Modeling with Littlefox Part 3 - Poser

Modeling with Littlefox Part 3 - Poser
Created by : LittleFox
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Released: 02-17-2012
Poser Version: Poser 8+
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'How do you do that?'
'Where can I learn how to do that?'
'Can you teach me?'

I see these emails pretty often and I try to help where I can but teaching the fundamentals of modeling in a new program to a total newbie is a bit more than a one email job.   So I've created this series to help jump start people into content creation.

With the first eBook, I walked you through making a model completely from scratch.   The second took you step by step through UVmapping and Grouping and Material Zoning.

This installment sees you through the vital stage of Rigging!  Changing a mesh into conforming clothing.

Let's cover what will be in this eBook so you'll know if it is for you!

In this product, you'll find a great many things that set it apart from other tutorials on the market.

 I don't assume you know how to rig a model or even what rigging is.
If you come into this only knowing that you want your clothing model to bend with your figure, you're in the right place.  I'll be offering explanations with each step that hopefully will make sense to everyone. Newbies especially!

I don't focus on tools, I focus on getting the project going.
In this tutorial, we get you through rigging probably one of the most difficult things in poser,  a dress!  We'll go step by step focusing on what you NEED to know in order to make your own skeletal setup for motion inside your clothing and how to fine tune existing joints.

I do teach tools and technique in ACTION, not in theory.
No Encyclopedia of tools! 
No tool by tool dissection of what every dial does! 
As with the first tutorial, I'm going to be teaching you the tools you'll actually use and how to use them without spending time on every single dial, switch, tool in the tool box.

I do teach you by doing an actual PRODUCT QUALITY DRESS!!!
As with the first tutorial, we're continuing on with an ACTUAL dress into rigging!  I've even included the mesh created from the two previous tutorials to allow you to work side by side with me. 

I do go STEP-by-STEP!  Every single one of them!
If we use a tool, it's right there what I used and how to get at it.
Not every tool in the book, just the ones you need.  And I'm not going to skip steps and just assume you can keep up.   Nope, we're going start to finish, every step I do is illustrated and explained so that you can do it yourself!

The resulting figure will function in both Poser and DS as I will be teaching you LEGACY rigging, not weight mapping.


  • 175 Pages of pure Littlefox
  • Step by step instruction on creating this dress' rigging from inside Poser
  • Tips, tricks and techniques
  • Full color illustrations of steps and tools
  • Friendly, humorous and easy to read style to encourage and motivate!
  • NO CRAPPY DEMO PROJECTS!  We're doing a dress!   A nice one!
  • Finished CR2 of the Dress shown INCLUDED!!!
  • OBJ file from previous two tutorials included to work from.
  • BONUS!!! Pose from Addy (Thank you hon!) for testing your work.
This product teaches Legacy (Sphere Zone) Style rigging in POSER.

Poser 8 and higher is recommended for this tutorial.   The same steps are used for developing in Poser 7 Pro and below,  however stability issues may make things more difficult for you.

*This product only covers the rigging aspects of content creation in Poser.  It does not delve into modeling, texturing, uvmapping, etc, nor does it address rigging in D|S or using weight mapping.
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