Oh No! Jo-Jo FULL

Oh No! Jo-Jo FULL
Created by : Netherworks Studios
SKU: NWS-087
Released: 05-29-2014
Poser Version: Poser 9+
Zip Files 1 Zip File (29 Mb)
Requires: Stand Alone
Price: $14.95

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Jo-Jo 1.5 is Absolutely Free for customers who previously purchased the original Jo-Jo Figure (1.0).  Please check the downloads of your original purchase - the 1.5 package is fully contained and does not require 1.0.

Cuddle up with Oh-No Jo-Jo, a plush companion that just wants to snuggle and play... and he's always there for you when you need a comforting hug!  This soft teddy comes with a little t-shirt and overalls with his name embroidered on the front.  He features vibrant, marble eyes and stitched-on brows, nose and tail.  Sometimes mischievous, but always fun-loving, he is ready to join you on your adventures!

Jo-Jo 1.5 is fun and flexible!  Change the brows, change the head shape, move the ears. change the position or size of the eyes, scale various areas for a smaller or bigger body - Plenty of ways to Build your own Bear!

This fantastic, all-in-one version of Jo-Jo 1.5 includes a full package including the Figure, Ton of Morphs, Skin Textures with Variations, Full Clothing Set, Knife Prop, Display Box and Lots of Little Extras to round out the set.

New Features in Jo-Jo 1.5:
  • Tweaked Geometry UVs to reduce distortion.
  • New Jo-Jo 1.5 Head Morph (optional, on by default).
  • Jo-Jo can Blink via Geometry-Swapping Eyes (one or both can be switched)!
  • Many Original Morphs have been Re-Designed or Tweaked to Perfection.
  • Many Morphs have been given Descriptive Names.
  • Several New Adjustment Morphs.
  • Optimized Materials and Material Files that Render Better and are Easier to Colorize.
  • New Material Settings for Eyes, including Plastic and Marble looks.
  • Developers Cr2 is included.
  • Clothing includes Morphs to fit them to Ko-Ko (sold separately).
  • Zero Head and Body Dials Utilities that are python-driven.  This means they can be used with any morphs, 3rd party or not.
  • Includes tweaked Talk-Designer Add-On in a separate Zip File.
Customer Comments:

"Really Beautiful and lifelike, if you can say that about a plush bear.  :)  I swear I feel like he's staring at me from across the room.  His eyes are so amazingly lifelike!  Maybe my imagination is running away with me but the other day, I swear I saw him actually move out of the corner of my eye!"

"I got Jo-Jo for my little one.  We had some kind of problem where he was constantly talking so we removed the batteries.  Regardless, Elizabeth really loves him to pieces.  She has such a great imagination.  Says that Jo-Jo talks to her when nobody else is around.  What a hoot!"

"I must be losing my mind.  I'm a big teddy bear fan but even since I purchased Jo-Jo, strange things have been happening.  Things keep going missing from the house, like my brand new set of quality kitchen knives.  I also haven't heard from my boyfriend since last Thursday and he was supposed to stop by.  I guess I'm just cursed, but at least Jo-Jo still loves me!"

(comments are satirical and for illustration only)

This package is fully STAND-ALONE and does not require Jo-Jo 1.5 Base.

