P3dO Explorer pro 2.3

P3dO Explorer pro 2.3
Created by : Senosoft
Released: 07-01-2010
Poser Version: Any
Requires: Windows
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P3dO Explorer pro features
P3dO is a library manager & 3D viewer for Poser.
P3dO is a library manager for Carrara.
P3dO is a file manager and 3D viewer for above 30 other 3D formats (see list below).

There is a free version of P3dO which requires no license and doesn't have any time limit.
Of course P3dO pro offers many enhancements to the free version.

Poser support
Poser is the key 3D software addressed by P3dO. Thus this is where it has the most to offer:

- Poser Explorer : list a Poser file content (geometries and textures, highlight missing files, list actors, materials, hierarchy. Textures thumbnails, Quick navigation to the files location.
Detect base figure for Poser cloths (will tell a cloth belongs to Victoria 4).

- Poser Library Alternative
Poser Python binding (no setup in Poser needed) that opens any file from any location into Poser.
Find / Search Tool Retrieve lost files more easily with the Find utility. Fast, smooth & Reads keywords into Poser compressed files.
Including Multi-Runtime Poser like search by Categories.
Custom Favorites that you can rearrange to match your personal organization, PoserFavorites plugin will automatically generate those Favorites base.
Poser Collections support through the Repository.
Rsr2Png converts RSR to PNG in all your Runtimes.
Rsr2Png auto automatically converts RSR to PNG format when you look into a directory.

- Poser Library Management :
Librarian Scan Poser runtimes or folders and detect missing textures/geometries and wrong paths in Poser files (Librarian doesn't fix them).
Manage Scene (Screenshot) Moves, Copy, a Poser scene content (Geometries, Textures) to another runtime restoring the directory structure. Does also Installation (from disk) and Removal.
Manage Directory (Screenshot) Moves, Copy a whole directory (with all references) to another Runtime. Subdirectories are possible. Does also Directory (and attached references) removal.
Manage Directory is the ideal tool to quicly Split, Merge and Clean a Runtime.
ZipInstaller (Screenshot) Install a Scene to a Poser Runtime from a ZIP.

- Carrara Thumbnails
- Carrara Thumbnails Editor
- Carrara Explorer : is similar to Poser Explorer. List a Carrara file content (textures), highlight missing files, show Textures thumbnails.
- Carrara Runtimes support : is similar to Poser Runtimes support (shortcuts to various Runtimes).
- HDR / HDRI pictures viewing.

Daz Studio & Hexagon support
- Daz Studio Runtimes
- Daz Studio thumbnails
- Open files directly from P3dO into Daz Studio
- Hexagon: list an Hexagon file Textures and Materials.

- Poser 3D viewer
- View all Poser files (CR2, CRZ, PZ3, PP2, HR2,...) from P3dO.
- See files from External Runtimes: Files need not be installed in Poser and P3dO is able to read from ZIP / RAR. Thus you can preview your downloaded stuff before installing it, and also generate missing thumbnails.
limit Poser 3D viewing is not as complete as Poser. But the preview is good enough to see what you actually have in the file (Props & hairs rendering is good, also simple Charaters & PZ3s).
btw What do you think of Simon's 3D preview in the snapshot ? Not bad hu ?

3D files may be converted to OBJ.

3D animation (Screenshot) : you may also preview your 3D animation files (BVH and Poser Poses) before loading them into Poser. The player is a complete one with ability to save animation to GIF.
Honestly a very good BVH viewer and the only one for PZ2.

- Repository
this secondary Window may be used for various purposes: temporary storage, always show a directory, manage Poser Collections, manage P3dO Favorites, compare with current directory.
This is a place dedicated to your Work in Progress. For example You may want it to permanently show a Poses directory you will constantly use during next hours, or on the contrary to freeze the directory where your current project.
Other possible usage: store files you have to move somewhere else, drop links to files you want to remember,...

Strong Zip/Rar support (Screenshot) : all supported file formats (38 3D and 40 pictures formats) can be viewed while compressed. From Zip, RAR, GZ and Poser compressed files.
Zip support also comes with ZipInstaller (Screenshot). That Poser dedicated plugin Extract Poser files from a zip and copy them in their proper runtime location.
Windows Zip folders context menu support.

