Modeling with Littlefox

Modeling with Littlefox
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For some time now, I've been swamped with emails asking lots of good questions, but the most often heard ones are the hardest to answer.

'How do you do that?'
'Where can I learn how to do that?'
'Can you teach me?'

I'm sure you sense a theme here. 

"How does a person like me learn to do what you do?  I want to create too!"

Well, after much consideration and several years of answering questions, I've finally broken down and done it.    I've written the first installment of 'how did she do that'.

Now before you all get out your emails and ask me a boat load of questions, let me spell out the content of this eBook so you'll know what's what.


In this product, you'll find a great many things that set it apart from other tutorials on the market.

 I don't assume you know how to model.

 Now it would be nice if you had the bare basics of what I'm talking about in the form of Polygons and Edges and Meshs,  but beyond that... if you don't know how to use ANY modeling software, that's fine.  I'm starting everyone from square one, so don't be intimidated!

I don't focus on tools, I focus on getting the project going.

The tutorial starts off with a brief 'Hi' followed by a quick talk on the layout of the user interface, how to use the view port and how to select things.  I'm not going to be teaching you here what every tool does,  just where to find things later when they're being discussed. 

I do teach tools and technique in ACTION, not in theory.

We go straight into ACTUAL MODELING! 
Not what every dial does and why.
Wow, unique concept huh? 
Well, if you've ever picked up a book with the intention of learning how to model you know that it actually is quite a unique concept.  Most how to model books are set up like an encyclopedia of modeling tools with 'let's practice' projects spiced throughout that are about as useful as a trap door on a canoe.   By the time you get through the first couple of chapters you've given up the cause as hopeless and gone on about your life. (Yes, I hate those books too!)

I do teach you by doing an actual PRODUCT QUALITY DRESS!!!

We start off modeling a dress,  not just a eh, it'll work as a dress if you squint and use your imagination...
NO, I mean a DRESS! 
One of my dresses. 
No teapots, no crummy dinosaurs, no cheap sheath dresses with no details.  A dress that I would more than willingly put my name on and make into a product, but instead I'm going to teach you how to make it.

I do go STEP-by-STEP!  Every single one of them!

If we use a tool, it's right there what I used and how to get at it.
Not every tool in the book, just the ones you need.  And I'm not going to skip steps and just assume you can keep up.   Nope, we're going start to finish, every step I do is illustrated and explained so that you can do it yourself!

And if you get sick and tired of me telling you that you hit 'B' to do a bevel here and you find yourself skipping ahead because I'm stating the obvious, then GOOD! That means you've learned it! I've accomplished my mission and you're soaring on your own! 

For the rest of us, there is nothing more annoying than a tutorial that dumps the tools in your lap and says have fun. We'll have a tiny bit of that in the sculpting section, but that's it.  Everything else, I promise, no flying solo till you're ready!



This set of lessons throws you in the deep end, putting at your fingertips a richly detailed distillation of every single tool you need to model clothing for your favorite Poser and D|S characters without a lot of techno-babble or endless empty lessons!  I don't think I've ever found such a concise, easy to understand set of modeling lessons as these -- not in any textbook or internet tutorial, even the video ones!  And what a great introduction to Modo!!  All you need after this tutorial is a post-it attached to the keyboard with the keyboard shortcuts written on it, and off you go!

I sure hope LadyLittleFox writes more tutorials, especially on UV unwrapping and rigging in Poser!!!

- nightsong


"As a modeler that is transitioning from Wings3D to Modo, this couldn't have come at a better time. This is 100+ pages of pure knowledge and entertainment. Nothing stuffy here, it's like having Littlefox in the office with you showing you how it's done. As an experienced modeler myself, I learned quite a bit, and my move to Modo will be an easy one with this brilliant jump start! I recommend this for the beginner, the intermediate, and the experts. Everyone has something to learn from this!"

- Traveler

"You have made Modo understandable with your clear, concise instructions. I didn't want to learn how to make a track shoe or a garage, for Pete's sake! LOL"

- WildDesigns

As a Novice Modeler, all i can say is i wish all Tutorials were like this one!
Very easy to follow, and the best part is ,that its not a video and has Screenshots for each step! Upon opening Modo for the very first time i was able to create a dress from a cube! No quick starter for me! Simply Amazing LLF!