Poser 9 and higher ONLY.
  • High-Quality and Detailed Teddy Bear Figure.
    • Mesh Features:
      • Resource-Friendly! Approximately 13,600 Polygons, logically distributed and contoured for morphing and bending ability.
      • Flat UV-Mapped with Low Distortion (as logical to an anthropomorphic figure).
      • Material Zones are Organized by a number for their general location (1 - head, 2 - body, 3 - eyes).  Eyes are split into right and left regions.
      • Eyebrows, Tail and Lenses (Eyes) are Separated so they can be moved or hidden.
      • Takes well to Sub-Division in Poser 10 and 2014 (not required).  1 Level of SubD is recommended.
    • Rigging Features:
      • Fully Weight-Mapped from Head-to-Toe.  Professionally done with great care to detail and good joint ranges with Figure Limits set to On.
      • Rigged Mitts (Hands, Finger and Thumb) and Toes.
      • Inverse Kinematics (IK) in Arms and Legs (off by default).
      • Working Scales are present in many areas for additional shaping.  Head can be re-sized; Arms, Legs and Torso can be lengthened or shortened.
      • Usable in Poser's Walk Designer.  Animation Friendly!
    • Morphing and Parameter Features:
      • Tons of Dials for Morphing, Scaling and Expressing Jo-Jo!  Dials with "s" in parenthesis are Scaling Dials.  All are listed here alphabetically.
      • Body Dials (24 in total):
        • Body Shaping:  Body Size, Arms Size, Arms Length (s), Collars Size, Forearms Size, Hands Size (s), Chest Size (s), Torso Length (s), Waist Size, Hip Size, Belly Size (s), Legs Size, Legs Length (s), Thighs Size, Shins Size, Feet Size (s).
        • Tail:  Tail Size, Tail Up-Down, Tail In-Out, Tail Bend R, Tail Bend L, Tail Bend Up, Tail Bend Down, Tail Hide.
      • Head Dials (140 in total):
        • Look Dials:  Look Up-Down, Look Side-Side, Look Cross, Eyes Center Up-Down, Eyes Center Side-Side.
        • Sculpt:  Jo-Jo Head 1.5.
        • Basic:  Blink Both, Blink R, Blink L, Eyes Center Size, Mouth Open, Smile, Smile R, Smile L, Smile 2, Smile 2 L, Smile 2 R, Frown, Frown R, Frown L, Frown 2, Frown 2 R, Frown 2 L.
        • Head:  Head Size (s), Head Lozenge, Head Heavy, Head Sides Point, Head Low Sag, Lump Fore, Lump Top, Lump Bridge.
        • Ears:  Ears Fore, Ear R Fore, Ear L Fore, Ears Back, Ear R Back, Ear L Back, Ears Turn Fore, Ear R Turn Fore, Ear L Turn Fore, Ears Turn Back, Ear R Turn Back, Ear L Turn Back, Ears Bend In, Ear R Bend In, Ear L Bend In, Ears Bend Down, Ear R Bend Down, Ear L Bend Down, Ears Size.
        • Brows:  Brows Up, Brow Up R, Brow Up L, Brows Down, Brow Down R, Brow Down L, Brows Angry, Brow Angry R, Brow Angry L, Brows Worry, Brow Worry R, Brow Worry L, Brows Size, Brows Thin, Brows Width, Brows Curve, Brows Hide.
        • Eyes:  Eyes Size, Eyes Tall, Eyes Wide, Eyes Turn, Eyes In-Out, Eyes Up-Down.
          • Eyes (Open): Eyes Happy, Eyes Happy 2, Eyes Sad, Eyes Sad 2, Eyes Center Disc, Eyes Center Disc 2, Eyes Center Height, Eyes Center Width, Eyes Center Rounded, Eyes Squint, Eye Squint R, Eye Squint L, Eyes Center Hide, Eyes Lens Hide.
          • Eyes (Closed): Eyes Closed Tall, Eyes Closed Width, Eyes Closed Flat.
        • Nose:  Nose Size, Nose Height, Nose Width, Nose Depth, Nose Raise, Nose Lower, Nose Bridge, Nose Animal, Nose Heavy, Nose Round.
        • Muzzle:  Muzzle Width, Muzzle Height, Muzzle Up-Down, Muzzle Out, Muzzle Curve out, Muzzle Shift, Mouth Wide, Mouth Up-Down, Mouth Out, Mouth Shift, Mouth Turn, Mouth Narrow, Cheeks Front, Cheeks Chubby, Chin Point, Chin Round.
        • Tongue: Tongue Up-Down, Tongue In-Out, Tongue Out, Tongue Curl Up-Down, Tongue Curl Up-Down 2, Tongue Side-Side, Tongue Side-Side 2.
        • Phonemes:  MouthA, MouthCH, MouthE, MouthF, MouthK, MouthL, MouthM, MouthO, MouthR, MouthS, MouthW, Anger, Disgust, Sad, Joy, Surprise, Fear.: 
