Poser Place's Outfitter

Poser Place's Outfitter
Created by : RuntimeDNA
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Released: 02-16-2012
Poser Version: Poser 9 or Poser Pro 2012
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Clothes Makes the Girl

For years now we've created the most beautiful clothes collections for our favourite figures: Victoria 4 and more recently Antonia. We know exactly how we want her to look, which fashion statement we want her to make.

Victoria 4 has just come back from finishing school to take advantage of the new technology offered by Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 ... she moves so well, bends like an athlete, can take any position, all positions, is so much more versatile than ever before. But your collection of clothing isn't going to be able to keep pace.

Until now.

The creative minds at Poser Place are proud to introduce Outfitter, a figure-to-clothing weight-map and joint transfer Python script by Cage. All you need to run the script is either Poser 9 or Poser Pro 2012, with SR1 installed; Victoria4 weight-mapped or Antonia Polygon Weight-mapped; and of course: your fine collection of clothing to transfer the joints and weight-maps to.

You will find that as much as the new figures bending and movement is significantly more natural, the clothing fits are improved as well. You are able to pose your clothed figures as never before.

Weight-mapping is here to stay! As the Poser artists see the advantages of this technology, the demand for weight-mapped clothing will grow quickly. This script will makes applying this feature to new and existing clothing items quick and easy for content creators, thus dramatically improving marketability of their offerings.

PoserPlace Outfitter: revolutionizing conforming cloth with weight-mapping for the Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 Artist!

  • Transfers weight maps from any figure to garments designed for that figure
  • Adds "helper bone" actors for V4-WM, Antonia-WM, and any other supported figure which requires added actors
  • Allows retainment of original joints for selected garment actors
  • Batch processing of garments
  • Fast and easy!

  • Development team

    The following people are members of the development team. They have worked many long hours and have given much of their time and talents to bring this excellent script to all of the Poser public.They have been true champs throughout. Thank you Poser Place team.

    Begmysweet - Beta team, conceptual development and promo renders
    CageDrei - Beta team, python script development, project design and awesome bug fixer.
    Eric Walters - Beta team and promo renders.
    Generalnutt - Beta team and promo renders.
    KittyBrown - Beta team.
    Lkendall - Beta team.
    Paganeagle2001 - Beta team, script documentation, and promo renders.
    Robynsveil - Project manager, and promo renders.
    Rose2000 - Beta team, promo renders and bug fixer
    ShvrDavid - Beta team, script GUI design, conceptual development and promo renders.
    Vestmann - Beta team, logo and web design, conceptual development and promo renders.
    WandW - Beta team.
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