I have wasted money on books that have made a better sleeping aid then they did at teaching me something. Pace is important! You have to keep the reader interested. A good tutorial is like a good fiction novel. You don't want to put it down! I think you nailed it! Every page I learn something new. That keeps me involved!

- Tate


This is an amazing book - it doesn't get tiresome, Littlefox explains things in a very straight-forward and FUN way! I felt like she was by my side, pulling pranks and making jokes about the whole process. The images and text are very helpful, and you don't need Modo, you only need to know the basic tools of any "classic-style" 3d modeller. It was simple to translate everything for my tool of choice, Cinema4d. I'm not a new modeller, yet still this tutorial has offered me many simpler ways to make things I'd take longer to make, and I can see how it'll be even better for new modellers!


I have tried to work through quite a few tutorials and find the Modeling with Littlefox the best written tutorial of any. It's written step by step with screen shots that help tremendously to make it truly easy to follow.

She shows you every tool used and which shortcut keys to use in every step and that is something that many tutorials don't include. Her modeling tutorial doesn't leave me wondering what is to be done next and leave me scratching my head trying to figure out how they did the technique to achieve the results shown in the tutorial. 

I hope she will do many more tutorials and I look forward to learning from her. She's an exceptional instructor.


As someone who has poked and prodded things with random tools and managed to model... a stick and stared at other tutorials with little but confusion (I saw how THEY did it but had little clue how I could). I approached this tutorial with a combination of bright Christmas morning hope and a little bit of nervous trepidation. What I got was nothing like I was expecting, it was so much better and answered the most fundamental question I had: how do you approach modeling to start with? This is a true modeling tutorial, it is not a tutorial about making a dress, though that is what you make. She truly teaches how to model, not in the sense of 'use this for that and here's a nifty trick'. It is step by step, but it is the fabric (pardon the pun) in which those steps are taken that was, for a modeler like me (That is a rank unskilled poke-it-until-it-mangles newbie) utterly priceless. Not only does she take you through the steps of modeling she takes you through the thought processes as well. She doesn't bog you down with detailed theory, but neither does she leave you in the dark as to why you're poking this and tweaking that and putting things together the way you are. I have read through many tutorials and watched many videos this is the only one I have read where I came away confident that I understood modeling itself and could repeat the concepts on a different article rather than just make the same thing over and over again by rote.


Clear; concise; easy to follow; well-illustrated - this is a tutorial different to any other I have seen, written by someone with a track record of producing quality Poser content, and intended to help others who want to make their own clothing models for Poser. The quality of practical experience that Littlefox is sharing is invaluable and inspiring - I have learned a lot about the basics of modelling, and more importantly, it has given me the confidence to take the first steps in making my own models! I eagerly await the next tutorial in this series ...



  • 103 Pages of pure Littlefox :P
  • Step by step from the very first polygon to the final mesh
  • Tips, tricks and techniques
  • Full color illustrations of steps and tools
  • Friendly, humorous and easy to read style to encourage and motivate!
  • NO CRAPPY DEMO PROJECTS!  We're modeling a dress!   A nice one!

This product teaches in MODO.  

You do not however have to know Modo to use this eBook.  I introduce you to everything you need to know in the software as we go.  So if you've had the program for a while, but haven't gotten past the learning curve, we'll get you past it!

Most of the techniques I use can be used in any modeling software (except perhaps Rhino), however it will require that you know your software in order to translate the tools I use into your own program's version.

If you are a beginner to modeling entirely, I recommend picking up a copy of the demo version of Modo and practicing on it until you figure out what each tool is and how the technique works.    I know Modo is a huge expense that you likely cannot afford at this point and I do recommend many less expensive options once you know what's going on.  Work with the Demo first to figure out how you model, then once you're stable on the technique,  you can figure out how to use other tools to do the same thing.

For students and teachers, Modo has an Academic version that is on par with Silo on pricing and has a way of upgrading later to a full version.  Check out for details.

*This product only covers the modeling aspect of content creation.  It does not delve into mesh optimization, uvmapping, texturing, rigging, etc.

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