One Click Wonders - Vol 1:Terrain materials

One Click Wonders - Vol 1:Terrain materials
Created by : IcehouseDesigns
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Released: 06-15-2011
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Requires: vue 9 or up
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One Click Wonders Is a new collection of Materials crafted by well known content creator Martin J Frost and Ice House Designs.

We are happy to present this latest release from one of vues most prolific and respected content creation teams. This debut volume of elegantly simple yet realistic in the extreme gives the user endless possibilities, fast rendering and scene set up and utilizing vues superior control over color,bump, displacement , and hi lite we hope that the One click wonder family of material presets will simply transform your Vue rendering capability's.
The aim of the one click wonder family of materials, is to enable you to create your scene and simply apply these materials to your landscapes and objects and with little or no adjustment, instantly create stunning landscapes.

We aim, with these materials, to allow you to let your artistic and creative ability's come to the fore in your renders, with out getting bogged down in complicated tutorial sessions, or spending hours in the material and functions editors, thus freeing up your vue time to create the renders you want, with the minimum of effort. After all, most of us want to create the view in our minds eye without getting lost in the guts of this powerful software.

If you have ever wanted to quickly cover a distant terrain in a material that looks like grass, rocks or forests with minimal effort, or find a base for that ecosystem you have created, or even a fast rendering detailed material for your for-ground terrain then one click wonders will make that happen for you!

Volume One -Terrain Materials allows you to use simple or more complicated mixed and layered procedural materials with ease. Or if you want you can mix them, layer them or adapt them to your hearts content.
This Product includes: ten procedural materials for vue 9 and up for application to terrains or objects in your vue scenes.
Autumn Isle - A mixture of green and gold grass shades, perfect for distant grassland or even forested hills.
Bleak Knoll - a mixture of grass and stone, perfect for moor, heath or grasslands, or to cover slopes and hills where a little more than just grass texture is required.
Bracken Vale - A mixture of green grass tones and a rougher brown texture which will give the impression of hillsides covered in clumps of brown bracken or winter foliage
. Cliffs Displaced - A grey sedimentary rock material with grass or moss on the flat surfaces of the terrain. This material uses displacement, but where necessary this can be turned off in the material editor. Perfect for mountainous or precipitous landscapes where the contrast between foliage and stone is needed, or as a material for rock instances in an ecosystem. Also great on stand alone rock objects where the displacement really brings out the weathered character of old limestone.
Daleside - A complex mixture of materials from this bundle which is perfect for use on large terrains or infinite terrains where its functionality and complexity really makes this material outstanding.
Emerald isle - A rich rolling distant grassland material which will blend beautifully with all of the materials in the one click wonder family as well as practically any thing else you care to throw at it.
Gourse Hill - Rough grassland or scrubby waste ground, this material is great on its own, with its textured foliage like base through which patches or rock can be seen.
Headland - Another rough green terrain with more pronounced boulder like patches of rocks.
Rich Emerald Isle - As its title suggests this is a sister of the emerald isle material with a subtle variance of richer foliage hues which makes it a great material to blend in with the original for a little variation in hue tone and texture or to use on its own.
True Gritt - This grass and grit texture will really bring out the play of light on distant hills or makes a superb for ground texture when scaled down.
Ten Procedural materials for vue 9 or above. (see detailed description)
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