Ninja Sprite Bundle

Ninja Sprite Bundle
Created by : EvilInnocence
Released: 01-07-2013
Poser Version: Poser 9+
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In the deepest forests of the ancient Hidden Kingdoms, the Ninja Sprites tirelessly defended their homes from outsiders. Able to blend seamlessly into the foliage, they would dazzle intruders with their magic, causing them to stumble into cunningly laid traps or run back the way they came in fear. Once entrenched in a forest, they were very hard to remove. Being small and quick, they were very difficult to trap. They could also not be poisoned since they survived entirely by photosynthesis. For many centuries, the Ninja Sprites made sure that the magic of their forest homelands did not diminish.

The Ninja Sprites are stand-alone figures for Poser. These tall, thin fairy creatures will look great in any fantasy setting. The male Ninja Sprite's face is rigged using our FaceLift facial rigging technology, which allows for incredibly flexible expression poses. Both Sprites also come with a posable conforming hair and fairy wings. The hair, wings, and her ears all have EZ Pose dials to make posing quicker and easier. This package also contains the Goth Sprite and Sand Sprite texture packs for both Sprites.

CrossDresser License Included

This package also comes with CrossDresser licenses for both figures. Convert clothing from over 130 figures to the Ninja Sprites with the CrossDresser one-click clothing converter.

What is CrossDresser?

The CrossDresser is a one-click, high quality, fast clothing conversion program for Poser and Daz Studio. It takes clothing designed for one figure and converts it to fit onto another figure. The conversions run in seconds and fit the target character almost perfectly. The converted clothing is also placed directly into your Runtime directory, and can be used immediately. Most clothing will only need minor adjustments to work just as well as the original clothing.

CrossDresser Features

CrossDresser 4.0 has been re-written from the ground up in order to improve the quality and speed of your clothing conversions. The newest version uses highly optimized algorithms to quickly convert clothing between figures at a very high quality. Most conversions will finish in a few seconds. To correct fitting issues, CrossDresser also provides over 50 fix morphs that you can apply to the object directly during the conversion or to the converted clothing's CR2 file so you can adjust them later in Poser or Daz Studio.

CrossDresser also provides numerous other features to improve and customize your clothing conversions. You can remove falloff zones from any bone, transfer movement morphs and materials from the original clothing, weld seams, and add standard skirt handles. Also, a new feature in 4.0 allows you to define rigid groups by material so they don't get distorted during conversion.

CrossDresser Licensing

The CrossDresser program itself is free. Purchasing a figure license for a particular figure allows you to convert clothing to that figure from any supported figure.

Be sure to run the XD Updater application to download the proper figure support files before installing your license.

Download CrossDresser

- Fully posable hair, wings, and ears with EZ Pose dials
- Includes FaceLift facial rigging technology, allowing for incredibly flexible expression posing.
- Male Ninja Sprite stand-alone figure
- Female Ninja Sprite stand-alone figure
- 10 FaceLift expression poses for the Male Ninja Sprite
- Conforming posable hair for both Sprites
- Conforming posable wings for both Sprites
- CrossDresser licenses for both Sprites
- Goth Sprite materials for both Sprites
- Sand Sprite materials for both Sprites
The free Ninja Sprite poses available on our website are not compatible with the Male Ninja Sprite.
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