Morph Mirror Plugin for Spawn

Morph Mirror Plugin for Spawn
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 08-08-2012
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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Requires: Spawn
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~ Updated for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014! ~

  It does not work stand-alone.

Morph Mirror is a Plugin for Spawn that allows Morphs in Figures and Smart Props to be Mirrored from one side to the other.

In the case of Figures, if the morph is mirrored on a central body part, it will be flipped to the other side.  If it is mirrored on a limb, it will be produced on the opposing limb.

In the case of Props, morphs on singular prop will be flipped to the other side.  If the prop has a companion, such as right and left prop shoes, the script will try to detect the opposing prop (it asks for verification) and mirror the morph from one to the other, just like opposing limbs.

Morph Mirror can mirror multiple morphs and groups of morphs (all having a common morph name) in one go.

It also transfers settings of a morph to its mirrored counterpart, such as Minimum Value, Maximum Value and Sensitivity.

The Morph Mirror Plugin works in Poser 8 and higher.
  • Morph Mirror, a plugin that requires Netherworks' Spawn.
    • Able to Mirror Morphs across central body parts (head, neck, abdomen, etc)
    • Able to Mirror Morphs across opposite body parts (right hand, right thigh, right foot, etc), alone or in groups.
    • Able to Mirror multiple Morphs at one time (Batch Run, singular prop or figure).
    • Able to Mirror Morphs across smart props (ball, tiara, belt, etc)
    • Able to Mirror Morphs across opposite props (right shoe to left shoe)
    • Morph Mirror is highly accurate when producing mirrored morphs.
  • Mirroring has a slight tolerance factor (0.0001) if symmetry is a bit off.
  • The Main Dialog shows you where all Morphs are Located and you are allowed to pick one or more selections.
  • As each Morph (or group of morphs) is Mirrored, you are allowed to choose the Mirrored Name.
    • The plugin is able to suggest names based on detecting a variety of uses of the words "Right" and "Left" and some uses of "R" and "L".
    • If it cannot find a proper name, it simply uses a generic "_MIRROR" at the end of the current Morph Name. You can always chance this by entering your own unique name.
    • The plugin checks against current dial names to prevent duplicates from being created.
  • Settings from the original morphs (Min Value, Max Value, Sensitivity) are copied to mirrored morphs.
  • Progress is shown at the top of the plugin as Morphs are Mirrored.

  • Python Plugin for Spawn
  • Documentation in Text Format
  • Some mirroring Code adapted from morphmirror2 by Ockham.  Used with permission.


  • The speed at which morphs are moved depends on the density of the mesh (of a given body part) and the detail of the morph (number of vertices changed).  A higher resolution figure Head, which might be 30,000 polygons, usually takes from 12 to 25 seconds to move a single morph.  This sounds like a massive amount of time but for accuracy each vertice of a morph (other than zero position) is checked against the vertices of the default body part.  Limbs and average resolution props (under 10,000 polygons) are significantly faster to process.  Regardless, if it appears that mirroring morphs will take longer than 5 seconds you will be given an approximation of how long the process will take and the option to cancel, if you wish.
  • A slight offset is allowed for meshes are aren't truly symmetrical (in other words deviate very slightly from 0 position).
  • If a morph does not appear to mirror properly from one limb to the opposite (or to one prop and its companion) then the objects are not symmetrical enough or the opposing object has a different winding order/vertice count.  I have had this happen with some of my old shoes, for example, and it was the mesh, not the plugin.  Mirroring it properly in a modeler fixed the issue (using a true symmetry function of some kind).
  • This plugin mirrors existing morphs for the figure or prop it was intended for.  It does not approximate morphs from a figure to its clothing, between dissimilar objects and so on.  It is not the next Wardrobe Wizard or CrossDresser :)
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