We have a great new search engine, its very easy to use. Its on the left hand side, all you have to do is type in the name your searching for or even the first few letters of that name, now don't hit enter, just watch as anything in the store with those letters appears in a nice light box, you can click on any of the links, to be taken to a product page. VERY accrurate. If you don't want to wait, hit enter and you'll get every product instant search results page!

The other method is to simply put your name in and hit enter. Everything shows up for you.

Bigger thumbnails that give you more of a view of the product inside, without being so big they seem silly or obtrusive.

Better designed store pages, a more accurate way to view product information in one easy tabbed format, bigger renders, but not so big you have to scroll continually to see the main image. Most text is no longer formatted in hard to read fonts. Good descriptions, great images, fantastic products.

Secondary images are still on the side. Enjoy a slideshow or peruse through the images one at a time with the easy to use arrow keys.

Would you like to be notified when a product price changes?

On the main product page, just under the emails, is a little envelope with a red arrow. When you mouse over that envelope you get a pop up that asks you if you'd like to be notified whenever this item price decreases. Click on that link, enter your email, and stay abreast of all your favorite products as they go on sale in the DNA store. If you wan

t add the item to your DNA wishlist by selecting the red heart with the + sign. Wow what a nice new wishlist!

Product thumbs and flavor text to help you stay informed about your favorites. Have a little fun with your wishlist too. Do you have a favorite day of the year when friends and family would like to see what you might want for your 3D content library?

Add an event with the Events Gift list.

Christmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation, whatever the occasion. Private or public, add your items, and then invite and add the people you want! Your wishlist items beautifully displayed for friends and family to see.

Notice our new left hand sidebar.

We've recategorized our entire store making it more easily understood and far more convenience to use. 'Whats New' contains all the new store products on or off sale. 'Browse' is simply the entire store, froms tart to end.

Then we have our big sales, followed by all the categories, arranged beautifully in a visual way, enjoy searching through these well organized categories for great products.

The top ten will be return once the site begins to repopulate.

Now lets place an item in our cart and have some fun!

Our new Cart System:

WOW! An ajax based fully featured cart system that adds a picture pop up when you add an item. Add an item, notice your cart is on the upper left hand corner of the store page. If you don't want the item you can simply hit the red "x' and delete the product from your cart.

Your pop up includes easy check out, either via paypal (instantly) or you can continue shopping or check out! For your convenience we've added "you may also like" products that you can save for later by easily adding to your wishlist in the pop up window.

If you continue on to check out:

Please be advised: Because we have a new, superior and *very* secure checkout system, you will be prompted to enter all the correct information to expedite the ordering process: Full name, address, city, stat or country, zip code or postal code. The system will not recognize you until you update.

You come to a payment method page

Select your payment method and continue. Again you have the option here to select Paypal or bill me later if you haven't already done so.

When you come to your order subtotal page, you have the option to change payment method, view and modify your payment address, view your products, and a place to add your coupons! Yes that's right, DNA now has a fully functional discount coupon system! But hold on, let me finish the order process and I'll get to that!

Once you're satisfied everything is correct, simply hit submit!

You'll be taken through to the processing gateway where you'll be prompted to enter your credit card info. Simply enter your card number, your expiration date and your card pin, and hit continue. Your payment will process quickly and return you to the site where you'll find your invoice with download links waiting for you. Its that easy, and VERY secure.  Do not be alarmed when you are taken to a white page, we simply have not designed the background template yet.

An order notification and download are sent via mail upon receipt of your order. One email contains your invoice, the other your download key links, and you can download your files from there.

Ordering Via Paypal:

hit the checkout button from the small cart pop up, or advance through to checkout. If you are going to use one of our redeemable coupons please be advised that you must use the "view" cart feature in the pop up. When you do your option to redeem your coupon is on the bottom of the page. Enter it, and hit "check out with Paypal". Upon entering your order information at Paypal and placing your order, you will be immediately redirected back to Runtime DNA, where you can download your products from your order receipt. Download keys and product receipt ebots will also be automatically sent via the email address for your account.

You also now have the ability to use "Bill Me Later" an exclusive retail installment plan through Paypal.

Lets Explore your Store Account:

If you go to the menu and click on account, you'll be able to access your store account here. You open up to a beautifully tabbed account page, most notably added is a separate, paginated download section.

Please have a look around, and make sure everything you need is at your fingertips, if you have any questions, don't forget to fill out a bug report, we have a brand new forum just for that, and remember that while we do the best we can, this is always a work in progress with your best interest at heart. If you see something that does not work correctly report it here: BUG REPORTS


Bug Reports Please have a look around, and make sure everything you need is at your fingertips, if you have any questions, don't forget to fill out a bug report, we have the brand new forum above just for that, and remember that while we do the best we can, this is always a work in progress with your best interest at heart. We are and have done the best job we can to safely open today :-)


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