Misc mass production, utility plugins :
- Rsr2Png Our award winning Rsr to Png converter working on subfolders and/or Poser runtimes.
- Image2Image Image converter for standard pictures formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG).
- PatternRenamer Mass renaming and renumbering plugin.

There are more features in P3dO than the key ones listed above. Below is a list of P3dO pro features compared to the free version.

P3dO pro vs P3dO free

    P3dO Explorer P3dO pro
File manager Windows Explorer Copy / Paste & Drag'n Drop X X
  Subfolder exploration X X
2D 40+ images file formats thumbnails & zoom X X
  HDR (High Dynamic Range) thumbnails & zoom   X
2D/3D Thumbnails, Tiles viewing X X
  Thumbnails cache (2D & 3D) X X
  Vue d'Esprit thumbnails X X
3D Viewing Thumbnails cache X X
  Generate missing Poser thumbnails   X
  CR2 - CRZ - HR2 - HRZ - PP2 - PPZ - PZ3 - PZZ - OBJ - OBZ.
3DS - ASC - PRJ - COB - COA - DXF - GEO - IOB - IV - LP
WRL - X - X3D - XGL - ZGL - XSI - XYZ
BVH - PZ2 - P2Z - HD2 - HDZ
  UV Map viewer (ability to select dimension and save the Map)   X
Animation BVH & Poser Poses player (skeletal animation)   X
  GIF animation   X
  Animated texture & Sprite viewer (flat files)   X
Zip Rar Cbr Cbz Gz Thumbnail from first picture in archive file X X
  Thumbnails and zoom from all pictures in archive (except tiff)   X
  3D render from archived files (including textures)   X
  Windows context menu on Zips X X
  Zip Installer for Poser files   X
Find dialog Find / Search utility X X
  Search by Poser Categories X X
  Multi-Runitme search   X
  Read into Poser compressed files   X
Repository Secondary window for your WIP   X
Scene Manager Gather all files contained in a 3D Scene in a single thumbnailed view   X
  Copy/Move a Poser scene from one Runtime to another   X
  Split, Merge, Clean Runtimes by entire directories/subdirectories   X
  Poser cloth figure detection (detect a cloth belongs to Victoria,...)   X
Librarian Poser & Daz|Studio Runtimes explorer wizard that generates an html listing of missing files and wrong path references.   X
PoserPython Open files into Poser directly from Windows X X
Daz Carrara Carrara thumbnails X X
  Carrara thumbnails Editor   X
  Scene Manager for Carrara   X
Pattern Renamer Easy to use mass renamer X X
  Rename in subfolders mode   X
Image rotation Rotate images for better viewing (saving is optionnal) X X
Image conversion Basic single file Save As to convert between BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, RSR X X
Mass Image conversion Converter wizard that converts all supported pictures formats to JPG, PNG or BMP   X
3D Object conversion Single Save as that saves any supported 3D file format to Wavefront Object (OBJ) with options to center, scale, save normals,...   X
Poser pictures editor Basic editor to convert between RSR and PNG file formats X X
Rsr2Png Mass Poser image converter X X
  Automatic Rsr2Png converter   X
  Wizard for Poser runtimes
Convert in subfolders mode
Custom sized RSR
Favorites Favorites Folders for quick navigation X X
  Favorites Folders updater for Poser   X
Copy Location Copies list of files to the clipboard X X
  Apply selection to list of files, path stripping
Copies a 3D Scene content to the clipboard
Layout Layout configuration (viewing layout, navigation layout,...) X X
  Extended Layout manager (unlimited named layouts)   X

This distribution includes the Poser plugins pack (Librarian, PoserFavorites, Rsr2Png, PoserPyton).

P3dO's Poser 3D viewer lacks scaling. It is not suitable for the purpose of viewing complex PZ3s (with many props, figures,...). Current features of Poser viewer are: Poses, Morphs, conforming cloths, Texturing.
It is anyway a good figure, prop and cloth viewer. It has been designed to answer the question: "what the heck is this PZ3 ?" and it does it.

P3dO pro needs a serial key to activate pro features. Once the setup purchased from this store you'll have to ask for the serial key from us (we do our best to answer quickly).
Updates will be free during the next 2 years and support is a quality one.
Detailed instructions in Zip.


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