Ork Couplez I:Fantastique

Ork Couplez I:Fantastique
Created by : KageRyu
SKU: KAG-001
Released: 09-12-2012
Poser Version: 6+
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Requires: Orkz and She Orkz by Sixus1
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"It is an ancient age. An age of fantasy and wonder. An age of mighty heroes, dazzling heroines, and terrible beasts. Strange tails of exalted deeds and exotic loves echo from the time of myth and legend. It is the age of the Orkz, the tribes of green, and the Fantastique Epoch.
 What tales will you tell?"
 Ork Couplez I:Fantastique is a set of poses for the Sixus1 Fantasy Racez:Orkz line of figures. These poses are inspired by popular themes in fantasy artwork, and designed to create a sense of drama and romantic flare. Couplez I is geared at the traditional role of Hero and Damsel as popularized by some of the greatest names in fantasy illustration, and uniquely applied to the Sixus1 Orkz. This package contains 24 full poses in total. Each figure has 6 poses both with and without Inverse Kinematics turned on. This package also contains 4 expressions for each male and female, several hand poses, and several partial poses for variation and to help in constructing new poses. When combined with the other Couplez packages it will expand its versatility.
 This package requires the Orkz and SheOrkz figures from Sixus1 Media. Some of these poses might need adjusting to work properly with some clothing and morphs.
• 6 Poses for the Sixus1 Orkz Male with and without IK for the feet
• 6 Poses for the Sixus1 She Orkz with and without IK for the feet
• 4 Faces for the Orkz Male
• 4 Faces for the She Orkz
• Assorted Left and Right hand poses for Orkz and She Orkz
• 6 Partial Poses for the Orkz and 5 for the She Orkz for pose building.


Previously Offered at Content Paradise.
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