.  So go have fun!

This set includes:

Kara for V4 & the Working Girl Outfit (WGO)

1. Kara Character Morphs (++ morphs for V4 required)
~  Kara HEAD INJ/REM Pose
~  Kara BODY INJ/REM Pose
~  Nipple On/Off Pose
~  V4 Genital On/Off Pose

2. Kara Skin Textures & Mats (Poser 7+, DS & Simple, and Poser 9+ SSS)
~  Main full character Kara MAT (4000x4000)
~  7 Eye colors MATs, plus default Eyes along with Tear On/Off utility MAT (1024x1024)
~  8 Face Make Up MATS (for lips and face), plus default Face MAT

~  6 Nail color MATs, plus default nails

~  2 Eyelash MATs, plus default lashes (2000x2000)

3. Figure Poses
~ 9 sexy business poses, including 2 sitting, that also will auto-pose the WGO_Skirt to match the leg pose (additional "V4 Leg Only/Skirt Poses" are also included in a separate folder for use with V4 and the WGO_Skirt)
~ A Hip_Down_Only version of the Kara Poses is also included.  These allow you to make use of the 6 leg poses included in this set with other poses for the upper body, along with 3 bonus leg-skirt poses found in this folder.

Note: The poses were made and tested to work with V4 default and Kara body shape - some minor adjustment of V4 hands or limbs as well as the fit of the skirt may be needed when using different body shape options. Daz Studio users will need to apply the Kara pose to V4 and also to the skirt. Poser users only need to apply the pose to V4 and skirt will automatically adjust. The waist of the skirt and the bottom of the Blouse (WGO_Top) may show poke-thru with some poses. Adjust the Skirt_Adj in the BODY group of the WG0_Top as needed to correct.

4. Face Poses
~ 7 Facial Expressions, plus 1 zero expression face pose

5. Clothing - The Working Girl Outfit (WGO)
~ 1 conforming (cr2) WGO_Top (Blouse)
~ 1 smart prop (dynamic or manual posed via morphs) WGO_Skirt

# The Top & Skirt both super-conform to V4 supported morphs (in Poser - DS user will need to dial the morph(s) in the prop skirt) which include all of the ++ V4 Body Shapes, except Heavy and Emaciated, as well as the 3 Elite Body Shapes. The ++ Breasts, Glute, and commonly used upper/lower torso and leg morphs for V4 are also included.   A DS_Fit_Skirt_Kara pose is include for DS users to fit the skirt to the Kara Body shape.

6. Bonus Props
~  WGO_Skirt - smart prop skirt with morphs for fitting-posing, may also be used as dynamic cloth (skirt has morphs to match the supported V4 ++ & Elite morphs, same as the conforming Top)
~  Kara_Handpurse (smart prop) for right and left Hand(s)
~  Kara_Earrings (smart prop)

Please Note: The Handpurse and Earrings are included as Bonus Extras - Daz Studio users will need to adjust the materials for DS compatibility as we include Poser 7+ shaders & MATs for these items.

7. MAT Poses for Clothing & Accessories
~ 9 MAT options for the Top (Poser & DS compatible)-4000x4000
~ 9 MAT options for the Skirt ((Poser & DS compatible)-

~ 11 MAT options for the Earrings (Poser 7+ shaders -  DS users will need to do adjustments in DAZ Studio)
~ 6 MAT options for the Handpurse (Poser 7+ shaders - DS users will need to do adjustments in DAZ Studio)

Again Please Note: the bonus Handbag and Earrings include Poser 7+ shaders & MATs.  Daz Studio users will need to adjust the materials on these items for DS compatibility.  The clothing MATs are both Poser & DS compatible.

8. Special Poses & Morphs for the skirt
~  Because the Skirt is a prop and makes use of morphs (or the cloth room) to pose and fit, the skirt was made to work primarily with the Default V4 (non-morphed) Body Shape and the Kara Body Shape.  Additional morphs are include to support other body shapes but some manual adjusting of the fit may be needed when posing your figure. 

9. Hand Poses
~ Hand pose for V4 holding the handpurse to match the right and left hand smart prop versions of the purse.


System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Supported Software:

Poser 7 up, Daz Studio 3.1 up   

Note:  The SSS MATs require Poser 9 or higher


Needed Files:

Victoria (V4)
++  Morphs for V4
Elite Morphs for V4

Promo Credits:
Hair: Moira Hair
by Mairy, 3Dream (Renderosity), Gregoria Hair, Alexios Hair by Mairy, 3Dream (DAZ), Deja Vu Hair by Fabiana, Super Updo Hair Pack by Outoftouch (Renderosity)
Shoes: Sling-back Pumps by idler168 (DAZ)
Props: Floor Essentials by Fabiana (Renderosity)
Lighting: RenderStudio 2014 Modular 3 - IBLs by Colm (RuntimeDNA)

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