          • Phonemes are Talk Designer compatible.
      • Right and Left Eyes (14 total per eye):
        • Basic: Eye Closed.
        • Eyes (Open): Eye Squint, Eye Happy, Eye Happy 2, Eye Sad, Eye Sad 2, Center Up-Down, Center Side-Side, Center Size, Center Height, Center Width, Center Disc, Center Disc 2, Center Rounded, Center Hide, Lens Hide.
        • Eyes (Closed): Eye Closed Tall, Eye Closed Width, Eye Closed Flat.
      • Right and Left Hand (3 total per hand):
        • Controls:  Finger Grasp, Full Grasp, Thumb Grasp.
    • Texture Features:
      • Standard Head and Body Textures include stitching and a semi-recessed look where parts are connected.  Texturing includes Diffuse, Specular, and Bump/Displacement Maps.  All textures are grey-scaled and can be easily re-colored in the Material Room.  Eyes are glossy and marble-like.  There is a Lens material (glass dome) on the eyes that can be hidden if desired.
      • Mats are included for several Eye Variations:
        • +Full Base Eyes, Eyeball - Grey, Eyeball - Vintage, Eyeball - White, Eyes - Black, Eyes - Marble - Blue, Eyes - Marble - Green, Eyes - Marble - Orange, Eyes - Marble - Red, Eyes - Marble - Yellow, Eyes - Plastic - Blue, Eyes - Plastic - Green, Eyes - Plastic - Orange, Eyes - Plastic - Red, Eyes - Plastic - Yellow.
      • Mats are included for several Skin/Fur Variations:
        • +Full Base Skin, Skin - Black, Skin - Brown, Skin - Light Brown, Skin - Red Orange.
      • Texture Maps are moderately-sized but detailed and work well at a variety of different Focal ranges.  2000x2000 Pixels.
  • Includes Thirteen Figure Poses plus a Zero Pose.
    • +Default, +Zero Pose, All Right!, Cute, Elated, Fighting, Inward, Maniacal, Reclined, Sitting, Stand 1, Stand 2, Stand 3, Stepping Out.
    • Jo-Jo can use Koneko and Samedi Poses with some slight adjustments.
  • Includes Utility Poses.
    • Zero Head and Body Dials.
    • Set Sizes such as Baby and Young Bear.
  • Conforming Weight-Mapped Shirt.
    • Stripes are generated using the Tiles Node and can be easily changed in the Material Room.
    • Features 4 Sample Mats for Stripe Variations.  Includes Regular and Bloody versions.
    • Morphs are included in the Shirt to make a general Thickness Adjustment, match Jo-Jo's Body Morphs and match Ko-Ko's Body Morphs.  Scaling is also designed to match.
  • Conforming Weight-Mapped Overalls.
    • Includes a completely original hand-drawn Denim style.
    • Features Regular and Bloody versions, available as Mat Files.
    • Overalls are intended to be worn over the shirt.  Strap morphs are included to pull the straps tighter.
    • Morphs are included in the Overalls to make a general Thickness Adjustment, match Jo-Jo's Body Morphs and match Ko-Ko's Body Morphs.  Scaling is also designed to match.
  • Kitchen Knife Smart-Prop.
    • Smart-Propped to the Right Hand.
    • Real Raytraced Reflections on the Blade (blurred).
    • Features Blade Length and Width Morphs.  Can be Scaled as needed.
    • Includes Clean and Bloody Texture variations.
  • Colorful Display Box is included!
    • Simple, Standalone Prop.
    • Joints are set so it can be scaled from the bottom-up.
  • Includes Talk Designer Add-On, in a separate Zip File.

  • Full-Featured, Weight-Mapped Teddy Bear Figure
  • Conforming Shirt
  • Conforming Overalls
  • Smart-Propped Knife
  • Standalone Display Box
  • Tons of Extras!
  • Figure is designed to be used in Traditional, Toon and Horror settings.
  • Spiritual Successor to the Original ScareBear Figure!
  • IDL Studio Lighting used in Promos.
  • Products used in Promos: Kids 4 by DAZ 3D, Ruffles and Bows by LadyFay/Mia3d, Kit & Kat by Bea/Aliwonder, Violet Hair (converted) by Lady Littlefox.
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