Morph IMP 2014 - Upgrade

Morph IMP 2014 - Upgrade
Created by : Netherworks Studios
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Released: 10-27-2013
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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    This is the Upgrade Version!  Previous Purchase of the original Morph IMP is required (and installed) for this version to work.

    Morph IMP 2014 (or simply IMP) is a utility for Poser 8 and higher that allows you to easily load one or more OBJ files and directly turn them into Morph Targets for Figures, Clothing, Props and Smart Props.*

  • Modern, easy-to-use Interface.  Make your choices and click GO.
  • Handles Grouped and Ungrouped OBJs, spawning Single or Full Body Morphs as necessary.
  • Only spawns Morphs where needed by checking changes in Vertices (no zero-size Morphs).
  • Morph and Parameter Dial Names are initially derived from the OBJ Filename.  You can specify general Sensitivity, Min and Max Values to use AND the Body Part where a Master Dial is created (if any).
  • You may designate general Prefixes to be used when creating Single Morphs or those that are part of a group.  IMP also will allow you to designate a Suffix due to conflicts between Parameter and Morph Dials.
  • IMP can be as automated or hands-on as you need it to be.  When creating Morphs, you can have it prompt you for each Internal Name, External Name, Sensitivity, Min Value, Max Value and/or Renaming/Skipping Duplicates.
  • and much MORE!

    IMP can run as a Plugin for Spawn 2.0 but is fully capable as a stand-alone application!

    * - IMP does not transfer Morphs between Figures or between Figures and clothing.  It does not create Injection Poses.  It is designed as an intelligent loader for one or more OBJ Files that you have modified in a modeler or scripting program that you intend to import as Morph Targets.  IMP doesn't handle Reverse Deformations.

Under Windows, it is recommended that you run Poser or Poser Pro with administrative privledges if you use this product, particularly if you've installed under Program Files.

  • Can Run Standalone or as a Plugin for Spawn 2.0.  If you have Spawn, you get the best of both worlds as the product installs a Plugin "Shortcut".
    • Morph IMP's Title shows "Standalone" or "Plugin" as a visual cue.
    • As a Plugin, Morph IMP draws Sensitivity, Min Value, Max Value, Option to Create Master Dial and the Location of that Dial from Spawn.  However, these can be changed at any time.
  • Can Import one or more Morphs (batch) via a File Selection Dialog.
    • This appears as a standard Open Dialog and you can highlight one or morph OBJs to Import as Morph Targets.
    • Remembers Last Directory used between Sessions.
  • Status Line shows the Current Target (Figure or Prop) and changes to show the Name of Morphs as they are Processed.
  • Intelligent OBJ to Morph Processing!
    • Handles Grouped and Ungrouped OBJ Files to find potential Body Parts for receiving Morph Targets.  If an OBJ is Ungrouped, it will attempt to find the correct Body Part by Matching Vertices.
    • Morph IMP only creates Morphs where the Vertices are different from the original Body Part.  This means that it can seek out what changes you have made in your OBJ and it will never create Morphs that don't do anything!
    • Morph and Parameter Dial Names are derived from the OBJ File Name.
  • Prevents Morph Spawning when Duplicate Names are encountered.
  • Dialog Prompts options allow you to make Morph IMP as "hands-on" as you need it to be.  With one or more Dialog Prompts active (checked), each a OBJ that is processed will allow you to check and manually enter Names or Values when creating Morphs and Parameter Dials.
    • Internal Name and External Name also checks for duplicate names.
    • Duplicates allows you to pass on entering Internal and External Names but shows a dialog allowing you to change them if a duplicate is found.
    • With all Prompt options unchecked, Morph IMP is fully automatic!
  • Dial Prefix/Suffix options allow you to choose or enter Prefixes or Suffixes to Add to the Name of Morphs and Parameters.  If you don't want this to be applied, simply uncheck the box before each.
    • Multiple Morph Prefix is used for dials that span multiple Body Parts.
    • Single Morph Prefix is used for dials that only exist in a single Body Part.
    • Morph Suffix is added to the end of Morphs if a Parameter Dial is created in a Body Part that also contains a Morph, such as creating a Master Dial in the head which is driving a head Morph.
  • Parameter Settings options affect how Dials from Imported OBJs are set up.
    • Sens (Sensitivity), Min (Min Value) and Max (Max Value) apply to Morph and Parameter Dials that are created.  The drop-down arrows show various menus of commonly used values.
    • Create Master Dial allows you to optionally create a Parameter Dial to drive a Morph or Set of Morphs.
    • The Entry Field allows you to specify where a Master Dial is created.  The drop-down arrow shows a shortened menu of body part names that can be entered for you.  You may enter any Friendly Body Part name present in the Figure regardless of choices in the menu.
  • The (miscellaneous) Options allow various Styles of OBJ to Morph Target design.
    • Create Master for Single Morphs allows a Master Dial to be created for Morphs that would normally be without one.
    • Use Friendly External Names removes the Prefix from the External Names of Parameter Dials and Single Morphs (without a Master).
    • Hide Partial Dials allows Morphs to be hidden during creation (does not affect Master or Single Dials).
    • Only Set Ranges for Master/Single Dials only sets the Minimum and Maximum Value for Parameter Dials and Single Morphs (without a Master).
    • Do Not Set Dial Ranges ignores setting Minimum and Maximum Values.  Period.
  • The Menu Arrow (upper right) shows a Main Menu with Presets, Help, About and Close.
    • Presets allow you to Save all the settings on the Main Morph IMP Interface to a file that can be loaded at any time.
    • You can Load a Saved Preset from a dynamic Preset menu.
      • If used Standalone, all Interface options are affected.
      • If used as a Plugin for Spawn, all Interface options are affected except Parameter Settings, which are pulled from Spawn instead!
    • You can Delete one or more Presets at any time.
    • Extra Utilities included to: Hide-Show Morph Targets and Parameter Dials, Zero a Figure or Prop, and Tweak the Morph Detection Threshold.
  • Fully Illustrated PDF Guide with a walk-through tutorial.

  • Full-Featured Utility Script for Poser 8 and higher
  • PDF Documentation Included
  • Works with PC and Mac versions of Poser 8 and higher.
  • This is an UPGRADE Version for those that purchased the original Morph IMP.
  • Valirah (for Peaches), Dawn, Koneko and Laveau (for Samedi) used in Promos.
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